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How to Bond with Your Dolls

Updated on December 23, 2013
As a doll owner I see to it that I spend time bonding with my kids. Yup, you read it correctly - I treat them like my kids
As a doll owner I see to it that I spend time bonding with my kids. Yup, you read it correctly - I treat them like my kids

Dolls are not just toys

As a doll owner, I personally believe that you should spend sometime with your dolls. Others might think that this is a weird thing to do as dolls are non-living things. We can't blame other from thinking that as everyone are entitled to their own opinion.

For doll collectors, this is just a normal thing to do. Who would understand you but people who have some interest as yours.

I decided to write this down because I want to reach out to other doll-owners like me and tell you, you are not alone. There are other doll collectors who treat their dolls as if they are their own kids. That's nothing to be ashamed of.

To make your hobby more fun, you will need to "bond" with your doll. There are some cases where doll owner feel they are no longer happy with their hobby causing them to neglect and leave it.

So let me give you some tips in order for you to enjoy the hobby called "doll-collecting."

Name Your Dolls

In my previous post here, I discussed about how to choose your first ball-jointed doll. This topic includes putting a acharacter to your doll. Naming a doll adds up personality (or personal touch) to your doll. Treat them as if they are newly born and give them a birth name. Once you have the name for your doll, constantly address them with that name. Meaning, for example you are out with a friend and you are discussing about your dolls. Instead of saying "my doll" say your dolls name. This way you are like establishing the relationship you have with your doll.

Dress it up as often as possible

Do not stick with just one outfit. from time to time they need to change too! Look for shops that sells or specializes with doll clothes and accessories. But it will be much better if you sew it yourself and be crafty with it. There's a happy feeling after you've completed it. Your doll will surely appreciate the time you spent in making their outfit.

Sewing clothes for my dolls makes me happy...
Sewing clothes for my dolls makes me happy...
Stardust and my friend's doll Simone posing for a photoshoot
Stardust and my friend's doll Simone posing for a photoshoot

Don't waste that get-up, use your camera.

Better take a snap of their outfit. Organize a day and find a place where you can take photos of your dolls. It's similar with keeping a memory of how your doll grew in terms of style and atttitude (which can be seen on the angles you used when taking their pictures). You will not regret it as you have a way of looking back at the early years when you first had your doll.

Love Dolls?

What do you buy most for your dolls

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Take your dolls at work or wherever you go

Your dolls need to go out too and enjoy the outside. It doesn't have impact on their skin but it does have an impact to you. When you bring your doll with you, it can remove the stress you are feeling. It will be like you own brand of medicine. This will also show how proud you are with them, that you are not ashamed that even in a not so young age, you still play with your dolls.

Make a Photo story

This is somehow connected with item #3, taking pictures of your doll. Photo stories however are like a comic strip. You can showcase how your doll acts by giving them a dialogue using dialogue boxes as shown in the picture below. You can even join in the photo story or you can invite another doll owners to bring their doll so you can include them in a short story you are creating.

old photo story I and my friend conceptualized. This one features Stardust with her old face up and Lily which belongs to my friend
old photo story I and my friend conceptualized. This one features Stardust with her old face up and Lily which belongs to my friend

Take care of them

You have to practice proper maintenance to your doll. Some dolls can have yellowing as the years go by. So do some research on how you can retain the color of you doll or if not how to prolong it. Also make sure that you have a safe place where you can keep them but "where they can sleep" ia a much better term.

Some dolls also need restringing (i.e. ball-jointed dolls) so make sure to always check if the doll needs to be restrung in order for it to move properly.

Love Your Dolls!

That's right! Love your dolls even though they're not a real person. Show your love by doing the first 6 tips I mentioned and by "conversing with them." Talk to your dolls and ignore other people's judgmental eyes while thinking you're crazy. You're free to do what you want to do as long as it's not bad and it's not offending or harming other people.

Doll-owners and soon to be doll-owners, always remember that you bought/will buy those dolls because you want them and it makes you happy. So don't let someone take that happiness away from you!


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