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How To Win Words With Friends

Updated on September 21, 2012
Words With Friends Is One Of The Hottest Games For Mobile Devices And Smart Phones.
Words With Friends Is One Of The Hottest Games For Mobile Devices And Smart Phones. | Source

Alec Baldwin Made Headlines Playing Words With Friends

How Do I Win Words With Friends?

For those of you who don't know what Words With Friends is let me explain. It is an online board game loosely based on Scrabble. It is available through social media outlets like Facebook and also through your mobile device. The best way I know how to win Words With Friends is to play. Seriously, like everything else in life you have to be "in it to win it".

How Do I Play Words With Friends?

Playing words with friends is easy. You can join in one of two ways that I know: 1) sign up through Facebook and play the game as part of your Facebook account or 2) sing up on your mobile device, tablet or iPad and play that way. Either way you will have hours of fun playing against your friends.

How You Play Words With Friends

After signing up the game will ask you to challenge a friend (invite someone to play) or start a game with a friend (play with someone who is already signed up for Words With Friends). This is where the game makes its first deviation from the standard favorite Scrabble; You can only play against one person. Words With Friends is a head-to-head word based board game. Players build words on a board using random tiles given to them by the computer. Each game has a set number of total tiles and amounts of each letter. Players alternate turns, placing tiles on the board to build words. The first word played must start on the center "star" square and each subsequent word must attach to the new word by at least one letter.

Win At Words With Friends Every Time

It is possible to win at Words With Friends every time you play, well, maybe not every time. Words With Friends attracts intelligent players who are highly competitive. The level of competition has led some folks to create and use cheater websites that will list all possible words with the available letters. It is possible to win Words With Friends without resorting to such unscrupulous methods.

It Takes More Than Words To Win Words With Friends

Believe it or not it takes more than just some good words to win Words With Friends. Employing some basic strategy, utilizing the bonus tiles and protecting yourself are all important tips to winning every time.

Admittedly I have used cheater sites in the past but now enjoy winning Words With Friends on my own.

Defense Is Part Of A Winning Words With Friends Strategy

This is a good time to use the swap button.  Playing defense is important for winning Words With Friends.
This is a good time to use the swap button. Playing defense is important for winning Words With Friends. | Source

Two Letter Words For Scrabble and Words With Friends

(click column header to sort results)
Two Letter Words  
Base Score  
Triple Word Score  
Two letter words are a great play in Words With Friends. These words can add up to large scores. Try to place two letter words in a way that creates two words on the board. Doing this and combining triple or double word score tiles can really boost

Top Tips To Win Words With Friends

  1. Play the game! You can not win it if you are not in it! Words With Friends is fun, easily accessible, highly competitive and links friends from all over the world.
  2. Don't play the first word you see! I never play the first word I see. I always try to find the best word possible. It is easy to play words, it is hard to win. You must make the most points possible with every move.
  3. Maximize your points! I think it is much better to play a two letter word and score 15 points than it is to play a five letter word and score five points. First, the turn is better, 15 points is three times as many as 5. Second, by playing only two letters instead of five you still have three tiles left to play on the next turn.
  4. Utilize the bonus tiles! Always try to play your word on a bonus tile. These tiles turn average words into power plays that can score 20, 40, 60 or 100 points. Watch you competition struggle to catch up after you play a word that spans two double word scores or includes triple letter scores with triple word scores.
  5. Play defense when you need to! Your offense is only as good as your defense. Do not let your great plays be overshadowed by your opponents great plays. Sometimes it is necessary to block an opponent from using a triple word score or simply deny access. It is better to play a low scoring word on a bonus tile than to leave it open for your opponent. It is also better to play a low scoring word than a high scoring word if the high scoring word will open an avenue for your opponent to play on a double or triple word score tile.
  6. Use the pass button! The pass button is a valuable tool for Words With Friends players. It is beneficial for you defensive strategy and can help you deny access to high scoring plays without having to give up any tiles.
  7. Use the swap button! Swapping tiles is another valuable tool. This allows you to swap as many of your tiles as you would like. Sometimes I end up with all vowels, or all consonants or some mix of unplayable letters. Swapping tiles lets you refresh your set but will cost you a turn.
  8. Learn two letter words! There are a whole host of two letter words that can help with your game. These words easily fit onto the board where longer words will not. They can also be incredibly high scoring. A well place XI, ZA or BO can add up to a healthy point total.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Good one thanks for the helpful hints

    • TMHughes profile image

      TMHughes 5 years ago from Asheville, NC

      I know you can! Take a little time to plan your moves. Learn to count your points and only play your highest scoring words.

    • Michelle Shelly profile image

      Michelle M 5 years ago from Illinois

      Thanks for the two letter hints! I need to beat my boyfriend every once in a while.