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Instructions on How to Put Together and Assemble a Typical Play Kitchen Set

Updated on May 24, 2014

Children love to role play in the kitchen.

A group of kids playing in the kitchen. Image courtesy of, from user Siamackz through a Creative Commons License.
A group of kids playing in the kitchen. Image courtesy of, from user Siamackz through a Creative Commons License.

Most toy kitchens are set up the same.

Play kitchens are educational toys for boys and girls. Play kitchens help foster social interactions and provide many hours of independent play. Kitchen play sets come in all sizes and styles, from a simple stove and sink models to those with refrigerators and built-in pantries. While different play kitchens may look different, they are basically put together in the same fashion, where the base and sides are put together first, and shelving and the decorative elements last.

Gather all the tools, manuals, and equipment needed

Ensure all the parts of the play kitchen are included in the set, and that none are bent or broken. If some part is not inside the kit, or has been damaged during shipment, contact the manufacturer for replacement parts. Most toy kitchen playsets will have these components:

  • A manual
  • All pieces needed to put it together
  • Hardware and stickers for decoration

Recommended things to have on hand are:

  • A good, flat surface (most parents assemble them in the garage)
  • Tools such as a hammer, wrench, and screwdriver (an electric or battery operated one will save time when there are seemingly hundreds of screws to install)

Go in the order recommended

Follow the manufacturer's manual as recommended to put the kitchen playset together properly. If, however, the manual is missing from the box (it happens) and the manual is not available online or you can't wait for it to be sent to you, here is a list of basic instructions from someone who has assembled a few of these toy kitchen sets:

  1. Assemble any drawers as required, using the fasteners supplied. If there are any decals or sticker decorations that go on the front of the drawers, place them on before attaching the handles.
  2. Fasten the sides and back to the base of the kitchen on a flat surface. While the play kitchen is on its side or back, attach any locking wheels or legs to the bottom.
  3. Attach any shelves to the sides and back. If doors are to be put on the kitchen, put the hinges on the kitchen. Place the stove parts in place if the range is not in one piece and attach the range part to the back and sides, creating a stove top.
  4. Affix any doors to the kitchen, and screw down the top. Nail the back to the kitchen and stand upright. Place the drawers in their spaces, and finish with the decals, handles and knobs.
  5. Attach any doors to the hinges on the kitchen and open and close a couple of times to ensure they are hanging correctly. Adjust if necessary to get the doors to close evenly.
  6. Test any knobs or sounds on the kitchen if installed. The play kitchen set is ready to be played.



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