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How to Sell Your MMO Computer Game Account

Updated on January 26, 2013
An MMO Screenshot (WoW) with an addon telling me what materials I had available at that time.
An MMO Screenshot (WoW) with an addon telling me what materials I had available at that time. | Source

Helpful Hints and Past Experience Selling MMO Materials

For the last few months, I had been considering selling my World of Warcraft account. This was a hard decision for me because of the 7-8 years of work I had put into my account. However with a series of downhill problems with the game I finally decided that I might as well look into getting rid of it.

There are many things that you need to worry about selling an MMO account - the fact that it is final, the loss of work, the risk of being banned, and the risk of the buyer taking everything and running (because lets face it, what are you going to do, report it?) Though there are risks and worries, I found that it is somewhat easy to do and not as scary as I thought it would be and will share my experiences with you here.

Note: In case you aren't aware, buying and selling most game accounts or materials for real life currency is usually against games Terms of Service and you can get banned. This usually comes from buying rather than selling.

I guess you know you are bored when you run to closed places in the beta and look for holes to get in for good pictures.
I guess you know you are bored when you run to closed places in the beta and look for holes to get in for good pictures. | Source

Are You Ready To Give Up Everything?

The first thing when wanting to sell your MMO Game account is to ask yourself if you are ready to give up everything you worked so hard for.

To me, there were a lot of things to regret. The loss of 7-8 years of work. A (dying) guild I had put years of work into. 10+ 85 Characters. The finality of it. In the end, I found that the only reason I was still playing was regret. I loved WoW for years but it had slowly become less and less fun. I had everything, I couldn't really progress any more than I was, and the only reason I was staying was a sense of loyalty to my guild.

If I really wanted to come back, I could create a new account, and level back to where I was before. Perhaps some achievements would be never again gotten, but I could still play. That settled it - I would try to sell my account.

Guild Wars 2 Screen Shot
Guild Wars 2 Screen Shot | Source

MMO Account Selling Options

The quickest, easiest, and most impersonal is to sell to a website. However, you might try asking people that you know well in your guild if they are looking to buy gold from you. A few years ago I had this deal where I sold gold to a friend whenever he needed it. This worked out in our favor for quite a while until his wife found out he was spending hundreds of dollars a month on a game currency. However, you never know who might be interested, so you might as well ask!

REMEMBER: Don't talk about selling things in game - you never know who might be watching. Use out of game text or voice means of communication about such things.

Diablo 3 Screenshot
Diablo 3 Screenshot | Source

What Are You Worth?

For me, this was a large sticking point. How much was 7-8 years worth? I had literally spent over 1200 on this game in subscriptions and store items, not to mention the vast amount of content my account had - 12000+ achievement points, 150+ mounts, 150+ pets, unique items and titles like The Insane which took over a year of work alone. What would be my price?

The first website that I looked at offered me 30 dollars. Now, I don't get mad easily but this enraged me. For many reasons.

  • 30 dollars is about 2 months subscription fee.
  • This means they think my account is worth 2 months play time?
  • Worse characters than mine, on the sell page, were going for 500-1000 USD.
    • Do they think people don't look at that? What is that 16-133x profit?
  • I clearly was going to have to look around at more intelligent websites, or change my view of worth. Either way 30 dollars wasn't worth it.

Selling MMO Currency

Because of the bad experience with selling the whole account, I decided to first try to sell my gold. After looking through many websites I settled on MMOFLY. Honestly it was not a totally bad experience, but the customer service was a bit rude. I used MMOFLY because it had a live chat service and I was able to talk with someone about the whole thing, which settled my nerves.

WoW is quite strict about banning people for selling gold if they are caught - especially because a lot of the time it is hackers who do it. However, my account had around 100,000 gold on it and I wanted to get something from it. The current rate on my server was 0.62 USD per thousand gold - so in the end I got about 62 USD (minus paypal fees).

The agent I was in contact with walked me through the process and helped me through it - taking care to be clear about the exact things to do in order for the transaction to be safe. It ended up being a short run to a guild bank on a newly created level 1 alt, and about 10 minutes later I was 60 bucks richer.

With how this transaction was handled, I would be comfortable using MMOFLY for any MMO they service (which is a lot).

Mists of Pandaria Beta Screenshot
Mists of Pandaria Beta Screenshot | Source

Selling an MMO Game Account

First, if you are wanting to sell on a website you will want to see if people have had good experiences on them or if they have some insurance award. Secondly, you will want to see if they have any requirements before you start - such as WoW websites make you give up your box codes and all the information you could use to get your account back from them. The last thing you want to do is make sure they have some kind of live chat service so you know what is going on at all times.

I used this website to sell my WoW account after looking at a bunch of others, but shop around and get quotes from people.

Nothing is more important than your security, so make sure you have researched the website you use, look at discussions on forums, and know that you can trust who you are selling your account to.

Good Luck!

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