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How to Make a Fakemon

Updated on October 7, 2016

Fan Region

First things first, you will need to make up your region. Every generation introduces a new region, which include new AND old pokemon, however it is optional to include older ones.

Making up a region can be as easy or as difficult as you'd like. It could literally just be a giant island or several small island. You should also include city names and locations, as well as where the gyms are.

I strongly recommend using that link to make your region. It is very simple to use and edit. Your name can just be a random name or it can actually mean something.

Once your region is made you should think of the starters and legendary theme. For example, generation IV was time and space and gen VI was life and death.

Designing Fakemon

The actual drawing of the fakemon is the most difficult part. Make sure your design matches the species, name, and type of your fakemon. Watching YouTube videos and looking at some art of Deviant Art can help with your drawing ideas.

Pokedex Entry

You're also going to need to write out a Pokedex entry based on the Pokemon. This should include a description of them, their height, their weight, and their species.

There are thousands of amazing fakemon on Deviant art that can help inspire some of your drawings.
There are thousands of amazing fakemon on Deviant art that can help inspire some of your drawings.


Making balanced stats can be difficult at first, but after a while you will get the hang of it. I recommend looking at real Pokemon's stats that are similar to your Fakemon. For example, if you are making a fire starter that specializes in Special attack, look up Cyndiquil's stats and mimic those. They don't need to be exact, but they should be similar.

If you are making a legendary look up what stats legendaries tend to have. Also do this with typings as some types have certain stats. For example, grass Pokemon tend to have either high speed or high defense.


Lastly you need to come up with their moveset. It is easiest to look at other Pokemon of the same typing's moveset and copy some of the moves, but be sure to throw in a few that make sense. For example, if you have a sphere shaped Pokemon, give it rollout.

Most, if not all, legendaries have a unique move like oblivion wing. If you are making a legendary, be sure to give it one.

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And that's about it. All you really need to know about making your own fakemon. Want to share your fakemon? Post them on the Ultimate Fakedex Wiki!


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