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How to Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Updated on January 16, 2012

Many kinds of people love and benefit from jigsaw puzzles. In addition to puzzle lovers, students can benefit from enhanced problem-solving capabilities by solving jigsaw puzzles. Buying a large number of puzzles can obviously get rather expensive. Additionally, teachers or parents need the ability to create unique and fun jigsaw puzzles for the benefit of their students or children.

Fortunately, the Internet has spawned a number of free services for this very purpose. Many sites have free web-based software--a jigsaw puzzle maker--that you can use to make your own puzzles. In some cases, you can even take the puzzles that you make and put them on your own website. Web visitors can then find your website and play jigsaw puzzles online.

Most of these sites make it relatively easy for the non-tech-savvy Inernet user to make their own jigsaw puzzles. Just follow the simple site-specific guidelines below.


Jigidi has a simple method for creating jigsaw puzzles online and sharing them with puzzle users. First, you need to create a free account from the home page to use the puzzle maker (see Sources). You will see a "Create" button after registering your account. Click on that button and the "Select Image" button to find a picture on your computer for making your own puzzle. Walk through the remaining steps to complete your puzzle. The process is pretty much self-explanatory.

Once you are finished, you will see several links for sharing your jigsaw puzzle. Click on "Send it to a friend with MSN" to find the website link for your new puzzle. Give out that link to anyone you would like to access the puzzle. Use the other options to either email the puzzle link to others or use website code to place the puzzle on your own website.

Jigsaw Planet

Click on "Browse" on the Jigsaw Planet main page (see Sources). Choose a picture for your free jigsaw puzzle and enter a name. Optionally, you can use the "Advanced Settings" to modify the number of puzzle pieces and other puzzle features.

When you click the "Create" button, you will see a picture of the puzzle on the next page. The easiest thing to do is to click "Create" again on that page. You can repeat this process and see all the puzzles you have created on the Jigsaw Planet's home page. Select "More" for the puzzle you want to share and use the various options to share it. You can click "Send" to get the web-page address for your puzzle. You can also place puzzles made with Jigsaw Planet's free jigsaw puzzle maker on your website.


JigZone has its own popular and free jigsaw puzzle maker. First, create a free user account by clicking on "Upload your photos." (see Sources) You will eventually arrive at your member home page. Look for the "Getting Started" link on the right. Use the "Continue," "Browse" and "Upload" buttons to select your picture and make your jigsaw puzzle. When you make puzzles with JigZone, you do not have options for changing it. All puzzles will contain 20 pieces. However, when your students, web visitors or children play jigsaw puzzles that you make with JigZone, they can click on "Change Cut" to change the type and number of pieces to make the puzzle harder or easier.

Click on "Open Puzzle" to retrieve the actual puzzle website address. Other options include sending an email with the puzzle or using the "Embed/Link" link to get code for putting the puzzle on a different website.

In short, these puzzles makers provide free puzzle-making benefits to a variety of users. Teachers and parents can help develop the imaginative abilities of students. Website owners can even make money by using puzzle code to place jigsaw puzzles on their websites. Anyone can now make free puzzles with a computer and Internet connection.


Jigsaw Planet




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