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How to Kill Trolls in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Updated on March 13, 2012
The trolls in Skyrim are one of the most difficult opponents to fight in the game.
The trolls in Skyrim are one of the most difficult opponents to fight in the game.

Trolls are very dangerous opponents that you commonly encounter on quests. There are two varities of trolls in game; frost trolls, which look somewhat like yetis and are covered in white fur, and cave trolls, which are brown and look more like gorillas. Both trolls are fairly similar in stats and combat styles, so what you do to kill one variety can be used against the other variety.

The first rule of fighting trolls is to avoid any sort of prolonged battle with them. Since they regenerate health fairly quickly, and you do not, a long battle with a troll will most likely end up with your death. Make sure that you have the weapons or spells to deal a decent amount of damage against the troll, and try to attack as often as possible.

The second rule would be to block as many of the troll’s attacks as possible. Trolls attack often, and quickly, so proper timing with your shield is necessary to survive. If you decide to not use a shield, you’ll need a very high parry skill. Time your blocks as well as you can, and make sure to bash the troll in between attacks so that you can land a few hits of your own. This can take some practice, so be sure to stock up on health potions and food for when you do battle your first few trolls. Once you get the timing of the blocks down, you’ll find that battling trolls is much easier.

The third and final rule when fighting trolls would be to use fire spells or weapons that have fire enchantments on them. This works for both frost and cave trolls, though the damage bonus seems to be a little bit higher against frost trolls for the obvious reason of their frost element. The damage sustained by fire does not regenerate, so using a powerful fire spell like fireball or a powerful weapon with a fire enchantment can cut down any troll very fast.


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