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How to Defeat the Kalos Elite 4 and Champion- Pokémon X Y Versions

Updated on June 12, 2014

Let's Get Started

So, you beat the 8 Gym leaders of Kalos, if you didn't I have a guide for that too. Now you're about to face the Elite 4 and Champion, maybe you've tried but couldn't finish. Either way, you came here for help and this guide is here to tell you some types to use, and some to avoid, on your final stretch towards Kalos Champion.

You can fight them in any order, I'm going to go through them in alphabetical order by name. So, let's begin.


Drasna, the Dragon type member

Yes, Drasna fights with dragons, she's in the bottom-left option of the Elite Four, and may give you a bit of trouble.

She has a level 63 Dragalge, a level 63 Altaria, a level 63 Druddigon, and a level 65 Noivern.

Avoid Grass if possible, of course using Ice or Dragon moves would be good, but also the new Fairy type comes in handy. Noivern and Altaria are 4x weakness to Ice so if you have them (or a tm and a pokémon that can learn ice beam) you should use those moves.


Malva, the Fire type Member

If you go to the top-right room, there's Malva the fire trainer. You can probably guess some good types to use, but let's look at her team.

She has 3 level 63s, a Pyroar, a Torkoal, and a Chandelure. Her level 65 is Talonflame.

Long story short, use surf on a strong water type. But if you don't use them, Rock or Ground would be helpful for Chandelure, Pyroar, and Torkoal. Talonflame can be taken with some Rock or Electric, Rock being the best bet.

I was able to surf them to death, but once you beat her move onto the next trainer you want to defeat.


Siebold the Water Type Trainer

Siebold is the water trainer, but don't think it will be easy.

He has the same level as the other trainers so far, 3 level 63s (Clawitzer, Starmie, and Gyarados), and a level 65, Barbaracle.

Electric or grass is the best two options, grass preferred as it takes less from water moves. Gyarados may be best attacked with an electric move though as he uses a lot of Dragon Dance, if you can't one hit with that, try a rock move, either way finish him off quickly. Starmie is best attacked by grass as well as when you are fighting Barbaracle.


Wikstrom, the Steel type Trainer

Wikstrom is the trainer that deals with steel, I thought he would be the hardest of the 4, but ended up being the easiest for me and rarely do I not one-hit-KO his pokémon.

His level 63s are Probopass, Klefki, and Scizor. The 65 is Aegislash.

Against Probopass you're going to need water, but he knows discharge so don't use a water type pokémon if possible. Unless they are strong/fast enough to take it down before it can use discharge. Klefki is best if you use fire or ground, but avoid dragon and poison. Scizor is really only weak against fire, and Aesgislash only going to be taken down with fire and ground type moves. Avoid normal, fighting, and steel against it though, won't do anything.

So assuming you beat the other 4 already, you are now ready to move onto the champion! If not, go ahead and beat the remaining trainer(s), the guide isn't going anywhere.


Champion Diantha, the everything trainer!

So Diantha doesn't really use every type, but she covers her back pretty nicely.

She has a level 64 Hawlucha, a few level 65s (Tyrantrum, Aurorus, and Gourgeist), a level 66 Goodra, and a level 68 Gardevoir.

That Gardevoir always mega evolves, just a warning. Not that it doesn't mean you can't OHKO it, I have, just warning you.

Hawlucha is the tough one for my team, try an electric, ice, flying, psychic, or fairy move, while avoiding ground and bug moves. If you survive against it, good job, you beat it when half of my team couldn't for the first few tries.

Goodra, use the same pokémon you used with Drasna against Druddigon, ice or fairy move (or dragon if you can avoid the being weak yourself).

Aurorus has a couple 4x weaknesses, steel and fighting, but you could also use water, grass, ground, or rock moves.

Tyrantrum doesn't have 4x weaknesses but you can use ice, fighting, ground, steel, or fairy moves to take it down. Avoid fire, and try not to use dragon unless you are fine with being also at a disadvantage (dragon claw is in its moveset).

Gourgeist is ghost. No normal or fighting moves. Also try avoiding ghost for the same reason we avoid dragon moves for the dragon pokémon. Try using fire, ice, flying, or dark moves to take it down.

Gardevoir, mega evolves, do NOT use dragon or fighting moves. You will want to use poison, ghost, steel, but really any hard hitting move that isn't dragon, fighting, or psychic should defeat her.

Congratulations! You are the new champion for Kalos region! Go celebrate, we'll see you at the daycare ;)


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