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How to Avoid Being Labeled a Noob in Video Games

Updated on October 31, 2012
World of Warcraft Screen Shot
World of Warcraft Screen Shot | Source

Let's be honest here, starting a game can be hard. It seems fun but then when it comes to social interaction it becomes sticky. There are many ways that being new is fine, but if you are labeled a noob it can get hard to have any credibility or sometimes even continue playing a game the way you want to. For instance, in World of Warcraft if you are a "noob" there are a lot of places that will treat you poorly or not play with you at all, making content harder to get through or even see.

Playing World of Warcraft and other MMOs for over 7 years along with leading a group of over 500 people in video games for 4 years has left me with a lot of interactions with people, so it is easy for me to tell a noob from a newb, but it is also easy for me to see what the effects of being labeled a noob can do to social interactions with others in MMOs, and its usually highly destructive.

There are lots of tips and tricks to make your quality of life in video games better for yourself and avoid being labled a noob. Lets take a look at them.

What is a noob?

There are two forms of the word. Noob is someone who is usually stupid but is a form of the word "newb" which is short for "newbie" which is short for "someone who is new somewhere". Noob has the connotation of someone who is stupid and doesn't know anything where newb has the connotation of someone who is just new.

Noobs usually ask horribly obvious questions or make wrong generalizations or assumptions about something. The shortest answer to avoid being called a noob is to be quiet and learn how to play the game.

WoW Screenshot
WoW Screenshot | Source

Avoiding the term at all costs.

In social games it is best to avoid the term at all costs. It can carry with you for a long time, especially if it causes a bad first impression. What are some things to make sure you are not labled a noob?

1. Don't ask easily answered questions.
It may be tempting to ask such a good resource about a large game as you are starting out, however it can make you either look stupid, or just really new. Really new people can be a time sink and can cause hostility from players afraid they will have their time wasted.
How do you get the information you need? Wikipedia usually has some site devoted to the game, so google the name + wiki and you should find a whole resource dedicated to guiding you through the game. It may take another minute or two but its more accurate and no one knows.

2. Don't argue.
There are many reasons for you to not argue with people in video games. Firstly, if you are new you could easily get something wrong if it is game related. Secondly, the person you are arguing with could be a notorious annoyance that everyone hates. Lastly a quote: "Don't argue with an idiot - they will drag you down and beat you by experience." Its not worth it to argue with people online at all.

3. Misc tips:
Have a good name, names mean everything. Use good spelling and punctuation. Try not to be annoying. Try to not ask for assistance unless its something other people could need too (something big to take out, a large objective, a group quest, etc). Don't spam or put up low content chat. Don't look for a relationship.

Most things are just logic. Don't annoy or harass people and they generally like you.

WoW Screenshot
WoW Screenshot | Source

To Nooblessness

With a little time and effort you can know a lot about the game and end up not being a noob or newb. Sometimes you can find groups of people willing to help newbs learn and play the game. This makes it a lot easier for people to learn the best methods of playing and correct behaviors for whatever game you are playing. 99% of the time just learning how to properly play and interact gets you free from any dangers of being labeled a noob.

Good luck, and happy gaming!

Have you had to fight the noob lable yourself?

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