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How to beat Papa Pear Saga Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Updated on March 31, 2014

What is Papa Pear Saga?

Papa Pear Saga is a game where you fire papa's (as they are called) at pins, which can be little acorns, carrots, berries or other fruit and vegetables. As you increase in levels, the difficulty gets harder as you have to complete different objectives for different levels. Also you start out with a set amount of papa's each level which can vary depending on the level you are on!

You can play papa pear saga by clicking on the game board wherever you want your papa pear to go. Although your papa is on a trajectory line! So it isn't quite so simple. Scroll through the article, to find the level you want to see the guide for.

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 1

For this level, you have to reach 10000 points which is easily done - as the level is the introductory level. This level is a guide on how to play papa pear saga, which shows you the basics. A few important factors to remember are:

  • The more bounces you get, the more you score.
  • You can fire three pear's and have them in the level at any one time.
  • Special power ups can be collected by bouncing papa's around the rims of the buckets and off the sides of the level.
  • Also to get more stars you have to reach a certain number of points, which changes every level.

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 2

For papa pear saga level 2, you have to get 5000 points to beat the level. This is very easy to do as it is only the second level. This level shows you how to use a multiplier pin. The first one doubles your points, the second triples your points, the third one quadruples your points and so on. These can be essential for reaching high point limits.

To get multiplier pins, simply remove all pins of one type. For example, if I removed all the carrots I will receive one multiplier pin. If I remove all the acorns and carrots, I will receive two multiplier pins which will make my score triple!

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 3

In level 3 of papa pear saga, you have to reach 18000 points to complete the level. This is fairly easy to do, as you have plenty of papa's available! Some tips to help you reach 18000 points are:

  • First, aim for the three rows of rhubarb in the center of the level. Clear them first, to get a multiplier pin which will help you reach 18000 points quicker and easier.
  • Next, aim a pear into each carrot loop to the top right and top left of the level. This should give you the most possible bounces you can to get some more points.
  • If you can, get a second multiplier pin.
  • Try to get different pears to land into different tubs, as if a load of pears keep on falling into one tub - the score for getting the pear into it decreases.

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 4

Reaching 15000 points in level 4 of papa pear saga is crucial for you to move on to the next level. Reaching 15000 points is not too difficult, but you have to place your papa pears just right. Some tips to help you beat the level are:

  • First of all, get a pear into the middle of the main carrot structure with the four springy blueberries in. Hitting the blueberries, will give you points and you could quite easily reach 1000 points in a few bounces as the pear will be stuck for a little while.
  • Then just fire off leftover pears at the other two structures to break away the carrots.

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 5

For level 5 of papa pear saga, you have to reach 45000 points AND bring down all the fruits to the buckets at the bottom of the level. This is more difficult than any of the other levels so far. Some tips to help you beat the level are:

  • Try to hit at least one (if not both) of the multiplier pins in the lower part of the board. This will give you a much better chance of reaching 45000 points.
  • Aim to remove the first fruit first by removing some of the obstacles. This will then allow you to use the middle to knock the other fruit in.
  • Try to knock the other fruit into the middle of the board as a pathway should have been cleared. If not let the fruit slide down to the side and then you can destroy a few acorns to get the fruit to the buckets. This may also be a good chance to get the multiplier pins if you haven't already!
  • To reach the maximum score you can, leave enough pears to shoot out the cannon at the end of the level. If you have collected both multiplier pins each pear should be worth 15000 points when shot out!

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 6

In level 6 of Papa Pear Saga, you have to reach 30,000 points and bring down the fruits. The tough levels are only just getting started! Tips to help you beat the level are:

  • Aim to clear the obstacles on the left side of the board first. Not only is that where all the fruit is, it also has a multiplier pin on that side.
  • As soon as you can, get the multiplier pin.
  • Shoot the pears into the carrot "cup's" as then the pears will destroy most of the cup if it slides around.
  • If a fruit is stuck on a ledge, hit it with a pear to wobble it off.
  • To get the max score, leave some pears to shoot out the cannon and give you points!

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 7

Level 7 of papa pear saga requires you to reach 45000 points and light up the buckets. To light up the buckets, you simply have to get a pear in each! What could be easier? Tips for this level are:

  • Aim to clear the rhubarb in the middle of the level first, to get a multiplier pin. If that doesn't work, then just shoot three pears into each section of the level and then try to clear the rhubarb.
  • Next try to clear the yellow vegetables to get another multiplier pin for the level.
  • Focus on one particular bucket at a time, otherwise you will be wasting pears by firing anywhere.
  • To get the pears into a bucket, consider bouncing it off an acorn or berry to reflect it into a hard to reach bucket. If not, then just clear all the obstacles in the way to give you a clear path.

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 8

For level 8 of papa pear saga, you have to reach 44000 points and light up all the buckets once again. This is challenging to do, as there are acorns all over the place! Also in this level, double pins are introduced to you which make another pear appear. Some tips to help you beat the level are:

  • First aim straight down into the box, to try to get the double pin. If you have done it correctly, then the acorns will be removed and you will hit the double pin all with one pear! This is shown in the video!
  • You can get another double pin by bouncing a pear off the rim of a bucket five times.
  • Your next two pears should be aimed at the sides. One should go to the right, and one to the left of the level to clear a path to the buckets.
  • If you can get a multiplier pin, then get it. Otherwise, don't bother as clearing the acorns out of the way of the buckets is more important.
  • To remove loads of acorns at once from a side of the map, bounce a pear on the acorns but keep it bouncing low or without no power so it doesn't bounce off - only bounces straight down.

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 9

For level 9 of papa pear saga, you have to reach 70000 points and light up all the buckets. Reaching 70000 points is not difficult as my top score is 388790 for this particular level. Although, lighting up the buckets can be a pain! Tips to help you are:

  • First of all, fire a pear into each space on the left and right of the big carrot dome. This will open up the middle of the level and may even get you a multiplier pin.
  • If you haven't already, try to clear the rhubarb or yellow vegetable out to get yourself one or two multiplier pins. This will help with the point limit.
  • Get a "grande" pin, to make your papa pear bigger. This will allow you to crush more obstacles more quickly and more destructively. Simply bounce your papa pear 50 times to get the pin.
  • If you haven't lit up a certain bucket, then try using more "grande" pins to smash the level around a bit! You can clear a pathway to the bucket, easier with big papa pear's.

How to Beat Papa Pear Level 10

How do you beat level 10 of papa pear saga? Well, you need 60000 points and to light up all the buckets to pass. This is quite a fun level to play! Some tips to help you along the way are:

  • Immediately go for the mutiplier pins and double pins, as they will give you an edge over the level.
  • You can use the "pomegranade" booster to get rid of the acorns, but I didn't bother to remove them in the video as there was no need.
  • After all the boosters, the level should be mostly clear. Now focus on shooting the pears into the unlit buckets.
  • To get more points, you can fire a papa pear into the blueberries as it will be sprung around and will gain the most amount of points possible.

Which was the hardest level?

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The first 10 levels show you what is going to come. I can only promise you that it will be harder! Maybe you are stuck on a different level? Then visit Papa Pear Game Guide to find the solution for it! Vote for what you think was the hardest level out of the 10 levels above on the right!


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