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How to Enchant Weapons and Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Updated on November 22, 2011

Enchanting weapons and armor in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim can be very valuable. However, enchanting can be relatively difficult when you first start, mainly because you have no enchantments in the beginning. You can become quite powerful in Skyrim if you enchant weapons with fire, frost, lightning etc.

In order to enchant in Elder Scrolls Skyrim, you need to find an Arcane Enchanter table. In order to use new enchantments, you need to destroy a weapon/armor that already has an enchantment. Yes, this is the only way, but it can be beneficial in the long run. Once you learn an enchantment such as fire, you can add that enchantment to any future weapons. Think carefully before destroying a weapon that has an enchantment, you may want to wait and use it a while before destroying it to learn the enchantment.

Enchanting weapons & armor in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

What you need to enchant

  • An enchantment (learned by destroying an item that has one, such as fire or lightning)
  • A non-enchanted item (such as a sword or armor etc.)
  • A filled Soul Gem
  • An Arcane Enchanter

Soul Gems for enchanting in Skyrim

Soul Gems are very important because you will not be able to enchant an item without one. You will need a "filled" Soul Gem, not an empty one. There are different types of Soul Gems in Skyrim; petty soul gems, common soul gems, grand soul gems etc. The grand soul gem, for example, allows you to capture powerful souls while a petty soul gem can only capture weak souls.

Where to get Soul Gems in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Soul Gems can be found in caves, dungeons, and other various locations throughout Skyrim. You can also purchase filled soul gems or empty soul gems from merchants. This can be quite expensive though, especially filled grand soul gems.

Filling Soul Gems in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

There are two ways to fill a soul gem in Skyrim; using the Soul Trap spell or using a Soul Trap enchantment that is on a weapon. When you use a Soul Trap spell on a creature, you need to kill it before the spell wears off. Also remember that you can't capture more powerful creatures if you have a weak soul gem.

Warning about capturing souls to fill Soul Gems in Skyrim

Understand that it's not the soul gem that makes an enchantment's charge last longer, it's what type of soul that is inside. For example, a grand soul gem with a petty soul is no better than a petty soul gem with a petty soul. If you only have a grand soul gem, and kill a weak creature, it's soul will be trapped in the grand soul gem. Make sure you know what types of soul gems you have before wasting a good soul gem.

If you cast a Soul Trap spell on a creature, and you don't have a soul gem powerful enough to capture it's soul, the soul will be destroyed. Basically, the spell had not affect.

Recharging an enchantment on Weapons or Armor in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Eventually, an enchanted item will run out of charge and will require more soul gems. You will need to recharge it by using filled soul gems. Your enchanting skill will go up when recharging enchanted items.

To recharge an enchanted item; select it in your inventory, select recharge, then pick the soul gem you want to use.


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    • profile image

      VB 6 years ago

      @Elof, you would've found it by now, but anyway, the first one you come to if you're following the main quest, is in the Jarl's palace (Dragonsreach) in Whiterun. There's a room to the right of the main court, with a wizard, Farengar in it.

    • profile image

      Elot1134 6 years ago

      where can i find a enchanting table?

    • profile image

      William 6 years ago

      I had my blade of woe lose it's charge so I recharged it with a soul gem, then it's base damage (21) reduced to 18, how do I get the damage back up where it used to be?

    • profile image

      ChowMains 6 years ago

      You may only put TWO enchantments on a weapon if you have the necessary perk, which is unlocked with a level 100 enchantment skill.

    • profile image

      X KILLA X 6 years ago

      OK pootang, you go to the arcane enchanter and go to the item that has the enchantment u want to destroy.The option would be above the divider line and say disenchant item. I have a ps3 so i hit square. X box would be X i think.

    • profile image

      HCMan 6 years ago

      Dude, heal to FULL hp first. Looks like Skyrim remember not your current hp, but how much you damaged. So you die after remove bonus hp, cos damage bigger then max hp.

    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      Right so I've managed to enchant my daedric plate to fortify me for 1 billion health, but now whenever i remove the plate that fortifies my health, i just die. I can't figure out how to stop it. Can someone help please?

    • profile image

      Pootang is the name 6 years ago

      How do u destroy an enchanted weapon?

    • profile image

      X KILLA X 6 years ago

      Also can i put two fire enchantments on the same weapon at the same time in the enchanting menu?

    • profile image

      X KILLA X 6 years ago

      how do i get my fire enchanting higher if i have the 5/5 and + 25% fire damage? And y is it only 10 damage when i disenchanted an item that did 20% fire damage? How do i make the fire enchanting enchantment spell higher damage?

    • profile image

      jase 6 years ago

      does anyone know if you can remove enchants off armour or weapons and enchant them with a different enchantment, or once enchanted are u stuck with it.

    • profile image

      Drewskie69 6 years ago

      im trying to improve mehrunes razor past flawless. my smithing is maxed so i figured id enchant aome armor that improves my smithing. however i can't enchant anything that goes on my hands or head that will accept the smithing enchantment. does anyone know of a type of these things that i can put it on so i can make the razor better then flawless? note:i can make it epic but i want legendary and don't feel like wasting my ebony ingot by doing it twice

    • profile image

      Jack 6 years ago

      Well you need a grand soul gem and you can mix it with anything like a great gem or pretty gem you can also enchant it but the best way is to enchant it before you make it legendary

    • profile image

      Jack 6 years ago

      Well if you disenchant an item you basically destroy it so just saying

    • profile image

      newbrimmer 6 years ago

      right this might sound like the stupidest question ever!!

      I disenchanted a weapon in order to put that enchantment on something else. Obviously destroying the first weapon in the process. But how do i get that enchantment on the new weapon as i can't find (not in my enchantment list)

      Yes i know this is dumb but hey!!!


    • profile image

      John Doe 6 years ago

      I love whoever made this

    • profile image

      Alraeda 6 years ago

      Osama - boost your enchanting skills. Firstly, up your alchemy to 100, and base alchemy perk to 5/5 for double potions effect etc. Create fortify alchemy potions. Drink them. Whilst they're doing their job, create more fortify alchemy potions (you can keep repeating this if you want). Use the 2nd fortify alchemy potion (or 3rd, 4th etc) to create a fortify smithing potion. I would create several of these double strength etc fortify alchemy potions for reasons below. Now use a workbench to turn the weapon into legendary status (providing you have the right perks of course). Have some crappy clothes around (boots, shirt etc). Now use the extra double etc fortify alchemy potions to create fortify enchantment potions. Drink one. Now enchant the ordinary clothing with the fortify enchantment (you can do this for smithing as well). Wear your new fortify enchantment clothing (note: not all clothing types will let you enchant them with fortify enchantments). Whilst wearing this new clothing, drink another fortify enchantment potion that you created earlier. Now fortify you *real* equipment. Voila.


    • profile image

      osama 6 years ago

      okay so im so f*cking confused my smithing and enchanting is both 100 but, how do i make my fire damage do higher, for example its only 10 with a grand soul gem how can i make it do 52+ i saw a guy on utube with it. Please Help me im a terrorist I KEEL U! :).

    • profile image

      Hugo 6 years ago

      kris - there are no weaker enchantments, once you learn the enchant its the same as if you learned it from a more powerful weapon for example. so its better to learn it from a less powerful weapon or apparel cause your destroying a less valuable item. capiche? :)

    • profile image

      kris 6 years ago

      i learnt a weaker enchantment and found a better one how do i replace it?

    • Garrett Mickley profile image

      Garrett Mickley 6 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

      Im too lazy to do enchanting. Is there someone I can pay to do it?

    • autumn18 profile image

      autumn18 6 years ago from CA, USA

      Thanks for this post it helped me understand a lot. One thing that I still don't know is what type of soul will come from what creatures. If I want good enchants should I be trapping human souls?

    • profile image

      CBDunkerson 6 years ago

      JD - Do you have the magic item smithing Perk? If not, that might be why your item dropped to base damage after enchanting it.

      Ratfish - Were you killing a member of one of the playable races (e.g. human, argonian, et cetera)? If so you need a black soul gem... grand soul gems are insufficient and would give the 'not large enough' message.

    • profile image

      Ratfish 6 years ago

      If you enchant a bow with soul trap but use a lower quality soul to do so can you only trap souls of that level? Even with empty grand soul gems in my inventory I get a message that states that I don't have a gem that's large enough. Do I now need to destroy or sell the bow and then re-enchant another one with the same enchantment but a filled grand soul so that I can capture larger ones?

    • profile image

      JD 6 years ago

      I have a one handed ebony sword with a base damage of 80. I enchant it with the black star with a grand soul and the base damage drops to 39. My enchanting is at 77 and my smithing is 100. I have 4/5 points in the first perk of enchanting, why does the damage on my weapon drop so much? DO I need to enchant it before I smith it? thanks!

    • profile image

      Dr. Faust 6 years ago

      The quality of your enchantments depend on your enchanting skill and the quality of the souls used for the enchantment.

      Applying [Shock Damage] with a petty soul gem and an enchanting skill of 8 will make the outcome quite undesirable

    • profile image

      cam 6 years ago

      OK destroyed one weapon with shock damage of 10 now i foind a bow with 25 shock damage what do i do? how do i get the better enchantment?


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