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How to Increase Your PS4 Connection Speed

Updated on February 16, 2018

Low internet speed is very common problem with the PS4 consoles. In fact all of the Sony’s PlayStation have this problem which is also plaguing the PS4. Gamers, who can’t tolerate any obstacle during their favourite game, must have tried different tricks to increase the connection speed or to know how to improve latency PS4.

Let’s have a look at the possible solutions for the slow PS4 connection speed.

How to Improve Latency PS4?

In their quest to know the answer of how to improve latency PS4, gamers come to know that an Ethernet connection offers a higher speed than wifi connection. Latency in the PS4 is matter of speed as well as bandwidth. Hence, people also try for upgrading their service to get more bandwidth. Most of the times, the attempt of switching between wifi and Ethernet or upgrading the connection goes in vain. Gamers who use PS4 console continue to experience the troubles.

Updating to the Google’s Server

Another common solution of how to improve latency PS4 is to update the DNS. In network setting of the PS4 console, gamers change the DNS settings by updating them to the Google’s server. For this purpose, they use the for primary settings and for secondary settings.

Another common trick that gamers use is to increase the PS4 connection speed is the use of Namebench software. The software takes few minutes to scan the servers and spot the best available settings. Eventually, it sets the console for optimum settings.

Unfortunately, this PS4 can fail this arrangement too, as not all the gamers succeed in finding the right mix for optimum speed.

Here is another way.

Use a Proxy Server

Another possible answer of how to improve latency PS4 is, to use a proxy server. The process is easier and requires few minutes.

For this purpose one needs to install software like CCProxy on a computer and note down its proxy setting. In the next step one has to use the same proxy settings for the network of PS4 console. Gamers should try the 8080 or 808 as the port numbers, while selecting auto for rest of the settings.

Using the proxy settings of CCProxy might not give 100% results for all the consoles, but they are not less than effective. Prior to trying any settings one must ensure to have an internet service that provides download speed and bandwidth according to the requirement of PS4.



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