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How to Build a GSM Controlled Robotic Arm?

Updated on March 27, 2012
Robotic arm - Homemade
Robotic arm - Homemade | Source

This is for students into robotics and artificial intelligence who want to build a robotic arm controlled by GSM on a budget. The idea is to buy an efficient microcontroller for completing your phone-controlled robo arm project that is inexpensive and pocket friendly. So here are three ways to do that:

Try buying a GSM engine and interfacing it with a cheap microcontroller or interface a mobile phone serially with a microcontroller. The second one is the easiest and most inexpensive and pocket friendly. After that, you can work on your robotic arm by designing, fabricating, and making it operational over the internet along with real-time control software too.

Another way is to interface mobile phones with the Atmel 8051 (an architecture microcontroller). It is easy and you just need to learn the AT commands for the mobile over the Internet. Type “how to learn AT commands” in google search and you will find a lot of useful stuff on it.

If you want to consider economy and its engineering importance and if you are looking ahead to build a general purpose flexible robot, then you can use the intelligent joint concept with separate microcontrollers controlling each joint, for a 6 DOF robot (six degrees of freedom robo), 6 microcontrollers would still be cheaper working as slaves under the control of a single master connected to a multiprocessor network and programming microcontrollers is quite easy, as you can connect the master to a computer and send whatever movements you require from the robot to the master and the rest will be a general algorithm to calculate the joint angles and velocities and sequence of motion.

So above were three ways to build a GSM controlled robotic arm. Will share more information on robotics, I am really proud that my nephew has got so much interested in robotics.


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    • stugod profile image

      Stuart Goddard 6 years ago from Bradford

      very interesting Rajinder another of those subjects that fascinate me. They are pretty common in industry now