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How to Participate in The Walking Dead Road to Survival Spending Strike

Updated on August 3, 2017
SarcasmAndShame profile image

Kayla is an active player of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival mobile game for nearly 2 years.


Scopely has released an apology and promises for the future but the community isn't buying it. Many have quoted promises made in the past that have yet to be fulfilled leaving little hope for the future.

Empty promises aside, the community is even more outraged by the newest offer of compensation. Included in the letter of apology where Scopely G.M. Albert Wei basically blamed the majority of the problems on their customer support and lack of community outreach. Somehow 3 Ultra Rare/Elite Rare Gear bags is supposed to make up for all of the issues with support, CRW, and all other issues players have reported with the company.

People were angry before the release of the letter but now they are even more so. Scopely just doesn't show respect to the players of this game, the very same players who have boosted the company to become a multi-million dollar company.

If you were as outraged as the rest, here is how to participate in the #SpendingStrike .

Don't Spend

First and foremost, don't spend another time on this game. Hold out your money for a company that deserves and respects valuable customers. Scopely has continued over and over to show their customers that they do not matter, now it is time to show them that they are nothing without it's customers.

This doesn't just include pulling for characters. Do not buy refills for gear maps, do not purchase the monthly membership, do not spend your money on anything. Delete your credit card information from the game all together. In fact, when you do that, send a nice little message to support and let them know that you have done so and do not forget to tell them you are part of the spending strike.

Don't Click

Making a cash purchase is not the only way to add currency to this game. We all know about TapJoy offers, but did you know that by using the TapJoy offer, Scopely is still making money?

Do not click on any offers from TapJoy to get your coins. If you want to use TapJoy, use it to get in-game currency for your other games. Watching videos within the RTS app is also making money for Scopely so avoid those as well.

The whole point of a spending strike is to hit the company where it hurts but not many people realize that the free to play customers are also making money for them as well. So even if you are not a paying player, you can still join in on the spending strike.

Don't Forget to Share

To make sure that the spending strike has an impact on Scopely we must continue to share and grow. Tell your faction and tell your friends in other factions. Talk about it in global chat.

Share the hash tag in comments on The Walking Dead Road To Survival Facebook page as well as on your own. Hash tag the heck out of it on Twitter and make sure to include #WalkingDeadRTS and #Scopely. Join the Scopely forums and add the #SpendingStrike to your signature so they can see you are part of the movement and are demanding change.

Change your in-game name to #SpendingStrike like many other players have already done. Join the Facebook ( twdrts #spendingstrike ) and Line groups to keep up to date with the spending strike.

Be Respectful

By standing up to Scopely with this spending strike you are speaking for a large group. But you must also remember that Scopely staff are just people just like everyone trying to fight for a change. The staff that make comments and announcements on the forum are not people who can just snap their fingers and make changes happen. Be respectful.

There is never a reason to personally attack any member of the community or Scopely employees. By being respectful and staying civil you are allowing the focus to stay where it should be. Doing otherwise is not the way to get people to listen, it only takes the attention away.

Will you stand with us?

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    • profile image

      No more spending 

      3 years ago

      Going to take more than a handful of us to make a difference. But revolutions have been started with one person saying no to tyranny.

    • profile image

      A Son of Liberty 

      3 years ago

      I've grown bored with the game due to how poorly scopely has been managing the game. There is just too much negativity associated with this game. Bad odds, customer abuse, and them not giving you any real incentive to keep playing. When you don't even get excited for pulling a 5 star anymore, it starts to become a bad sign.

    • SarcasmAndShame profile imageAUTHOR

      Kayla Hebert 

      3 years ago from United States

      As soon as i make sure every aspect is legitimate and legal . I am talking to Google, Apple and various card companies to make sure no one gets in trouble.

    • profile image

      Bishop of Omega in Paulding 

      3 years ago

      Keep it up. I would like to know when you plan on posting the article you mentioned previously about how to seek to be reimbursed. Thank you


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