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How to Win a QWOP Game

Updated on September 30, 2015

How to Win a QWOP Game

Most people think about the Olympics when they hear the words QWOP game. But what people do not know about QWOP is that it actually refers to a name of a person, an aspiring runner to be in fact. QWOP became famous and his cult began to create a game in honor of his determination. The game that was created became known as the QWOP Game. Now, how do we win a QWOP game?

In order to beat this game, you must first know how this game came to be and who the inspiration for the game was. With this knowledge, you will be inspired and somehow learn how to persevere to win the game. QWOP is a South African runner who, even though has very low IQ, is not qualified for the Special Olympics. In fact, his IQ is so low that it levels the IQ of a 2 year old child or a rat. But QWOP is a very determined person and refused to sit on a wheelchair even though he does not have full control over his motor skills. QWOP cannot run more than 5 meters without falling over but is very persistent to run. Over the years, QWOP has gained admirers due to his persistence and determination in life.

With the growing number of fans of QWOP, some QWOP fanatics decided that they will honor the inspiration of QWOP by making a game. The game, QWOP Game, was made originally for the use of personal computers. However, there have been rumors circulating around the online world that developers will try to adapt the QWOP game for Ios devices including the Apple Ipod Touch and the Apple Iphone. QWOP game is a simulation of an Olympic running competition where only the keys Q, W, O, and P can be used. The letters, the letters of the name QWOP, are the only keys that the simulation would accept in order to control your character. Q and W are used to control the character’s thigh and the letters O and P to control the calves. You only need to control the lower part of the body since QWOP is a running or a marathon game and not a multiaction game powerhouse.

In order for you to win the battle in QWOP, you should have the proper strategy and good hand-eye coordination. However, if you are still a beginner in this game but do want to win immediately to impress the one you wanted to impress or for self-satisfaction, here is a simple guide that will help you win the gold. When your game starts, start tapping O in order for the character to lean forward and gain a good start. Then, hold P and Q together when he leans a bit forward in order for him to take a step. Once the foot is coming down, press O and W together to make him do another step and repeat this process several times and make sure to make the right timing in order for your character to keep leaning forward and gain more momentum. Follow the tips and you are a sure win in the game.

Yes QWOP game is only a game; but winning, no matter where, is always a good feeling.

QWOP Jump 101.7M


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    • profile image

      QWOP Strategy Guide 6 years ago

      I am totally addicted to this game, despite how badly I fail! The furthest I've gotten is about 25 metres using some crazy knee-walk :P but hopefully this will take me to the finsih line!

      Great article and voted up!! :D