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How to Survive Against Players and Zombies in F3RULLO14's Crafting Dead. (Minecraft)

Updated on July 1, 2016

Stuff you should already know:

If you haven't installed Minecraft, then install it from here: You must have a Minecraft account to proceed.

If you haven't downloaded Crafting Dead, then install the Technic Launcher from here: Search for Crafting Dead Aftermath and install it. You must have Technic Launcher to proceed.

If you have no knowledge of Minecraft servers and their environment, then find an article explaining them. Do not proceed, as you may be confused.

If you have no knowledge of Minecraft, don't bother even reading this.

Let's Start

You've downloaded the modpack and spawned in the server lobby of Crafting Dead. (I use Somerset 1, but any server will work for this.). You run out of the lobby, go searching around for some loot, and get #rekt by an experienced group of players wearing Space Suits and carrying AWPs and Miniguns. Oh, I forgot the zombies. They seem to spawn everywhere, do a hefty amount of damage (1 1/2 hearts), and they have the ability to infect you and make you bleed! More on that later. Now, let's get you some items for free! Guns, food, water, and essential things you will need are just around the corner. All you need to do is type exactly this: /kit starter. Voila Monsieur et Madam! You've just gotten yourself a kit! It contains the things you will need to continue in this gruesome world. First thing you need to do with the kit is equip the M1911 and press R to load the gun with its magazine. Then, throw away the bunny ears in your inventory. Wearing those makes you look like a noob. At the same time, put your backpack into the middle slot in your inventory. You'll need it to store extra stuff. Now you're ready to move!


So you've made it out of spawn. You're standing on a beach, and you can't seem to find signs of people except for some dead bodies with nothing in them. Great! If you orient yourself towards the inland and keep walking, chances are you will find a forest, a road, or buildings. This is the exact place you want to be. Forests contain hiding players and lead to roads, roads lead to buildings, and buildings contain LOOT! So you are in the forest. First thing you should do is chow down on your apple so that your food and hydration levels are up. And if you see a player, just run. You shouldn't focus on killing until you have a better gun. Now if you keep walking soon you should come upon a road. If you find buildings, skip to that section. Roads are very helpful, and you may meet some inexperienced players walking along the side. Say hi in chat, and they might give you some items, or even team with you! (Beware, most teamers are backstabbers in this world, so once he trusts you enough, skip to the fight section of this article.) So once you continue along that road and find buildings, the fun begins. Because you just started, you have to pick up any and all things that you come across lying on the floor. Any melee weapons that you can find will be extremely helpful. Press x on your baseball bat with nails that you have from earlier and it will holster itself on your body, so it doesn't take up much space (this is only if you have a better melee weapon). Once you've scavenged enough that you can't hold anymore, RUN out of the building fast so you don't end up dead (people have the same idea as you). And you can put excess things in your backpack by pressing B.

Don't end up like him!



You're walking down a road, minding your own business, but then you hear gunshots. Three players run at you and fire their weapons at you. You fire back and manage to kill one, but you end up bleeding out. You could have avoided death if you followed these steps:

1. Always wear your most intimidating set of armor. If you do, people won't try to attack you as much.

2. If you have a paint can and a compatible gun, paint it. An M4A1 Cyrex looks way more intimidating than an unpainted version.

3. If you're walking along a road, make sure there are no forests in your render view. Forests mean cover, and soon people will shoot at you from all sides.

4. Show off your guns by shooting zombies. People watching will see you and say, "Whoa! That guy can shoot hard!" That will make people not want to attack.

5. Leave dead bodies alone. Don't destroy dead bodies. With dead around you, people will think you killed them all and leave you alone.

6. Unless you have high-level gear, stay away from airbases and large cities. People could find and kill you very easily.

7. Don't attack players that are a Mercenary or above. They have /near, and /back. They will run back and attack you.

8. Don't attack groups of 3 or above. You're most likely to be killed.

Now for some combat techniques

If you have grenades, throw them only when the enemy is in a tight space. That will increase the damage done. Strafe the opponent, and remember to reload if there are many enemies around. And, if you have high reflexes, you can probably sit out in the open and just wait for everyone to come to you. But if you are a sniper, then do this: First, find a high building. Climb to the top and close the doors behind you. That way, if someone is trying to go up, you will hear them open all the doors and you can react accordingly. Even though it is hard to see a guy on the roof, move around frequently as to reduce opponent accuracy. If a person is coming up, don't panic. Just throw a few smoke grenades into the area the person is in, and fire at the entrance. You will defeat him in no time.

Having a base makes it easy to snipe unsuspecting players!
Having a base makes it easy to snipe unsuspecting players! | Source


So you've scavenged lots of loot, killed lots of players, and done completely random things, but then you realize that your inventory is full of extremely good loot. While you're looking at all of the things you have some guy comes along and kills you! I'll bet you're raging at him. Let's make sure that never happens by building a base! "What! You can edit the world?" you say. Yes, you can. First, you need to find blank blueprints and a blueprint recipe book. You can usually find them on dead players or in buildings. Then, make sure you are using an axe (Fireman's or Hatchet) and cut down some wood from a tree nearby. Aim to get 64 split logs. Then take out a Miner's Pickaxe and find some stone to cut into. Get 64 pebbles. Now craft a base blueprint by following the blueprint recipe book's directions. Go to a clear area, away from buildings, and place down your base! Now with your remaining materials craft wooden/stone walls, platforms, and a door. Place those down like you would normally build a house. If you have things left over, build barbed wire and place it one block away from your door, so any zombies that follow you will get stuck and die. Go back and get some more resources, and then build 2 chests so you can store your stuff. That's all you really need to do to have a good base!


Thank you for viewing this article. I really enjoyed writing it. By this time, you should be a pro like me! Maybe you can even join my clan, ETP. Sayonara!


5 stars for Crafting Dead Aftermath

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