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How to Craft The Staff of Herding in Diablo 3

Updated on June 2, 2012
Diablo 3 could end up being the PC game of the year.
Diablo 3 could end up being the PC game of the year.

The Staff of Herding allows you to enter Whimsyshire, which is modeled after the popular TV show My Little Pony. Once in Whimsyshire, you will proceed to slaughter everything in sight, getting tons of loot drops and extra gold. For each difficulty level, you must upgrade the staff, and as of right now it is unknown how to upgrade the staff past Nightmare difficulty.

The video below shows a play through of the Whimsyshire level.

In order to craft the Staff of Herding, you must collect the following ingredients:

The Black Mushroom

Leoric’s Shinbone

Liquid Rainbow

Wirt’s Bell

Gibbering Gemstone

Plans: Staff of Herding

Keep in mind that maps are randomized in Diablo 3, and that playing through a level will not guarantee that you will find any of the above items, besides Wirt’s Bell as it is purchased from a vendor. Multiple runs of a certain quest could be required in order to farm all of these materials.

The Black Mushroom is found in Act 1, in Cathedral Level 1. It does not always spawn while playing through this level and it is necessary to search every corner for the mushroom. The video below shows an example of where this mushroom may spawn: keep in mind that it can spawn almost anywhere, and the video is not meant to be used as a guide.

Leoric’s Shinbone is found in Act 1, in Leoric’s Manor. Again, it will not always spawn, and players will have to check the map repeatedly in order to find this item. The video below shows an example of Leoric’s shinbone being found.

Liquid Rainbow will be found in Act 2 at the Dahlgur Oasis. The video below shows an example of the item being found, but Liquid Rainbow will not always drop in this location or at all.

Wirt’s Bell is the only crafting ingredient that will always be available and is located in the same place every time you play. It can be acquired from a vendor in Act 2 who is found in Caldeum. The video below shows how to purchase Wirt’s Bell, which costs 100,000 gold.

The Gibbering Gemstone is one of the harder items to find, and drops off of a rare mob that can be found in Act 3 in the Caverns of Frost. Once you reach the 2nd level of this dungeon, you should find a rare mob that is noticeably out of place. He does not always spawn, so you may have to play through the dungeon a few times. The video below shows the Gibbering Gemstone being acquired.

Finally, to get the plans for the Staff of Herding, you must kill Izual in Act 4. He does not always drop the plans for the staff, and you must kill him to progress the storyline in Act 4, so you can’t miss him. Just keep killing him in order to get the plans.

In order to craft the staff, teach the plans to your Blacksmith. Then, bring all the materials, as well as 50,000 gold, to the blacksmith, and craft the Staff of Herding.

In order to use the staff, you must go to the Red Glowing Crevasse on Old Tristram road in Act 1. This can be done by hugging the right wall and continuing until you find the cow corpse. The ghost of the cow king from Diablo 2 will appear, and your character will initiate a conversation with him. After that, you will unlock the Whimsyshire level.

Upgrading the Staff of Herding can be done by buying the plans for the Nightmarish Staff of Herding from the quartermaster, teaching it to your blacksmith, and paying 200,000 gold.

The Hellish Staff of Herding can be crafted by buying the plans from the quartermaster as you did with the Nightmarish plans, teaching it to your blacksmith, and paying a fee of 500,000 gold.

The cost of upgrading to the Infernal Staff of Herding is 1,000,000 gold at the Blacksmith. The plans are purchased in the same manner as the plans for the Hellish and Nightmarish Staff of Herding.

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    • eric-carter profile image


      6 years ago from Fulham, UK

      Vicious ponny's and huggy bears, roar! Great hub :)


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