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How to beat Vercingetorix (Mission 64) in Final Fantasy 13?

Updated on March 30, 2013

How to complete Cie'th Mission 64 and beat Vercingetorix in Final Fantasy 13?
Wondering if you can defeat or get 5 star rating on Mission 64 in Final Fantasy 13. Cie'th Mission 64 is located in Yaschas Massif Paddraean Archaepolis and your target is Vercingetorix. This monster is the toughest enemy in Final Fantasy 13. It would be better to Max out your crystarium and get all the strongest weapons and accessories before you fight this monster. On your first try fighting Vercingetorix you will notice the patterns of his attacks and when you used fighting this guy after several try, you are able to master changing your paradigm quickly. This is very important to beat Vercingetorix.

Here's the paradigm setup that you need to prepare.


MED/MED/MED, SEN/SEN/SEN and SAB/SAB/SAB are mandatory paradigm setup so don't forget this.


Before the battle starts, you need to use Fortisol and Aegisol to buff all your party stats. Basically it will increase your party's attack, defense and magic defense. It will also gives your party Haste status. These shrouds are very useful against boss battle.
At the start of the battle you need to cast debuff spells on him. It will lower down his stats for this one at the same time you are able to build your stagger gauge. Then if you think that he got debuff spells likw slow, deshell, deprotect and poison. Change your paradigm into COM/RAV/RAV to deal decent damage on him. You will noticed after a couple of seconds vercingtorix will cast Impenetrable Aura. It will remove all his debuff stats, breaks the chain gauge and protect himself from unbreakable shield. Any attack from this guy is useless so If this happens try to concentrate healing and buffing your party members.
Once the his shield wears off. Change your paradigm into SAB/SAB/SAB to debuff him again. After he got at least 5 debuff status change again your paradigm into COM/RAV/RAV then try to stagger him. Make sure to check your buff status. If vercingtorix cast again Impenetrable Aura, change your paradigm into SYN/SYN/MED to buff and heal again your party members.

In the middle of the fight this guy will use Wicked Whirl. This is very dangerous attack, it can actually kill all your characters. If you see the Wicked Whirl on the screen change your paradigm into SEN/SEN/SEN to minimize its damage. Then after your being hit by this attack change the paradigm into MED/MED/MED. Once you heal and buff your characters repeat the same strategy above.
Overall for this guide you just need to watch out for Wicked Whirl because I believe that's the only one most of gamers having problem to.

All paradigms are in Sentinel because it can protect your party from massive damage of Wicked Whirl
All paradigms are in Sentinel because it can protect your party from massive damage of Wicked Whirl | Source

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