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How to Joust in World of Warcraft-Don't Let the Argent Tournament Skewer You!

Updated on October 1, 2009

Welcome to the Argent Tournament-Now Joust!

For any freshly minted level 80 (or lower if you're the precocious sort) there is no better place to go than the Argent Tournament! Here, under festive banners you'll do battle by learning how to joust with other champions to prove that you are worthy to face Arthas, the baddest mofo in town. But for some of us gamers (cough, me, cough) learning how to joust can seem exciting at first, but can ultimately prove extremely frustrating after your lost matches begin to number in the double the first night. For those of you, who, like me, seem to have trouble picking up the fine art of jousting in World of Warcraft, use the following tips below to put those uppity valiants and champions in their place!

Tip #1 Beginning the Fight-Shield and Charge

Before you begin the fight the most important thing is to get three layers of shield up on yourself (button #4). The shield lasts for one minute so during the fight remember to periodically refresh it, otherwise you may find yourself on the losing end of a battle than mere seconds ago was a sure thing.

Once your shields are up go and speak to the valiant or champion of your choice. Once you ask them to begin the fight they will speed away. Allow him to do so, and when he gets far away enough charge him before he can turn around and do the same to you. If you are really good try to get in a melee attack when you pass as well for extra damage. Turn before your charge carries you too far, and fire off a shield breaker to bring the valiant or champion's shields down.

Tip # 2 Don't be Afraid to Melee

Now you need to close the distance before the valiant or champion can charge or shield break you, as you want your shields at maximum during melee. Melee the champion now, don't try to run away or get distance as this will allow him to use charge or shield breaker to bring down your shields. If you followed my previous advice and used charge and shield break right out of the gates you should be meleeing the other jouster with two to zero shields, while you have three. This makes a huge difference, as you will see by the other jouster's rapidly falling health.


For You Visual Learners

Tip # 3- Don't Let that Champion off Your Hook!

A champion during jousting behaves kind of like a fish, he struggles. When he struggles to get away, don't let him! Chasing him down like your supper depends on it will save your fictional toon's life, and you from having an aneurysm from the high blood pressure acquired from losing yet another match.

After you melee the champion for a while he will run away to get some distance to attempt to shield break and charge you. You do not want him to do this! Instead, wait until he gets just far enough, and use shield break on him. Some people like to follow with charge but I find that I am too slow to do this without being charged myself, so I simply close the distance and begin the melee with the champion again, now that his shields are lowered.

Now, it's simply a matter of rinse and repeat!

A Few Things to Note

 When jousting there are a few items to note. Firstly, the champions will be more aggressive than the valiants, especially when it comes to maintaining full shields. This means that you must be more vigilant as a player in breaking those shields, and you must also be prepared to duke things out for a bit longer than it would take when jousting against a valiant.

Also, please remember to heal yourself between each battle (button #5). Sometimes it may seem like no problem to joust at 85% health, but sometimes, during moments of inattention or lag, those few health points can tip the balance in your favor.

Most of all, remember to have fun! The Argent Tournament is a great way to earn epic gear, pets, and mounts and is an incredibly fun and unique addition to World of Warcraft. I await the next chapter of the path to Arthas like a hungry Gorloc chasing shiny bugs!


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