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How to beat Orphan in Final Fantasy 13?

Updated on March 29, 2013

Orphan is the last story boss in Final Fantasy 13. At the first time you battle this one. It seems that you can't get a 5 star or even defeat this monster. Fighting him will really take your time. There's several methods to beat orphan but I'm going to tell you my own strategy on how to beat this boss. Orphan has two forms, I'm going to separate each strategy for every form.

Once you fight orphan you can just press start then select retry so you would be able to have access on menu. Make sure that you have equipped your best weapons and accessories. Don't forget to consume all your crystarium points for additional attributes on your stats.

Orphan Form 1 Strategy

For this battle I used Fang, Lightning and Hope and here's my paradigm set up:


First form of Orphan
First form of Orphan | Source

When you fight Orphan, He will use immediately the Merciless Judgement attack. It will make your party's HP down to critical level. After the attack change your paradigm into SEN/MED/MED to quickly heal your HP.

You need to remember that orphan has two types, Consummate Light and Consummate Darkness. If orphan changes into consummate light use SAB/MED/SYN to cast status ailments to orphan at the same time you will be able to heal and add buff spells on your party member. If orphan has slow, deshell and deprotect, you can change the paradigm into COM/RAV/RAV to build the chain gauge. Once he staggered, change the paradigm to COM/COM/COM or COM/COM/MED if your party needs some healing. I would suggest to use the COM/COM/COM if there's no problem with your party's HP to maximize the attack while orphan staggered.

After orphan staggers, it will switch into Consummate darkness. Change your paradigm again to SEN/MED/MED because he will use again the Merciless Judgement and prepare to heal your HP again. After you healed decent HP change again the paradigm into COM/RAV/MED to remove your status ailments while building its chain gauge. Just watch out for your status ailments, If you have more status ailments in your party, try using manually dispelga to remove these ailments. Then you will noticed that if you take too long on this battle, Orphan will switch again to Consummate Light to heal its HP and reset the chain gauge. This time it will give you the opportunity to heal your HP and rebuild your buff status. Then attack him as much as possible. Orphan will switch again into Consummate darkness then be ready for another Merciless judgement, if this happens quickly change again the paradigm to SEN/MED/MED to minimize its damage and heal your HP. Here are some Orphan's attack that you need to watch out, Progenatorial Wrath and Dies Irae, basically Progenatorial Wrath can instantly kill one character in your party, If one of your party hit by this attack, Use phoenix down to cut down the ATB gauge time. Dies Irae can take out a lot of HP in your party. If you see the Dies Irae at the top of your screen change your paradigm into SEN/MED/MED to restore your party's HP.

Second Form of Orphan
Second Form of Orphan | Source

Orphan Form 2 Strategy

I used the same party members Fang, Lighting and Hope. And same paradigm setup.


At the start of the battle, Orphan will cast doom to your party leader. Don't worry about this. For this battle you need to focus on staggering orphan because that's the only time when you are able to damage him. Use SAB/MED/SYN then wait for your members to have haste status. Change your paradigm into COM/RAV/RAV to build his chain gauge (If your party leader is lighting it would be better if you'll use Army of one ability).
Be prepare for Kaleidoscopic Ray because it can deal huge damage on one of your character. If this happens change into SEN/MED/MED, after you healed your HP, quickly change again to COM/RAV/RAV. Once orphan staggered, change the paradigm to COM/COM/COM then attack as fast as possible to consume orphan's stagger state. After the stagger status ends, it will cast Rebirth, basically orphan will buff himself. Use SAB/MED/SYN to remove its protect, haste, shell and other status effect. while removing buffing effect, you'll casting some buff spells in your party to make it powerful.
Just repeat the process above and have at least 3-4 staggers to beat him because orphan has a lot of HP.

How many times you beat orphan before getting a 5 star rating?

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