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How To Win Texas Hold'em On Facebook and Myspace

Updated on May 19, 2011

Some Hold'em Basics

The game begins with 2 players placing what are called blind bets, a big blind and a small blind. When playing at a table this is usually the 2 players to the left of the dealer. When playing on Facebook the blinds rotate around the table. Next 2 cards are dealt and the player to the left of the person who placed the big blind starts the next round of betting.

Next the dealer will deal 3 cards face up followed by another round of betting. Then a 4th card is dealt face up and another round of betting. Fianlly the 5th and final card is dealt with the last round of betting.

After all the betting is done the remaining players will show all their cards to reveal who has the best 5 card hand combining the 2 face down cards( hole cards) and any 3 of the face up cards is the winner.

So what are your betting options when it's your turn? There are basically 4 options you can use when betting.

 You can "raise" which basically means you want to bet more then the previous player.

You can "call" which means you are betting the same as the previous player.

You can "check" This means you are passing on your turn without folding(quiting). This option is only available if no one else has placed a bet in that round.

Finally you can "fold" Which is basically quiting. This is usually done if you have a really bad hand or the betting has become to high.

The best part playing on Facebook is there is no real money so you really have nothing to lose, except maybe your pride lol.

Great Texas Hold'Em Tutorial

Playing Texas Hold'Em on Facebook or Myspace

 Getting set up to play Hold'Em on Facebook or any other social network is pretty simple. Log in to your account and go to the Texas Hold'Em App Page. Click Log in and set you r privacy settings. You will then be given your free chips for the day and are off to play.

Now you can choose to either play with just friends or join another table. Click on find me a seat to join a game already in play. Click create a table to start your own table for friends. Join Table will put you at one of the tables listed on the screen or you can check for tournaments with the tournament button. It's all pretty easy to follow.

Once your at a table you can pick your seat by hitting the sit button on a specific chair. If you want to leave just click leave table in the upper right hand corner.Once at a table you will be asked to buy in the game. Just place your bet and wait until it's your next turn. On your next turn the computer will beep and layout your possible plays for you so it's a little like having a coach right there to help.

Some other fun stuff. If you have to step away from the game you can click play ahead and make your next move in advance. You can also learn a little more about your fellow players by clicking their Facebook icon. You can start a chat or even give a player chips if you wish.

Best part is even if you lose everything it really doesn't matter. The money is fake and you will get more chips the next day when you log in. So what are you waiting for?

Good Facebook Hold"em Tutorial

Are You A Fish Or A Shark

So are you a fish or a shark? do you know what that means in poker terms? basically a fish a a person with little knowledge of the game, in this case Texas Hold'Em, and a shark would be more of a pro or someone with a lot of experience. When hitting a new table beware the sharks or better yet become one. The sharks will prey on the fish to get more and more chips.They will sometimes go into the smaller more beginner oriented tables to build up their ships. Like a real shark they have no mercy and will take you for all they can. If you are a fish and continue to play like one there will always be a shark looking to take advantage.

The best way to avoid being a fish is to simply learn the game. know what hands are good and hat hands are bad.

Knowing your position is also very important. If you are one of the first betting you need a stronger hand so you can gauge what your opponents may have. Play an OK hand to aggressively in the early stages and you could get rocked quickly. Remember you do not have to play every hand through.

If you post a Blind do not feel like you need to defend or save that money by betting a medioca hand. Cut your losses and wait for the next round.Better to lose a little then a lot.

If yo do have a really good hand by all means do not be afraid to raise. Like anything in life if you want to win big then you will have to bet big. Besides on Facebook, it's not real money lol.

So are you a fish or a shark. Hopefully the tips will help you become more of a shark. If you really want to swim with the sharks and own your competition on Facebook check out Social Hold'Em Secrets. Chances are someone at your table may already have and they will be the shark. Don't be a fish, be a shark.

The Best and Worst Starting Hands In Texas Hold'Em

 Here is a basic list of the 10 best starting hands for Texas Hold'Em. It's pretty straight forward but having a good starting hand will obviously increase your chances of winning. The hands in order are:

2 Aces

2 Kings

2 Queens

Ace-King of the same suit

Ace Queen of the same suit

2 Jacks

King-Queen same suit

Ace-Jack same suit

Ace-King different suits

2 Tens

These hands are debatable to all as different styles of play and opinions will give you your top 10.

With the best you have to have a worst. Know when to hold em and know when to fold em like the song goes. So here are the 10 worst.

2-7 of different suits

2-8 different suits

3-7 different suits

3-8 different suits

2-6 different suits

2-9 different suits

3-9 different suits

4-9 different suits

5-9 different suits

4-7 different suits

Again this is purely opinion you may feel differently.

The Best Facebook Texas Holdem Final Hands

When all is said and done the best hand at the end usually wins, unless someone has bluffed their way to a win. For people just starting out here are the best winning hands listed from best down.

Royal Flush - From 10 to Ace (10,J,Q,K,A) All cards must be the same suit such as all hearts

Straight Flush - Any five card sequence in order such as 4,5,6,7,8. They must also be of the same suit

Four of a Kind - 4 of the same cards such as all four Kings

Full House - 3 of a kind combined with a pair. If there are 2 full houses then the highest of the 3 of a kinds will win.

Flush - Any 5 cards of the same suit but they do not have to be in a particular order.

Straight - 5 cards in sequence but not of the same suit. example, 5,6,7,8,9 but can be mixed between Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs

Three of a Kind - any 3 of the same card

Pair - 2 of the same card

If no one has any of the above hands then the winner is determined by the highest card in a hand.

Facebook Texas Holdem, Can It Be Cheated?

The big question can you cheat Facebook Texas Holdem? Everyone wants to know if there is a shortcut to Facebook chip riches. Truth is you really can't cheat the game. I personally would rather kick someones A$$ legit then know I had to use a cheat to win. But everyone is different so you may be looking to win by any means necessary.

Some things you should beware of when looking for your magic cheat. For the sake of this article I have looked into many so called cheats that will get you 1 million chips or more. Almost every one is a phishing scam. Just check out some of the crap on YouTube. Someone types in an email address, tells you to send them all your Facebook info and you will magically have a million chips the next day. All you will have done is magically lost your Facebook account and a bunch of private information. NEVER GIVE YOUR INFORMATION TO ANYONE, PERIOD. In the actual game you are allowed to give a player chips if you like. So why would the process be any different from these so called hacks. This is a huge scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Another Facebook Texas Holdem "cheat" is o buy chips from an outside source other ten Zynga. One this is against their TOS but also more then likely a scam. Now in this case not all are scams but most are and why take a chance with your real money to buy fake money. You want to buy fake money just paypal me some cash and your home address and I will send you plastic coins, monopoly money you name it (that is a joke of course).

The bottom line is the best way to get chips in Facebook Texas Holdem is to win them with proven strategies that work. Now if you really want to WIN 1 million chips in about an hour that is not only possible but pretty easy. All you need to do is check out the short video at Win Facebook Texas Holdem . You won't believe how easy it is and all your doing is using a proven strategy. So one million chips in an hour, is it a cheat? Not really but not many know how to do it and it's there for the taking so give it a shot.

Facebook Texas Holdem or Another Social Nework

So Where Do You Play Your Texas Holdem Online

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    • pokermoneyclips profile image

      pokermoneyclips 7 years ago

      I'm kinda shocked that 3-2 offsuit didn't make your list of top 10 worst hands. Believe it or not, 7 2 off heads up against 3-2 off has a much better shot at winning. Same applies to 4-2 off, 5-2 off and 6-2 off. Certain hands become more powerful depending on the type of opponent your up against as well as the mindset of the opponent. Even aces get cracked by 7 2 off every 19 out of 100 hands. The type of opponent you're up against should always determine which hands you'll hold and which hands you'll fold.

    • profile image

      Agus R 8 years ago

      There's no cheats you say? Hehehe... Look again. How about creating bunch of fb account using free email? You can easily get 100K every day.