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How to Win Infection On Halo Reach

Updated on January 12, 2011

Zombies vs. Shotguns

Tips for Winning Infection

Playing Infection on Halo Reach Matchmaking could be described as a game type on Halo Reach in which humans have a pistol and a shotgun and the zombies have swords along with a sneak perk that allows them to move quickly. So essentially its swords vs. shotguns. Once a zombie infects a human, he has become infected and will switch to a sword. There are no grenades allowed in infection matches which means that humans cannot use grenades to kill zombies.  Zombies are quicker than you think so keep your eyes open around the corners.  If you play on XBOX Live you may also like to check out this article, which tells you how to earn 250 free Microsoft points simply by confirming your email address. 

How to Win Infection

If you are a human with a shotgun and pistol, its best to stay in an area that is wide open so that you have a good view of any enemies that are nearby. Zombies are very sneaky and can turn corners at a moments notice. For this reason, try to choose an area that puts you in an elevated position or an area that is wide open so that you have time to shoot the zombie as he comes to attack. Also, if you find yourself in a situation where you are not in the open, try to use corners around doors or walls. This will allow you to shoot the zombie as he turns the corner and it will make it much harder for the zombie to use his sword at first site, furthermore the zombie is more likely to miss when swinging the sword because it will take more time for him to aim the cross hairs.

As a zombie in infection, you want to avoid areas that are wide open, and use the sneak perk as much as possible so that you are fast and stealthy. Hiding around corners is also a good idea, but moving around the level using the sneak power up is your most valuable asset as it allows you to be stealthy and it adds the element of surprise. Its much harder to hit a zombie at a long distance when the sneak power up is being used because they move so fast. For best results as a zombie, use stealth and if necessary attack in groups at different angles. This will leave the last remaining human overwhelmed and it will be very hard for him to survive until the end of the zombie match.

How to Dodge A Sword Attack in Infection

To dodge a sword attack in infection its important to use corners, walls and doors.  Its a good idea to wait around these sharp corners because its very difficult for a zombie to maneuver through and still be ready to attack at a moments notice.  Furthermore, the shotgun can react much faster than the new swords that are used in Halo Reach.  So the second that zombie turns a corner, get ready to shoot him with the shotgun before he swings his sword or before he gets a lock on you.  The pistol can be your best friend in zombies because it does a great job of preventing the zombies from getting too close.  Furthermore, you can easily kill a zombie at long distances with a pistol if you get a headshot.

Hopefully you find this Infection Guide helpful and if you have anymore tips to add in the comments area, feel free to share them!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      nice guide but stay in places so u only see forward and add camping spots etc

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good Article, I wrote one also about the infection tips and camping spots. You should discuss camping spots as well.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am Halo obsessed. Thanks for the tips, I am excited to try them. Good article great information!

    • profile image

      Halo god 

      9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. I also noticed that it's harder for swords to target enemies around sharp corners


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