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5 Tips on how to become better at League of Legends

Updated on January 31, 2013

I am going to offer you 5 tips to help you gain that precious elo in League of Legends. These 5 tips are here to be a guidelines to some things that you should do in order to improve your game play. Also, these are not in any order and this is my opinion on the top 5 best things to do to improve your game.

5) CS Mechanics-

This is self explanatory. Whatever your main role is, whether its top mid or bot, go into a custom game and practice CSing. There are guides online that tell you how many creeps are at a certain time frame. Roughly shoot for 90% of the creeps and when you feel comfortable with it then go to normal games and practice last hitting while getting harassed and while harassing the enemy. It is also best to pick a champion with the least amount of AD damage and do not run any AD runs while practicing so you are even better at it since you have to time it better to last hit since you have less AD.

4) WARD-

This is a big thing that I see in solo que a lot. Especially, at lower elo there is a ton of "im not support so i don't need to ward." This is completely false. I have been in situations before where I was ADC and I would drop a couple wards when I knew I was going deep to farm. For instance, lets say you rush bot tower down at 6 mins. So, you back and buy a ward and put it in their jungle by blue (while there is one in river already). You can safely farm and that 75 gold for one ward was worth not dying and getting the whole creep wave. Now, lets say you save the 75 gold and not ward and only kill half the creep wave and miss the rest due to you being dead... Fact of the matter is, it doesn't pay not to have control and know where everything is.

3) Map Awareness-

This is one that a lot of lower elo players still flame others about. While playing on a smurf (1320 elo) there have been times I was unable to type in chat so I would use pings constantly and would show routes the enemy took when going in for a gank. My teammates would not respond and then die and then try to flame me because I didn't say MIA. What you need to learn is not rely on your teammates to call out mia when the enemy is gone, but rather constantly check your mini map. Think of it like driving a car. You must keep your eyes on the road, but you must always check your mirrors. The same with League, You must always watch your mini-map to avoid situations like above and then flaming at each other for dying.


Positioning is key to winning the game, especially for an ADC. An ADC is usually the squishiest, but deals the most damage mid to late game so you always want them alive. When you are playing as the ADC always try to position yourself between a bruiser, jungler, or even the trusty support and then moments after the teamfight erupts is when you want to move in for the kill. Now if you are anything other than the ADC you always want to force the enemy in a bad position without putting yourself in a bad spot. If you can force the enemy team to split then that is your chance to jump in and initiate, but if you notice your team starting to split try to backtrack and get right back in with them as quick as possible.

1) Communicate and not RAGE/FLAME

This is the most important thing to League of Legends. You you rage at your teammates then you will put everyone in a bad mood and will play worse. What I found to do that helps is not even type in just use pings. If you have a bad temper and rage a lot then this will become very helpful for you. You will play better if you stay calm and if you are not raging at your team in /all chat they will be playing more positively too. You must always know that you cannot win every game. Bad games for either you or your teammates will happen. Just stay positive and do not rage or encourage people to rage on your team so you have a better chance of winning. Now, if you can make the other team rage at each other then you will give yourself a better chance of winning. Just remember, a team that works together is stronger than a team for of hate.

I hope you enjoy and practice this tips! I hope to see you all gain massive amounts of elo now and see you all on the fields of justice!

Check back later for some more tips!


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