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How to Succeed at FarmVille 2

Updated on August 7, 2014

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What is FarmVille 2?

FarmVille 2 is a sequel to the popular Facebook game from Zynga, FarmVille. FarmVille 2, just like the original Farmville, is a simulation game where you restore and manage a farm. You have crops to grow, trees to pick, animals to raise and feed, recipes to make, farmland to expand, and much more.

Unlike the original FarmVille, FarmVille 2 has an extensive baking and crafting system. FarmVille 2 also has better graphics than the original FarmVille.

Friends are EVERYTHING

Okay, well friends in Farmville 2 aren't exactly everything, but they make up a great part of the game itself. Why? Well, to put it plain and simple, the more friends you have on Farmville 2, the more people play Farmville 2 which means more money for Zynga. But that's okay, right? That means they can afford to support our Farmville 2 addictions.

Since Farmville 2 is a social game, friends are required to accomplish many things. You can hire them as farmhands to help grow your crops instantly. They can also send you gifts so you can upgrade, expand, and build your farm.

Staying in 'contact' with your friends is important. So, send your Farmville friends gifts every time you load into the game (when the option pops up). When accepting a gift from a friend, it is common courtesy to send a gift back.

Use your friends to request items to build buildings and to recruit them as helpers. If you don't have many friends on Facebook that play Farmville, join an 'Add Friends' group on Facebook to help. They will do mass adds and is a quick way to make Farmville friends.

Growing trees and crops both use water.
Growing trees and crops both use water. | Source

Farmville 2: Country Escape

Zynga has released a mobile version of Farmville 2 called Country Escape. By linking your Facebook account to the mobile game (for iPhone and Android), you may give yourself water every day via mobile.

You will also get 20 Farm Cash when you link your Facebook and Country Escape.

Growing Crops and Trees

For the diehard Farmville players, alarms are used to ensure crops are harvested immediately. If nothing is needed for a quest or other task, growing the best crop you can with the highest yielding experience is typically what is done.

To make your crops and trees grow, you must water them. Water is limited in Farmville 2 and may be acquired from your Farmville friends.

To gain double the crops when harvested, sprinkle fertilizer before the crops are done growing. Fertilized crops will sparkle and they yield double the output as well as have a chance to grow a prized crop. Prized crops will add mastery points to your crop and give you more coins.

Like the original Farmville, Farmville 2 has a certain time-frame where you need to harvest your crops before they wither. Withering crops cannot be harvested to be used in recipes or sold. It will take about 3 real days before your crops wither. If your crops have withered, an unwither spray can be used. Trees cannot wither.

Make sure to check your quests and the Village Grocer Order to see if crops are needed to fulfill them. Crops and tree products are essential for baking.

Animals are fed with feed and can be stored in buildings.
Animals are fed with feed and can be stored in buildings. | Source


Farmville 2, unlike the original Farmville, has a wide variety of animals. While Farmville had the basic animals, such as cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, ect., Farmville 2 has specific animals such as the Lavender Sablepoot Chicken, Cottontail Rabbit, and the Hampshire Pig.

Animals are fed using feed. Feed can be made from crops that have been grown on your farm. When you feed your animals, they will reward you with items that can be used in baking and crafting. On top of that, just like crops, animals can become prized which results in better rewards.

Animals can be stored either freely on your farm or in buildings that can be built. Buildings will not only store your animals, but they also make feeding easier with their one click system. Certain buildings also exist to be add-ons to your animals, for example, the yogurt creamery will award you yogurts after a certain number of dairy animals have been fed.

Just like there are a limited number of plots that your farm can hold, there are a certain number of animals that can be stored on your farm at one time. Buildings can also take animals away from your maximum limit so buildings are essential for maximum resources and experience.

Animals start out as babies and require baby bottles to grow them from babies to adults. A player may ask their friends for baby bottles or buy them with Farm Bucks. The number of bottles it takes to transition an animal from baby to adult varies and they may be fed every fifteen seconds.

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Crafting and Baking

Baking takes place in the kitchen on your farm and is probably one of the biggest ways to earn money on your farm. Baking uses power to create recipes that sell for a lot in your farm stand. On top of the great money baking can generate, baking can also generate a lot of experience.

Alongside baking, crafting can also be done to make items. Crafting can be done using the workshop. Although the kitchen can be used almost immediately after starting Farmville 2, the workshop must be crafted before use (go figure).

After the required items are collected, you need four friends (or Farm Bucks) to build the workshop. Crafting also uses power to create items.

Cooking recipes in Farmville 2 is a great way to get experience and get coins.
Cooking recipes in Farmville 2 is a great way to get experience and get coins. | Source

Farm Bucks

If you are one to drop money on Facebook games, investing in Farm Bucks is a great way to earn money fast. Farm Bucks can be used in place of friends on your farm as well as buying exclusive animals and items for your farm. Farm Bucks are a great way to get things fast if you don't want to earn the money.

Selling Items for Money

In order to raise animals, plant crops, and exist in Farmville 2, a player must have coins. As stated earlier, coins can be gained by harvesting prized crops, completing quests, and more.

A great way to generate money is by either helping out on your friends farms and selling items at your farm stand. Selling items from recipes is the best way to make money for your farm. When in your kitchen, try to make the items with the gold star with the money sign in it. These are the recipes that will sell the most.

Leveling Up

Leveling up grants you access to more items and gives you amazing rewards.

Tip: Whenever you're about to level up, plant, water, and feed everything as much as you can before actually filling up your level up bar. Then, level yourself up.

When you level up, you will be rewarded with coins, water, and have access to more quests.

Although quests are great at giving experience, don't be discouraged when the quests run out for your level. Just keep planting crops that yield the highest experience and stay on top of harvesting a crafting to get you to the next level.

On every level up, all crops and trees that have been watered will be automatically ready to harvest. On top of that, all animals that have been fed will be ready to be fed again. Use this to your advantage as it's a great way to get extra experience and money.

See Farmville 2 Here!


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    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 3 years ago from Australia

      I haven't been playing FarmVille 2 but looking at this guide it sounds like some really good improvements have been made over the original.

    • profile image

      smackalicious 3 years ago

      Thank you for the helpful tips. Great article!