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How to Succeed at the FarmVille Facebook Game

Updated on February 26, 2013
Succeeding in FarmVille takes time and patience.
Succeeding in FarmVille takes time and patience. | Source

FarmVille, a Facebook game by Zynga, is addictive and fun. FarmVille is a game where you own your own farm. You can plant and harvest crops, pick fruit off trees, raise animals, and complete quests to get levels. The higher your level is, the bigger your farm can get. The success of your farm is dependent on a lot of things. If you want to be successful at FarmVille, follow these tips and tricks.

Only adding friends who already play FarmVille ensures you don't annoy your other friends.
Only adding friends who already play FarmVille ensures you don't annoy your other friends. | Source

Making Friends for FarmVille

One of the greatest assets to FarmVille is having friends to help you. Without friends that play FarmVille too, you can't get parts you need to build things on your farm and it will be harder to gain gifts. Sometimes this can be difficult. If you are having trouble finding friends to play FarmVille with you, or don't know where to begin, follow these tips.

  • FarmVille has a tab when adding friends where you can send a friend request to those that already play FarmVille. Only using that tab will minimize the annoying requests to your friends who don't want them.
  • Go to the Zynga Forums and register. You can go to the FarmVille forum section and post a thread requesting friends. Post your Facebook URL along with the post and people will send you friend request. You can even put the friends in a special group so you don't get them confused with your real friends.
  • Use common courtesy when sending FarmVille friend requests. Some people get really annoyed with getting so many game requests. Send them sparingly.

Sending gifts is a great way to be a great FarmVille friend.
Sending gifts is a great way to be a great FarmVille friend. | Source

Being a Good FarmVille Friend

In order to succeed in FarmVille you not only have to have a lot of friends, but you have to be a good friend too. Being a good friend is easy and should be practiced at all times while playing FarmVille since friends are a great asset to have.

  • Send gifts daily. The more gifts you send, the more you'll get back. These gifts can be used to help build your farm.
  • Visit your neighbor's farms daily. Help out around their farm and you'll get help back. This will help minimize the time it takes to maintain your farm. This is especially helpful when you are higher level.
  • Scroll through your game feed and click on your friends posts regarding FarmVille. This will help them with their farm. Be sure to like and comment the post saying you helped. They will remember your help and you'll get a reward from the game too.

Keep up with your farm to be successful!
Keep up with your farm to be successful! | Source

Succeed in FarmVille with Diligence

Being diligent is another great tool for succeeding in FarmVille. FarmVille is all about time. Growing crops, raising animals, growing all takes time. Being aware of how much time something takes is very important. Your crops will wither if you take too long to harvest it. Your crops will start to wither in 2.5 times the growth time.

Example: Cotton takes 12 hours to grow x 2.5 = 30 hours to wither.

Cotton grow time = 12 hours
Cotton ripeness time = 12 hours
Cotton wither period = 6 hours

During the wither period, your crops will wither at random times.

If you let your crops wither, you will lose out on money and experience. As such, it is important to keep up with your crops.

Also keep track of when your animals and trees are ready to be harvested. The sooner you harvest them (they do not wither) the faster you'll be able to gain more money.

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If you have the money and don't have the time, you can always buy FarmVille cash to shorten times and gain items you would normally need friends for. This obviously gets you to success faster but I don't suggest it (unless you do have the money).

Good luck on your endeavor to succeeding! Like I said earlier, FarmVille is a very fun game, but it does take a lot of patience and time to reach the higher levels. Keep at it and you'll get there.


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