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How to be a video game tester, no scams, no pay sites...the real info!

Updated on December 31, 2007

The real deal

When I first scanned the internet I was surprised of the number of scams, marketing bs and junk there was about "how to be a video game tester". It's so unrealistic what you find on half of these internet sites. I'm going to tell you from my experience as well as my girlfriends since we both are video game testers, of how to break into the world of video game testing.

First of all...let me state this: Playing video games and testing video games is TWO differnet things. Just because you like playing games all day at home, doesn't mean you'd be a good video game tester. If you're under 18, or not about to turn 18 within the next 3 months...don't bother applying. Testers work a lot of overtime, which underage kids can't do. The hours are usually insane, either extrememly early in the morning or in the middle of the night and with minor laws the companies won't hire you, since overtime is usually mandatory. I'm talking 12-15 hour days, no joke! But the paycheck is good!

1. Stop being scammed! NEVER EVER pay to get a job! If you have to pay for anything, it's a scam. 99.9% of home jobs are a scam. Don't fall for it! I'm not going to say all, but most video game testing jobs require you to go to the site to work. Occasionally, the job may let you work from home, say you're too sick to come in or have an emergency at home. And they will give you everything you need to set you up at home, but strictly at home testing jobs are more than likely a scam.

2. How to find REAL game testing jobs. It's a lot easier than you think to find a game testing job. Most game testing jobs can amazingly be found right on craigslist. No joke. Just search up Game Tester, or QA Game Tester, or even QA Tester. (But a lot of jobs for QA Testers come up for software testing) or even just search up video games, you'll get a lot of results. Go to and look up video game companies in your area, most companies have job listings right on their sites. Even if they don't post for testing jobs, just send them an e-mail anyway.

3. Metro areas. I hate to say it but if you live in the middle of nowhere, most likely you're not going to find a video game testing job. Small metro areas like Raleigh, North Carolina are slowly coming up. Me and my girlfriend both worked over there. But most of the jobs are around high metro areas.

4. Playing games and testing games is NOT the same. Most gamers think being a video game tester is the coolest job you can ever have. LOL! I laugh...if you think being a tester is that much fun then you really need to do you're research. I admitt it can be one of the coolest jobs ever. There's no dress code, you can listen to your ipod at work, not a lot of rules, you get to play video games, you get to go to conventions like E3...but when deadlines hit and it's crunch time over time is not an option, be prepared to give away those weekends. The paycheck will be good but you're free time will be shot! Plus playing the same level for 8 hours looking for bugs can drive you up the wall, to the point you think you're head is going to spin. It can get pretty boring at times. But what job can't?

5. Have an off the hook resume and cover letter! There are so many unqualified people who apply just because they think they are a gamer that they will be hired. NOT! There is a lot of technical writing and software use that comes to being a video game tester. It's an entry level job and they are hoping to promote you. Most people who come in as testers do not stay testers, they eventually move up. So, get a good resume and cover letter.

6. Go to school. Making video games is NOT easy, so you better either be in school or already graduated. They do not like to hire testers who are not either a student or attended college. For the same reason I said above, they are trying to constantly move the talent up. Promotion is everywhere and opportunities are endless. Many people go from testers to artists or programmers, so look into a good school and if you're serious about games then go to school for it. Testing is more than a job, it's an entry level to a career.

7. Contracts and staffing firms. Most likely if you get hired to a testing job you will not be officially working for that company, you'll be hired under a staffing firm, or you'll have a contract with the company. A lot of testing jobs are temp to hire, or just temp. Don't be scared of the word temp. Take it anyway!!! The experience is priceless and if you can manage to get ONE job as a game tester another company will hire you later. They look for experienced game testers and will over more pay. Most contract are in between 6 months to a year, after that year the company will review you're work and either hire you onto their company permanently or let you go. Don't be scared of a contract job, fear will hold you back.

8. Mobile testing jobs. Not all companies work on consoles. There are also testing jobs for games on mobile phones. Like Namco and EA have a mobile line of video games as well. It's becoming a big market and if you can usually land a job in the mobile market easier than a console job, that's what I did. Get that experience then you can move to a console company.

9. Be prepared to stand out. Like I said time and time again, they are looking to promote you, so you need to prove to them why they should hire you. Be prepared to answer crazy questions in interviews and you better know video games, movies and might even have to sing karaoke for the interview. lol. I'm completely serious. But always remember as much fun as job may sound, it's a billion dollar industry and the people are very serious. So, don't cross the borders thinking just because it's laid back you can act like how you do with your friends.

And with that all said...go find a job....and go to games are here to stay, it's a great industry. I never thought I would love going to school and going to work, but I do!

If you have a question about video game testing jobs, email me and I'll respond back to you in a timely manner. If you'd like to share you're question with everyone then let me know and I'll publish as one of my next Hubs. Thanks for reading everyone! :) ~Miss Tee


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    • profile image

      wanbe 10 months ago

      Thanks for your information. I saw a lot of information that can really help me.

    • FoxxMediaUK profile image

      FoxxMediaUK 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Gaming tester jobs are not easy to find but normally a Google or Bing search can help.

      You could try out and they give a 60 days money back guarantee when you register as a member.

    • profile image

      Reev 3 years ago

      Can you give me some webistes of company's that i can try out. I wanna be a game tester very badly :D

      And also i like to know that are they're game testing jobs in Europe?

      I live in Hungary so i was just wondering :D

    • profile image

      Hunter Hoover 3 years ago

      I'm in Charlotte NC I'm 18 and want to test games or in that area, can someone please help

    • profile image

      Hunter Hoover 3 years ago

      I'm in Charlotte NC I'm 18 and want to test games or in that area, can someone please help

    • profile image

      DeadPoolPlayer 3 years ago

      Hey I'm 15 almost 16 and wondering how I can become a better gamer

    • profile image

      Danilo Marsenic 4 years ago

      I am from Serbia and have been looking for a game testing job for some time. What I am actually worried about is a slim chance for getting a job in this industry without having to move from couch (not to mention moving abroad) because for me, as a student with some time to spare, working from home is only viable option. I'm 25 now and, with roughly 18 years of gaming experince on various consoles from comodore, sega, nintendo, ps1,2,3 to pc, I find myself capable of being game tester despite being one is, as you have said, a lot different than just being an addictive player. Having all that said, here comes my main question: Should I pursue this "dream" of mine and continue looking for a QA game tester job or my chances are, bearing in mind all that I have said, slim to none? And if I should, what is the right way to do it? I thank you in advance for any help, because I do not know anyone in this line of work so it is hard for me to even get some information beside these on forums and various, mostly scam sites. I would be very gratefull for any information you can provide. My email is Thank you once again.

    • profile image

      John 4 years ago

      Good article.

      It's rare to see accurate info on the topic.

      Try too, it's one of the very few genuine sites on the topic.

    • profile image

      Austin Evans 4 years ago

      I am kind of curious as to how I would actually get started in finding applications to apply for game testing jobs. I have always wanted to be a game tester. And I wouldn't mind working hours on in. But i don't know where i would start. I found no game jobs available on any of 2 sites you suggested. And what type of degree would i have to get? Also is it possible to work at home. I lost a lot of my valuables and have no form of transportation. So please message me as soon as possible at

    • profile image

      kheano 4 years ago

      your games are kak

    • Greensmith8979 profile image

      Greensmith8979 5 years ago

      If you have to pay for anything, it's a scam. 99.9% of home jobs are a scam.

    • profile image

      Steven Mc 5 years ago

      "what degree would you recommend for this kind of job? I was looking at an associate's/bachelors of Computer Science"

      sorry for double posting. here is my email=

    • profile image

      Steven Mc 5 years ago

      what degree would you recommend for this kind of job? I was looking at an associate's/bachelors of Computer Science

    • profile image

      Zeloshox 5 years ago

      Hey, I was wondering how you apply for this sort of testing job. I am a student in college and would like to know. Thanks,


    • profile image

      Stephanie 6 years ago

      Thx a lot. I'm researching this industry for my son. He is 10 and for the past 4 years he ihas said how he is going to be a video game tester/developer. since I can clearly see he is serious. I wanted to know as much info as possible to get him prepared. Thx again

    • profile image

      lockit101 6 years ago

      ok so becoming a game tester is a lot of work...but i was wonder if u could help me 15 i got alot of pc game experience..i also have a bit of ps2 experience i dont own an x-box or ps3 but i adapt quickly..i know its too soon to start looking at stuff like this at my age but i really want to become a tester for a big company like EA,Activision,Rockstar games..but i live in south africa and i know there aernt companies here that make i ws wondering if you could tell me maybe what the chances are for me becoming a me

    • profile image

      rocklin 6 years ago

      ty for the hub. I was wondering what companies in tacoma, wa hire game testers. What are the best schools online. please send information

    • profile image

      Optimus Prime 6 years ago

      You don't have to go to school to become a game tester. "The Truth" is right - it's all about WHO you know more than WHAT you know. I know several people who started off game testing and now have jobs in 3D Animation/Physics of Motion/etc. at large companies (e.g., Dreamworks). They don't only work on games, but also movies and the sort.

      You CAN work from home, but a lot of times there are certain meetings that would be mandatory to attend. So if you don't live near the company, you don't have much of a chance at getting the job.

      Also, grammar is extremely important in this line of work -- moreso than most people think. Video game testing requires full, detailed reports.. and you need to be great at explaining things clearly and positively.

      Don't get me wrong, it CAN be a great job.

      But it is more difficult than people think to continue finding work. Most people don't realise that some testing jobs are temporary, meaning work would only last up to six months if one is lucky. That means that as soon as you start on one project, you should definitely start looking for your next job.

      It's just a tough business. Requires a ton of passion, patience, and determination. It also helps if you're easily entertained! :P

      Good luck to anyone who tries this out.

    • profile image

      srikanth 6 years ago

      there is any game tester jobs in india

      if there pls tell me this is my e-mail id ;

    • profile image

      mjsapp 6 years ago from Arizona

      You said that you love working and going to school....where are/did you go to school, and would your recommend your school to others trying to get into the profession? Many thanks in advance for your help.

    • onlinecashdigest profile image

      onlinecashdigest 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Great info....I almost got scammed before...but I really don't like paying in order to earn...its counter intuitive...but your hub set the record straight, coming from a real game tester.

      Thumbs up for your hub!

    • profile image

      milan 6 years ago

      i am frm india if any chance for me 4 game tester coz i live in india...

    • profile image

      Sara 6 years ago

      I've just started as a game tester.The first few games that they gave me for testing were hidden object games. If you want to check my work you can see this page .

    • profile image

      Cadaveration 6 years ago

      Finding a job for game testing in south-africa isn't something to look upon lightly. Ive been looking for a job in game testing for a very long time now but most sites are ether a skam or a waste of time. If anyone can help me email me at Any and all help will be apreciated tnx.

    • profile image

      Kamal Singh 6 years ago

      Get a video game tester job. Email me at

    • profile image

      DOwn4Love 6 years ago

      Hi erm, I want to apply for this but every site seems fake or out of date... Can sum1 please send me an email to including a link to a site where I can apply for game testing :D

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Hi there I am john i live in south africa you said testing and playin not the same what exactly do you mean by that and how can i improve myself to see more to the games. Or what mentallity should I have when testing a game. Please help me out I don't want to go out and make a fool of myself. If you guys can give me some pointers please I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time

    • profile image

      gamerboy 6 years ago

      hay i am 13 and trying to learn as much as i can about this cuz i am a big gamer and i want too learn more befor i spend to wast to much time

    • profile image

      joe 6 years ago

      what is your email that we can emal you at?

    • profile image

      lulx 6 years ago

      Technical writing, eh? The grammar and diction in this article suggest otherwise.

    • profile image

      Phelan O Marshall 6 years ago

      Hi Tiana,

      Video gaming is a intense hobby of mine. I read the (4. Playing games and testing games is NOT the same.) I already thought this might be the case and agree. I do this naturally already. I am into RPGs, third and first person shooters, and racing games; and I will spend hours going back over levels or areas on maps that I think could be better. Looking for new ways to approach situations and very glitch sensitive. I have a detective type mind and not easily bored. But I do not have tech. experience or resumes in this area. So how do I get a chance with only a mad desire for dissecting video games?

      Hope you can help me,


    • j-u-i-c-e profile image

      j-u-i-c-e 6 years ago from Waterloo, On

      A great hub and still relevant 3 years later. This is the real deal. Kudos.

    • profile image

      nelson 6 years ago

      look i have 20 years i play since 5, megadrive 1, 2, sega saturn, dream cast´playstation 1, 2, 3 xbox and my nunber one xbox 360,i have finish more than 300 games belive it or not, i have work on a vidiogame store for 3 years, i would like to be a game tester cuz even without knowing englis with ten years old i was already finish games like silent hill and resident evil, cuz i exprore every detail of a game and type every info that i think i could use after, and above all aprisciate the game, if you have any ideas of how can i get a job like that pm for

    • profile image

      uyguyhu 6 years ago


    • mackyxx profile image

      mackyxx 6 years ago

      Hmm on the other hand mix buisness and pleasure to make sure that the games evolve and get better and better.

      Playing games has very little to do with it. But get qualified in the field. Check out train2game for courses and experience.

    • profile image

      boo 6 years ago

      i have done my school nd college nd currently doing engneerinng am in 4th semester of electronics eng but i am lately feeling eng is not the feild for me i have been crazy about games since i was a kid and am a core gamer capable for gaming 2 straight days continously curently playing dota hon wow and lol(leaugh of legends) i play at a very high lvl does this help me in becoming a game tester and also recived my education under scince stream plz sugest me ur oppenion to be a QA

    • profile image

      Caesar 6 years ago

      I like how you mention that you should never pay for a game testing job. Too many people I know have been conned into paying for 'jobs' that don't even exist.

      The other thing about video game testing is that this 'dream job' is actually nowhere near as much fun as you might initially think. Sure, it sounds great, but you need to remember that you are going to be paid to play unfinished works-in-progress. If you are the kind of person who gets annoyed by little glitches in finished release games, you will HATE game testing. Also, because it is a job you can't just put down the controller whenever. You have to finish your work.

      As always, don't mix business with pleasure :)


      Caesar - webmaster of

    • profile image

      Nikki 6 years ago

      Hi! My name is Nikki.

      And I wanted to ask something about becoming a Video Game Tester,

      I'm currently 14 and I always wanted to know things about becoming a tester.

      Now, I do realize that It may not be a job that is easy to get and easy to do.

      It was just one of the answers to my friends question when they ask me "What do you wanna be when you grow up?" So, I decided to search the internet and discovered this website.

      I wanted to ask how old you gotta be and also, how you can apply for this job.

      I'm very interested because, I believe this one of the jobs I'll be very passionate about :).

      Since I LOVE video games, I wouldn't say I am hardcore gamer,because there are some games I find challenging like anyone else. But, At the same time I believe there are games that I excel in.

      Thank you for listening and I hope you reply ASAP :).

      I really do appreciate it.

      ---From your curious friend,Nikki :).

    • profile image

      Sean-Zain 6 years ago

      Plz send me your email id like to ask you what to put in my cover letter and resume

    • jon227 profile image

      jon227 6 years ago

      Nice Hub. Thanks for the info. My oldest has been into vidoe games since I placed a N64 controller in his hands at the age of 2 1/2 LOL! I grew up playing vids tbh. & it seems since that day my son started playing he has always wanted to do something related with video games.

      Its amazing how far the gaming industry has come since I was my sons age. Now while your young & in school if gaming is something you want to do as a career, there are many places to go,learn what you need & get into that field.

      My son starts high school tomorrow. In about 6hrs (& yeah .. makes me feel old lol) & his first class of the morning ... Video Game Development. So thanks again for the info given. & here is to my son & others who are starting/or in school to study what drives their dreams. :)

    • profile image

      Ryan Miller 6 years ago

      What you bast time you think about come a tester

      i want become a gamer tester so bad but i in school at EPHS 12 and i am 19 year old i want to know about game tester

    • Kevin Butler 235 profile image

      Kevin Butler 235 6 years ago

      Hi, I am a 11-year old boy who loves to play video games. I want to make money off playing video games. My mom is not a very big fan of video games but me and my dad are very immpresive game players. I have a PSP system and would like to become a professional game tester. Would you be able to give me any information on that? Like what is the age requirments to be a game tester? Any information would be very appreciated by me.

    • profile image

      corey 6 years ago

      how old do you have to and do you have a resumé???

    • jeremytorres profile image

      jeremytorres 6 years ago

      Very interesting hub.

    • profile image

      Marco D'Urbano 7 years ago

      I am a high school student and I sent an online application to Ubisoft. Do I have a decent shot of getting employed?

    • profile image

      Glen 7 years ago

      can you please help me get a job as a video game tester in south africa if you do im willing to pay you

    • profile image

      Wayne Sheppard 7 years ago

      good post thanks for the information

    • profile image

      affordable video production 7 years ago

      Awesome hub very informative keep posting thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Anchal Swarnkar 7 years ago

      Very interesting and helpful as well. Thanks a lot...

    • profile image

      Ferrin Shepard 7 years ago

      If you want some real experience you can use that is realistic, go to . You can get real training and learn how to find bugs and test games which you can use when you apply for a real game testing job that isn't one of those fake, scammy ones.

    • profile image

      Patrick 7 years ago

      i got the same question as about in colorado?

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      Are there any companies like this in south africa if any one know please let me know

    • profile image

      Dime 7 years ago

      Video game schools are a joke if you are attending to get some type of degree or certification in game testing (certifications should be obtained on-line for minimal cost). If you want to make games; write code, become an artist or a designer, you are going to need some schooling and most of the time a portfolio. I have been testing games for nearly 5 years now, in Seattle and everything posted is very accurate. Some good things to add to your resumes are things that you have spent a long time participating in: if you are married, military experience. Both of these show commitments and company's love to see commitments have have been fulfilled. Even sports (put these things down at the bottom under an INTEREST header), but specifically stress the 'team sports' genre. If you don't know what to go to school for, or there isn't a local school that has any beneficial classes, then either take online classes or get some books from the library on Excel and other Office programs. Try learning some basic code, C++ C# and even Flash (this is used a lot even on consoles, mainly for UI and HUD).

    • profile image

      kle 7 years ago


    • profile image

      The Truth 7 years ago

      You don't need schooling to be a game tester. The industry is about who you know, not what you know. All the big companies have idiots that have no business being there and the video game industry has become less about creativity and more about making a buck. Video game schools are a joke and are nothing but money pits.

    • profile image

      Zerrick 7 years ago

      How u doin? I wanted to know if I'm able to get a game tester job because I'm 19 and in college

      in Atlanta area... If u could help me my email is

    • profile image

      jessie 7 years ago

      hey this is jessie again and rember that my email adress is so um email me

    • profile image

      jessie 7 years ago

      hey this is the third time ive been saying this but i REALLY want to test video games. ok here is the problem. im only 13. so um i love video games and i love money so can someone get me a job. email me at

    • profile image

      Thesnowman 7 years ago

      hey i was wondering if i could get an interview from you its for a class i am taking and gaming is my passion so comment me back please

    • profile image

      branden  7 years ago

      i want to know is i could get a job as a video game tester even if i am 13.

    • profile image

      Tumba 7 years ago

      Hi my name is j.t ive been playing games seens the age of 8 games my thing ive got a lot of passion for gaming. Ive recently finished school. Nd nw ive been searching nd searching for jobs as a game tester haven't fond anything if u could help me wit anything espeically a company which hire game testers in south africa (thats where i stay) i would really apreciate it thank u my email address is

    • profile image

      Bradley Prince 7 years ago

      I have been doing computer courses at Boston College but my dream is to become a game tester. I would really appreciate any help with contacts that I can get hold of to help me in my career. My e-mail address is This is what I have always wanted to do, please help.

    • profile image

      Crazy Ace 7 years ago

      I have been looking and trying to be a game tester for awhile now I'm just really confused what school do i go to? Do i have to go to school to get the job or could i get the job and then go to school? Could you please email me when ever you get the chance.

      Thank you for your time

    • profile image

      Crazy Ace 7 years ago

      I have been looking and trying to be a game tester for awhile now I'm just really confused what school do i go to? Do i have to go to school to get the job or could i get the job and then go to school? Could you please email me when ever you get the chance.

      Thank you for your time

    • profile image

      Kyle Hoeniger 7 years ago

      I really want to become a video game tester soooo badly but i dont even know how to start. I hate school but maybe going to school to being a game tester would be fun? I really would like to talk to you. Please e-mail me at

    • profile image

      Thomas Hawkins 7 years ago

      Hello thank you very much for your information on this job. I too live in Raleigh and would really like to get into this. I am currently going to school for multimedia design. Please get back with me. Thank you

    • profile image

      chris19192 7 years ago

      Hello my name is Christian and i have been doing some research on game testing. I really found this to be the most helpful out of every where else ive gone to. But i have a question right know i will be going to a community college in CT for a year and then transfering to an Art School in Las Vegas so i have no knowledge on righting programs or any animation so i was wondering how would that affect my chances on getting hired as a game tester.

      My email is so it would be very helpful if you answerd my question.

      Thank You for going over my question Hope you answer back if you can.

    • profile image

      Wallace 7 years ago

      Don't know if you're still responding to this posting but I was hoping to get a chance to talk to you about some specifics of how to be and being a game tester. Also what companies are best to look at for first time tester?

      If you have a chance please get back to me at

      Also if it helps im located in the cities in Minnesota

    • profile image

      C.O. 7 years ago

      You forgot something really important. Good grammar! Being able to find bugs isn't enough, you need to be able to tell the developers/programmers how to easily reproduce them so that they can be fixed.

      If you mix up "you're" with "your" or god forbid insist on using "ur" this is not the job for you.

      Oh, and start looking for bugs in the games you already own. Practice writing how to get them in a way that would let someone who's never played the game before find said bugs. It'll only help you in the end.

      One other bit of advice...if you're lucky enough to make it to the interview and get asked to how to use a mundane object (I got a toothbrush) do NOT give a smart-assed answer. Actually describe how to use it.

    • Leopenguin037 profile image

      Leopenguin037 7 years ago from Dallas

      Thank you so much for this info!! Im tired of these game tester scam sites as well. What courses do you recommend taking?

    • profile image

      chandana 7 years ago


      very nice job done by you. can you mail me the pay out details and do you suggest me working online from india.not only a game tesitng anything that is genuine. hope you mail to my address

    • profile image

      hugo 7 years ago

      who can i contact to become a game tester in south africa mail

    • profile image

      Eddie 7 years ago

      Hey been playing games since i was 10, turning 18 soon, about to finish high School, I like in Canada and I was wondering if you could help me at all? Direct me in some way and tell me how to contact these people. If you could email me at

    • profile image

      hotfzz 7 years ago

      wat a bunch of bs

    • profile image

      Anthony 8 years ago

      i just wanna play games and get paid all these sites are scams free is NEVER free and when it not free its freak expensive im gonna just finish my school go to church do Gods will and pray and ask God to help me have a decent living.

    • profile image

      Milind kadam 8 years ago


      I am in game ind. sence 1.5 years, i would like to get some game testing projects on Mobiles at home basis. Can you help?

    • profile image

      Bill 8 years ago

      I was also thinking of becoming a game tester for a summer job. I also live in Raleigh N.C. I know epic studios is in raleigh/cary

    • profile image

      phoneoligist 8 years ago

      How do I email you with questions???

    • profile image

      Shayeanimate 8 years ago

      I am a 3D Modeler and looking to start game testing. I am in GA. I have looked on many sites for game tester and all I continue to see is buy this or that and we'll show you many listing of companies looking for testers example the game tester guide, national game tester, or elite game testers. I have yet to find anything can you please point me in the direction.

    • profile image

      Yasmine Serrano 8 years ago

      I am a 3D animator and my partner and I want to move to Canada. I am interested in video testing. Where is the best site to look....we want to live in west Canada.

      Thanks, have already been ripped off $35US on one of the job sites.

      Any advice would be appreciated.



    • profile image

      Wanlee 8 years ago

      Hi am a gamer since past 6 years now am not a student any more am in india and am really looking forward to work as a gamer for living very seriously ... i have played and completed many games in my time and am still exploring to finish and fulfill the developers imagination

      please contact me @ and let me know if there will be any scope for me

    • profile image

      Brian Weir 8 years ago

      ive been playing vidz since i was five i know what i want to do with the rest of my life, so please tell me where i need to aply or even point me in the right way please email me back -thank you-

    • profile image

      matt 8 years ago

      how can i get a game tester job at home asap thank you have a good day

    • profile image

      the best  8 years ago

      how can i get to be a game tester

    • Richard Cash profile image

      Richard Cash 8 years ago from East Longmeadow, MA

      Thanks for the information! I wish you'd write more hubs like this.

    • profile image

      gmpoint 8 years ago

      thanks miss_tiana,those are really nice info

    • profile image

      Utpal Jyoti Sut 8 years ago

      hi there

      i m utpal from india.

      i wanna be a game tester.

      i have been trying to find out ways to be a tester in india.

      due to lack of guide and info it's not happening.

      please tell me if there is a way to be a tester in india.

      can i work from home.

      i mean from india.

      can u please give me the reply in my mail ASAP.

      waiting ur guidance.


    • profile image

      geekmom 8 years ago

      I've worked with gaming companies since 1986 and your information is accurate. Those deadlines can be really stressful. I didn't see meetings listed though, depending on the company the meetings can be brutal if they have them.

    • profile image

      wordly 8 years ago

      I have bought become a game tester, its a good product overall, you can readmy review here =>>

    • profile image

      jeremy 8 years ago

      I just paid some money and got hooked right up, all the info was on

    • profile image

      chris 8 years ago

      i live in the midwest ang there are not any game tester companies here, is there any that let u work from home? or any componies that will hire to test at home? and if so can u point me in the right direction?

    • profile image

      jesse 9 years ago

      hi i am currently getting my GED and there is a game design/simulation class and i just want to know if i can get a job as a tester

    • profile image

      Defij 9 years ago

      I'm in India,Delhi and i've been looking for a game tester job for 1 whole month. Any suggestions. Cuz its beginning to suck

    • profile image

      sergio 9 years ago

      how old can you be to get the job can you 15 and still get the job for testing games

    • profile image

      paul 9 years ago

      whare in or close to VA can i get a game tester job is their any special requirments that i need

    • profile image

      Dominic 9 years ago

      Hey Miss_Tiana

      I'd just like to say gaming is my passion, the one thing that keeps me going in life and I have been trying for almost 4 years to get a testing job. The problem is that I live in Western Australia region and no matter how long and hard I look, I can't seem to find any jobs. So please can you help me in any way you can

      Kind Regards


    • Shartalyn profile image

      Shartalyn 9 years ago

      Great Info.

    • profile image

      Cee 9 years ago

      Hey what's up Miss Tee, Im from central Texas, bout an hour from Dallas, and two hours from Austin, Im currently attending my first semister in college for my associates in Web Design and Development, and my question is what do you think I should wait till after Ive graduated before I start applying for a game tester position or is there a possibility that I might get hired now eventhough my "game record" is as empty as my pockets? I've gotten a late start on living life and I just want to make sure my next 25 years on this Earth is better than the last.

      Thanks for your time and input. I really appreciate it...


      Um here is my email, because Im not sure how this whole "post" reply thing works so if you can contact me directly that would be a big help...

      Thanks again..

    • profile image

      Terry Reed 9 years ago

      Thanks so much for the article, Tiana! My 19-yr-old son had a pop-up appear while he was online studying, and he is convinced it is legit. I certainly am NOT! No reputable company would do any hiring from a bloody pop-up! And, as you say, and as I've pointed out to him: playing is not the same thing as testing. It's not ALL fun. However, if he chooes that direction for his career, then I would be more than willing to help cover expenses for him while in school, learning computer graphics and whatever else he will need. I certainly know that a high school diploma and a history of good gaming is NOT going to land him any kind of career in gaming. As you've said, it's a growing field and can only lead to success for anyone entering on the ground loor nowadays - with reputable companies that do NOT require some kinda scam upfront money and which DO require some education in computer sciences.THANKS!

    • profile image

      robert 9 years ago

      ok i am not the brites kid but i downt want to be doing something i hate, i will work as much as nessasery and hard but i at this piont i cant do eny thing wright know 17 and in 11th but working is for real is there eny thing i can do know maybe take a class or something i play games on consols like 360 should i expand you know take it to a deferent level and what,but its no joke to me if i am going to play something i am going to be good at it, is it like that do you have to be good to test and what are the time limits on theys deals i am scared that i'll do something i hate, you told me for real what's up, what i am trying to say is will it pay off no joke i want to feel human after i am done you know not a robot in a cubacleand if i dont exspand is there some way i could look for a job for testing for like microsoft and what do you thing i would have to have to get that kind of deal thank you for the help


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