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How is Playing Online Games Beneficial? 5 Surprising Facts

Updated on January 13, 2016
Photo credit: Kelly Hunter via / CC BY
Photo credit: Kelly Hunter via / CC BY

Research shows that online games do not only entertain, but also bring positive, healthy benefits to the players. And, this is something that only a few is aware of. That is why this article will attempt to shed light and hopefully, encourage people to use these internet activities for their own good. To start off, here are 5 reasons to show their beneficiality.

1. It makes you smarter.

Recognizing problems or challenges and finding the best ways to solve them has always been recognized to stimulate our brain and therefore, facilitate growth and development. However, searching for someone smart to play with us or thinking of the best game for this purpose can be very difficult. We may need some tools on hand and play one on one with another player. That is why most of us are not able to play brain stimulating games regularly.

But big thanks to the evolution of Internet and the coming of digital age, we can now play online with or without partners. With the many online games today, you can definitely find the most challenging intellectually. You can go for those that are designed to enhance memory skills or to develop mental alertness. You will also find activities targeted to improve speed and logic.

Photo credit: Derek K. Miller via / CC BY-SA
Photo credit: Derek K. Miller via / CC BY-SA

2. It makes you sociable.

What invites people to play online games? Well, it is actually the fact that it offers different intellectual challenges, multiplayer interaction, and empowering tools. However, survey shows that the majority of players love the social interaction that is created and developed the most, whenever they play online. Through this, they are able to build strong and even meaningful relationships from all over the world.

People across ages are given the chance or the platform to actually meet new players, gain more friends, and strengthen current interactions. This is especially true in multiplayer gaming and joining online communities or groups. What makes it more exciting is the possibility that players can find their soulmate or romantic partner through the chatting and video portals.

Photo credit: photosbyChloeMuro via / CC BY-ND
Photo credit: photosbyChloeMuro via / CC BY-ND

3. It makes you smile or laugh.

As always, laughter is the best medicine, right? And, with the varying capabilities and entertainment that these games bring, it is of no wonder why you can see someone smiling or laughing while playing. It could be because of their newest accomplishment or because their funny conversation with other players.

They are indeed a very effective tool to take away boredom, lighten a situation or bring smile to someone’s face. Just imagine waiting for a long line of people, for instance, without any kind of entertainment around and you just sit on there, wait, wait, and wait for hours, doing nothing but staring at the time and the people. Isn’t that ridiculous?

But again, thank you to unblocked games online, we already have a handy way to make us alive, alert, and enthusiastic no matter how long we wait for something or someone anytime and anywhere.

Laughing women.
Laughing women.

4. It makes you learn educational stuff.

These online activities do not only make you happy but also increase your stock knowledge. There are those that are especially designed for this purpose. For example, a puzzle game will let you solve a mystery about an important part of history or a legendary personality.

Sometimes, it can be a game of questions. Series of multiple choice questions will be given, which you need to correctly answer in order to advance to another level. There are also spelling games. So if you are a student, this will really help you excel in your class.

Who would have thought that the game you played actually provided you the answers to your exams! What a way to entertain and reward, right?

Students learning computer.
Students learning computer.

5. It makes you wiser in life.

If you are the type of person who finds it hard to just listen to someone’s advice because you are looking for personal experience to convince you, then go and play online games. Believe it or not, some of them are made for this purpose.

You are presented with different problems or conflicts, like those games themed with power and dominance, with varying situations that you need to overcome personally. And, note that these scenarios are true to life so you will surely learn.

The three wise men.
The three wise men.

Awesome positive benefits, right? The next time you think of online games or introduce these to others, consider not only their entertaining power, but most importantly their mental, physical, social and emotional benefits to kids, teens, adults, professionals, elderly, and almost to everybody else.

How about you? What are the benefits of online games to you? Post your comments below.

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