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How To Level Combat Skills & Get Wealthy In Runescape At The Same Time

Updated on March 12, 2018
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Dominic is a fitness professional by day and content writer by night. He loves all things technology and has a passion for learning.

Requirements and Considerations

For this method to work effectively, you must be at least combat level 50 and be a paid member. You must also be to afford several hundred cooked lobsters if you're unable to cook them yourself. Make sure to check GE prices when looting kills for market adjustment changes; all prices listed below are based off current prices. It is recommended to be Attack level 40 and Defence level 30 before farming Jungle Spiders.

If you are under level 50, I have provided a convenient guide to get there below. If you are level 50, or above, then disregard this guide and proceed beyond the 1-50 guide.


Combat Level 3-40 F2P & P2P - Abandoned Burthorpe Mine

This is one of the most efficient ways to train your melee combat skills. Containing a large amount of Level 2 Trolls that provide 30 Exp per kill will get you 20K Exp per hour.

Items to loot: Make sure to always loot these items to sell at GE for income

Coins - Always drops 1-5gp.

Staff of Air - Common drop, sells for 2,295gp. The main money maker to buy all gear.

Black Wizard Robe Skirt - Common drop, sells for 879gp.

Black Wizard Robe Top - Common drop, sells for 657gp.

Spellstorm Drape - Common drop, sells for 464gp.

Bread - Common drop, sells for 459gp.

Cooked Meat - Common drop, do not sell.

Make sure to eat the cooked meat when needed and to put the non-needed cooked meat in the bank to save for later, if needed.


Picture of the location shown on the map below

Abandoned Burthorpe Mine Location

Just south of Burthorpe
Just south of Burthorpe

Combat Level 40-50 F2P & P2P - Stronghold of Security Floor #2 Flesh Crawlers

Once you have obtained a combat level of 40, it is best to head to the Stronghold of Security, located in Barbarian Village. Make sure to bring as much food as you can. Flesh Crawlers are weak to stab weapons so make sure to use a sword type weapon for higher efficiency.

Items to loot: Make sure always to loot these items to sell at GE for income.

Grimy Kwuarm - Rare drop, sells for 4,980gp.

Grimy Irit - Uncommon drop, 3,315gp.

Steel Gauntlets - Rare drop, sells for 2,936gp.

Grimy Lantadyme - Rare drop, sells for 2,911gp.

Grimy Cadantine - Rare drop, sells for 2,918gp.

Iron Ore - Common drop, sells for 196gp.

Coins - Common drop, 1-499gp.

Other items dropped will eat up your inventory space too quickly to be worth it. Be patient with drops and remember that this is just a temporary training location. The earning potential from level 40- 50 is roughly 1.5 - 2 million GP, if you grab the most valuable items only and stack ores and coins.


Picture of the Stronghold of Security entrance in Barbarian Village shown below

Stronghold of Security Entrance

Killing Jungle Spiders and Selling Their Carcasses at Combat Level 50 Members Only

Now we are at the appropriate level where the real experience and money is earned. At 297.3 combat EXP with 98.1 Health XP and a minimum profit drop of 2,490gp per kill, this is an excellent method for leveling and becoming wealthy. Located east of Yanille, on a small stretch of islands just east of the only bank in the town. This bank is where you will deposit the Jungle Spider Carcass's and replenish your food supplies. If all the previous steps are followed, you should have a total combat level of 50. It is highly recommended to be wearing full Adamant armor and wielding Rune Weapons. If you are a Ranged main or a Mage, the highest level bows, arrows and combat spells are recommended to be used as well as your highest level armor available. It is wise to use much of the money earned from the previous drops to buy all your equipment and as many cooked lobsters as you can buy; 500 is usually a great place to start.

Jungle Spiders are very weak to crushing attacks, so weapons that are strong in a smash attach should be utilized for highest efficiency. The Rune Warhammer works very well here.

Items to loot: Make sure to always loot these items for profit.

Spider Carcass - Always drops, sells for 2,490gp. Primary money maker.

Grimy Kwuarm - Rare drop, sells for 4,980gp.

Grimmy Irit - Rare drop, sells for 3,315gp.

Grimy Cadantine - Rare drop, sells for 2,918gp.

Your minimum profit per full inventory of spider carcasses is 69,720gp. At first, you should expect roughly 150-200K GP per hour. As you level up and become stronger, this number will increase by a tremendous amount. At level 60 Attack armed with a dragon crushing type weapon, it is estimated to earn a profit of 400-500K GP per hour.

Jungle Spiders East of the Yanille Bank

Jungle Spiders on the Islands, East of the Yanille bank.
Jungle Spiders on the Islands, East of the Yanille bank. | Source

© 2018 Dominic Vaughn


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