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How to Enter the 7th Gym in Pokémon SoulSilver

Updated on April 2, 2013
The 7th Gym in Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
The 7th Gym in Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver


To enter the 7th gym there is a series of things you must do before you have access to the gym. As you may have realized, there is an annoying guy blocking any access into the gym. Fear not! It is possible to get into the gym, there are a few things you must do to be given access into the gym. In this hub, we will tell you how to complete the series of things you must do to gain access into the 7th gym! Folow each paragraph step by step to find out!

Route 43

There isn't much you can do in Mahoganuy Town and you cannot enter the gym so proceed to Route 43. As you proceed along Route 43, challenge the trainers there and catch wild pokémon such as: Mareep, Girafarig and Flaaffy. After you have done this, proceed to the Lake of Rage.

Lake of Rage
Lake of Rage

Lake of Rage and Souvenir Shop

In the Lake of Rage, while surfing in the centre, there will be a level 40 giant red Gyrrandos. The Gyrrandos will be shiny so try to catch it very precisely. After catching Gyrrandos, you will meet Champion Lance. He says he will meet you in the souvenir shop in Mahogany Town. Now make your way down to Mahogany Town and into the souvenir shop. When you are in the souvenir shop, you will meet Champion Lance, he will find a secret passage behind a wardrobe and get going!

Team Rocket HQ: Basement Floor One

  • Walk across to a statue and it will light up. Beat the two Team Rocket grunts. P
  • roceed down the corridor until the junction. Go downwards then across right and down and across left and down and across right. You will find a PC at the end.
  • Press the button A against it and turn off the secret switch. On the upper corridor of the PC, go right to the statue, then go downwards to the blue boulders and keep going left.
  • Proceed down the stairs.

Team Rocket HQ: Basement Floor Two and Three

  • Lance will heal all of your Pokémon up again so don't use any of your items, spare them for later.
  • On the bottom right corner, you will find more stairs as you cannot access the generator in the centre. These stairs will bring you to Basement Floor Three.
  • When you are in Basement Floor Three, you will see Lance defeating two Team Rocket Grunts.
  • Go upwards towards the top right corner and you will find more stairs. These will bring you back to Basement Floor Two.
  • Once you are in Basement Floor Two, walk across the top corridor to the top left corner and you will find more stairs. These will take you back to Basement Floor Three.
  • Then you will find the password sealed door. Insert the two passwords that you received from the Team Rocket Grunts.
  • Once you have opened the sealed door, you will find Executive Petrol to defeat him.
  • Follow the Murkrow back to the generator. He will then imitate Petrol's voice and the door will open.
  • Once you are the door, Executive Ariana and Team Rocket Grunt will be there to fight you. Lance will then come to your aid. Defeat all of their Pokémon with the help of Lance.
  • Take down the three Electrode's with Lance.
  • At last, you are now ready to proceed to the Mahogany Town Gym! Welll Done!
  • Good Luck!

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