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How to choose the best learning game for your child

Updated on November 5, 2014

During the early age of childhood, kids learn new things quickly while doing various interesting things. They play different games, learn new rhyming words through singing numerous rhymes and poems. In addition, parents can effectively utilize game-based learning methods to add element of interest in the learning. However, it is a perception that learning apps and games are of no use in the prevailing educational system. Let’s have a look over the benefits of these learning games and how you can chose a best learning app for your kid.

In order to get the true picture as to how these learning apps are beneficial for kids, first we have to see what are the learning-based games are. It is defined as a system in which games are used to teach kids various subjects regarding their academic curriculum. It suggests that these games are developed to provide educational and learning outcomes with an element of interest and enjoyment attached to them. In this way, kids don’t hesitate to learn new skills and are attracted towards different academic subjects, which are considered as tough ones.

Described below are few benefits that you can avail for your child while using this method of teaching young kids.

Get the attention of a kid

Children are easily attracted towards video games hence it is quite simple to teach them through this medium of instruction. Kids are quickly engaged in these activities and pay attention to whatever you try to communicate with them.

A positive learning experience

This method develops an interest in young kids to learn new things and encourages them to keep in touch with their academic subjects like math, English, rhyming words and science. They don’t find it boring and learn quickly whatever you teach them.

Memorize things quickly

Different activities related with learning apps like, solving a puzzle, alphabets, rhyming words and simple mathematical equations increase the overall learning abilities of a child. They can play these games with each other and memorize new things efficiently. They in order to win the game try to learn the rules and other basic thing related with such games.

Friendly environment helps to consolidate their knowledge

The student especially pre-school kids are difficult to handle and teach. However, learning apps provide a way to consolidate their knowledge reinforce their thinking ability in a positive manner.

How to select a Learning app

While selecting learning app for your kid try to follow the tips described below.

  • Always consider the age of your child while choosing a learning app.
  • Make sure that the subjects you want to teach your kid through learning games are related to their academic curriculum.
  • Language games, which allow an easy way to teach language skills to a child should be selected if they are ideal for the kid according to educational value. For example, games that are used to teach rhyming words should include maximum word to increase the vocabulary of your child.
  • These games must have a user-friendly interface so that it is easy for kids to play with them.


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