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How to Sync XBox 360 Wireless Controllers

Updated on June 17, 2011

Wireless Controllers Are Becoming Commonplace

These days, wired xbox game controllers have almost become an obsolete gaming feature. The majority of gaming controllers nowadays work with airwaves to connect remotely as far away as thirty feet from your gaming system. This eliminates the problems with tripping over cords, unsightly cords everywhere, and pets or babies getting hurt on the cords.

Just like all sorts of nifty, useful new gadgets, there usually seem to be unfavorable issues which occur, along with the innovative advantages.

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When Do I Need to Sync a Wireless Controller?

Regarding wireless controllers the most significant problem is actually syncing your gaming controller to the Xbox 360 system. A person might have to sync a wireless controller whenever buying a different controller, changing the batteries, or perhaps when you have synced your own wireless controllers with a buddy's Xbox 360 game console.

How to Tell If You Need to Sync an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

It's easy to tell if your Xbox 360 wireless controller isn't synced properly. Using the Xbox 360 console, the actual band of lighting in the center of your controller will illuminate and keep on circling, never halting within one particular position if a wireless controller isn't synced. Whenever the controller does this, this indicates you need to sync it together with your Xbox system again. Thankfully syncing the wireless controller is simpler than it may seem at first.

How to Sync XBox 360 Wireless Controllers

To start with, be sure you have started up the Xbox 360 gaming console. Next, switch on your specific Xbox 360 controller you need to connect to the system. Then push the connect switch on your system. It is often positioned near the memory card slots at the front of your gaming system. After the connect button is pushed on your gaming system, press the connect button situated on the rear of the actual wireless controller right over the battery compartment.

That's all there is to it! A green light in the front of your Xbox 360 wireless controller ought to rotate and then rest at one of four locations within the circle and remain illuminated.

Sometimes this does not succeed. If that's the case, do it once more, as occasionally it may be somewhat fussy and take a couple of tries to stick.

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      Billy 5 years ago

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