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How to Defeat Giants in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Updated on November 22, 2011

When you are traversing the large land scape of Elder Scrolls Skyrim, you may run across giants. Giants stand about 15-20 feet tall! Giants are often seen in the large wide open plains in Skyrim or are found inside their camps. Mammoths will often accompany them as well. Giants can be extremely dangerous, however, they only attack if you attack them. They will also attack if you invade there territory, such as their camp. If you get too close to a giant when their in their camp, they will attack you, regardless of attacking them first!

For a lower level character in Skyrim (under level 20), giants will probably kill you in one hit. For some reason, the physics are over exaggerated when they hit you with their large primitive club. If you get hit by a club at a low level, you will be sent flying hundreds of feet in the air! I'm not sure why they exaggerated the power of the giants...But nonetheless, avoid giants when your a low level, or take them on from a far distance.

Also note that giants will attack you if you attack a mammoth near them. Keep that in mind because you will have to face two strong enemies at once.

How to Defeat Giants in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

  • Giants are very dangerous at close range in. You may want to keep your distance because they harm you with their large clubs. If you lose all your health, you will be sent flying up into the air when a giant attacks you, resulting in a death.
  • Save your game before fighting a giant in Skyrim, just in case you die.
  • Archery is a great way to kill giants. Sneak up to a giant to get a "sneak bonus" - so you deal more damage. Giants are very easy to sneak up on - plus with archery, you do not need to be very close to them.
  • Enchant bows with magic to deal "extra damage" to the giants with your arrows. You can enchant bows by using an arcane enchanter or you can find bows that are already enchanted with magic in Skyrim.
  • Destruction magic is also another great way to defeat giants in Skyrim. With destruction magic, you can keep your distance from a giant. Shoot either fire magic, frost magic, or lightning magic at a giant(s).
  • Use dual casting with destruction magic to deal more damage. Dual casting allows you to use the same spell in each hand, and combine effects, to deal more damage. Dual casting can be unlocked in the destruction magic perk tree in Skyrim's level up menu.
  • Use Dragon shouts to help you when fighting Giants. Some shouts can be very effective for taking out Giants in Elder Scrolls Skyrim. I highly recommend getting the "ICE FORM" shout. This allows you to freeze enemies for a while. If your facing more than one giant, you can freeze one, then focus your attention on the other.


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    • profile image

      mr.eow 5 years ago

      just get a good bow and some nice arrows then find a water sorce near the giant and test to see if its deep if not find a new one an dlure it to there it will leace then come out sneaking them shoot it in the back!

    • profile image

      max 5 years ago

      lvl 9 warrior imperial bow 12 dam and iron arrows 10 dam and giants are childsplay even if they have over 300 hp.

    • profile image

      Joesama 5 years ago

      Just get your two handed up to like 50 and sprint in and power attack them the giant will fall and you can get an easy finishing move

    • Justin Tolar profile image

      Justin Tolar 5 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Marksman and Sneak gets em every time! Another nice article thanks man!

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      To anastasia yes the wood elf racial ability works on mammoths however idk if the command animal shout works

    • profile image

      Superman 6 years ago

      Lvl 2 and I killed two giants at their camp all from bows.

      At one of their camps, there's a bunch of rocks that when on top of, you can jump onto a broken pillar right in their camp. I just stood there in sneak mode and kept shooting for head shots.

      The only thing that's weird is that when they detect you, they run away for a min then come back in about 3 mins. It gives you time to pick up any arrows that missed though.

    • profile image

      Bleghh 6 years ago

      Im trying to find out how much damage giants do so I can know what level I can enhance my heavy armor skill.

    • profile image

      Anastasia 6 years ago

      Haven't tried it myself, but any word on whether you can use the animal ally power on the giant's mammoth? That way it would fight the giant for you.

    • profile image

      Skyrim noob 6 years ago

      i Own giants with my sword and i use "breathe fire shout" ( i am level 42)

    • profile image

      Zeth Rocks 6 years ago

      Giants are easy when you dual cast flame bolt with the stagger perk :)

    • profile image

      Reaper 6 years ago

      I killed two giants at once by luring them up a hill and then using full-powered Unrelenting Force on them.

    • profile image

      Random Guy 6 years ago

      Well done to skyrim for winning game of the year

    • profile image

      Skyrim N00b 6 years ago

      Level 3, shot 2 giants in their eyes, and fleed in a building to regen mana. Used 2 handed flame spell, sprinted away until he was far enough, a kept blasting him till he died. Unfortunately, the guards were able to catch up to me for breaking in to that house and killed me just as I slew the giant!

    • profile image

      Nord Expert 6 years ago

      I killed a giant being a Two Handed Swordman lvl 8 Ive just used batle cry and i was atacking him while he was fleeing lol, a very ez kill.

    • profile image

      Skyrim'er 6 years ago

      Or you could use beast form... When you sprint-attack them, they fall over and they're really vulnerable. I have a level 47 melee one-hander and im still not even a tiny winy bit bored:)

      Skyrim for GOTY:)

    • profile image

      skyrim is ace 6 years ago

      good stratagies

    • profile image

      LordNord 6 years ago

      I tried shooting it with an arrow and have it chase me. I ran to a stone bridge and stayed under it. Shoot arrows or hack then step back. Tried it with a mammoth as well. It takes time but it's worth it!

    • profile image

      SkyrimPro 6 years ago

      Best way to fight Giants, and gain XP

      Fight the 2 giants and 3 mammoths just beyond the tower where you fight your first dragon. There is a nearby bridge that the creatures are too big to walk under. Simply mass attack all five and sprint to the bridge. Hide underneath, and use arrows and dual casting to drop them one at a time.

      Mad XP and sellables. They also respawn every 24 in game hours, so its an easy way to gain more skills in marksman and destruction.

    • RadAdMusic profile image

      Adam 6 years ago from Dryden

      best way is to get your assassin's blade perk, use a decent dagger (improved glass daggers work!), sneak up behind the giant and deal 30x sneak attack on him.

      my dagger 22 base dmg x 30 = 660 dmg

      giant = dead 1 hit