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The Mysterious Secrets of the 17th Lady or Scrabble Words With Q Again

Updated on June 23, 2011
glendoncaba profile image

Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

The Dark and Stormy Chronicles

It was a gloomy Thursday afternoon worthy of Sherlock Holmes, for it was time to pursue the dark and stormy chronicles of the mystery of the 17th Lady. Yes I was investigating the squiggly, squirming quirky 17th lady, the Lady called Q. And I won’t retreat to the back of the queue. For she has left the entire word detective force puzzling over whether a buqsha (former Yemeni coin) is a busha or if a qat ((variation of khat, a white-flowered evergreen shrub of you guessed it Africa and Arabia with narcotic properties) is an insect.

Now we see her in Arabia, then in Africa. We hear that she has been spied in the West with squads, quills, and quake. International agencies are seeking her in Arab territories in the company of the qaid (a Muslim leader, together they went into the qanat (system of underground tunnels and wells in the Middle East). They met a faqir who had but one qindar (variation of qintar, monetary unit of Albania). He overdosed on his tranq dozed off dreaming of a Hebrew alphabet particularly the qoph.

The Chase Is On

The 17th Lady paid a quid or two to quiet the quest but she could not quash query.

Our Scrabble Squad had to move quickly. Soon we were surfing the internet for free online word games. And found Scrabble Worldwide on Facebook Scrabble. Right there in the game we could decipher the meanings in the free online Scrabble dictionary provided by the social media site for its millions of users outside of North America on its Scrabble Worldwide game application.

The 17th Lady would not give up without the best top fight. She offered us a liquor called usque (whisky) and promised to roll all over the parquet floor. She squirmed and squealed like a quartet of mosquitoes. The Chief Inspector and I knew that the chase was not over for soon she had the entire equator (minus your stoical protogonist, of course) dining on quahog (edible clam), tequila and quail.

Source:  Web Museum.
Source: Web Museum.

A Banquet Indeed

I quaffed at her offer and quite threatened to quote a squaw to quell a queer queen.  Or throw aqua all over the umiaq (variant of umiak, Inuit boat made of skins).

Enamoured with her quips the Chief Inspector named her as coequal and quivered to see her splendid banquet.

No player may quit at this point in the query.

You decide if she is a queer, a quack or a square. I’ll ponder her fate over my caloric quota of quiche.


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    • Pro Design Source profile image

      Pro Design Source 7 years ago

      She has often been the downfall of my Scrabble game, but no more! What are Q word resource you have here - and written in such an entertaining way. What skills you have!


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