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How to Make a Ghost Baby in Sims 3: You can with two Sims in love (as long as one is a ghost).

Updated on December 2, 2010

In The Sims 3 you have the possibility to create a ghost baby. The ghost baby will look like a ghost but will age in the same way all Sim children do. Sim ghosts that you create by either using a cheat or creating the old fashioned way will be fully controllable and required to go to school when they are children and will be able to work a normal job as adults. Sim ghosts will float over the ground and pass through walls.

A ghost female Sim and her ghostly newborn.
A ghost female Sim and her ghostly newborn.
A ghost toddler Sim
A ghost toddler Sim
A ghost child Sim plays peek-a-boo with his normal toddler Sim brother.
A ghost child Sim plays peek-a-boo with his normal toddler Sim brother.

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Making a Ghost Baby Sim

The steps for romancing a ghost Sim are the same as romancing any other Sim. Although, it is best to ask how a ghost Sim's day is going and to cheer them up if they are having a bad day before woohooing or trying for a baby; otherwise it will negatively affect the relationship between your Sim and the ghost Sim.

Meet a Male Ghost Sim at the Graveyard:

Your female Sim can visit the graveyard at night to meet, befriend and romance a male ghost Sim. Your ghost baby Sim will be the same color as their ghost father; so be sure to choose a father ghost that is the color you would like your baby to be (generally either blue or red). After you have befriended and romanced the ghost Sim you will need to "try for baby" you can accomplish this by asking the ghost over to your Sim's house or out on a date to a place where you can "try for baby" such as a club with an elevator. It's easiest to accomplish a public "try for baby" if you have installed the Late Night Expansion Pack. When your female Sim begins to feel nauseous or you hear the telltale music after a successful "try for baby" you'll know that your Sim has a bun in the oven.

Note: You cannot impregnate a female Sim who lives in the graveyard.

A Male Ghost Sim that is haunting your Sim's Home:

If you currently have a male ghost Sim haunting your Sim's home or a male has recently died in your home you can have your female Sim romance the deceased. After a Sim has died in your home it will take approximately 3 days for their ghost to begin haunting your home after that they will generally appear every other night. Once they begin appearing in your home, your Sim can build a relationship that leads to "try for baby".

Note: Female ghost Sims that are haunting your home cannot become pregnant; if you attempt to click "try for baby" it will inform you that the Sim has too many household members too become pregnant.

A Controllable Female or Male Ghost Sim:

A controllable ghost Sim can be created by taking a deceased Sim's remains who has not previously been revived to the Science Facility to be revived. This will result in a controllable ghost Sim becoming a member of your Sim household. To make a ghost baby Sim you will need your ghost Sim and another Sim to fall in love and "try for baby". Male ghost Sims who died as a young adult, adult or elder will be able to father children. Female ghost Sims will need to have died as a young adult or adult to conceive a child. A female ghost that is a member of your household is the only method of obtaining a ghost baby by a ghost mother.

Notes and Tips:

1. You will not get a ghost baby every time when one parent is a normal Sim. You can have two ghost parents as long as the mother is a Sim you control and this will almost guarantee a ghost baby every-time.

2. The Fertility Treatment under Lifetime Rewards can increase your chance of having a ghost baby as well as multiple babies at a time.

3. You cannot create a ghost mother and ghost baby by killing a pregnant ghost Sim because pregnant Sims cannot be killed.

4. The easiest method for obtaining an adult ghost Sim is to have them go swimming and placing a fence around the pool until they drown. Another method is to remove the door from a room and have the Sim start a fire with a cheap bbq or fireplace. Having a Sim die of old age and then reviving them to make a baby will only work with male Sims.

5. I've never made a ghost baby using cheats but it is possible; do a little surfing and you're sure to find instructions if you're interested.


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