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How to choose the best support strike care package Kill Streaks, What they are and what they do ( MW3 )

Updated on May 30, 2012


Here i will go over the basic support kill streaks, what they are, and which ones you should choose to do to most effectively help your team, and yourself.
Please keep in mind that the Support kill streaks are more based to help your team, than they are to help yourself

Also.. I am on the Xbox Live network, for those of you who continue to ask, my gamer tag is Agent Johnr. I tend to not add new members from here unless I play with you first, and I only play hardcore domination, or Infected, but either way if you see me on, feel free to send a shout out.

The killstreak list and what they are

First off I would like to mention that unlike the assault killstreaks, these will stack on death, meaning if you die every time you take out an enemy they will still count towards getting a UAV at 4 kills.

UAV ( after 4 kills ) - This is arguably the most helpful thing to a team considering for 30 seconds this will provide a radar system that shows the position of enemies on the minimap. This will assist you and the team.

Counter UAV (after 5 kills ) - A counter UAV disables the enemies UAV or Minimap for 30 seconds. This is useful in Core game modes, but not as effective in hardcore game modes.

Ballistic Vests (after 5 kills ) -This will allow you to drop Ballistic vests on the ground. Which will then allow your teammates and yourself to pick them up to resist more bullet damage. This is fairly effective and can be helpful to the team. Also you get XP points each time someone picks them up and uses it.

Airdrop trap (after 5 kills ) - The airdrop trap is similar to a care package. The only difference is, this time it is meant to fool the enemy. If you can make it convincing and act like it is a care package and run over to it, chances are the enemy will be fooled and want it, and then try to pick it up. People are less fooled now, then they used to be, but still a fun way to take out an enemy.

Sam turret ( after 8 kills ) - A sam turret Is like a Machine gun turret on the Assault care package, the only difference is, instead of shooting enemies, it will shoot at enemy helicopters, and enemy recons and virtually anything that will fly in the sky.

Recon Drone (after 10 kills ) - Here you will get to fly around a mini helicopter, and when you see an enemy, you can flash them, and then that enemy will shop up on the mini map until they are killed. This can be useful, but less effective in hardcore since there is no mini map up at all times.

Advances UAV (after 12 kills ) - An advanced UAV is similar to a UAV, but in this case, you will not only show the whereabouts of an enemy, but it will show which direction they are facing, and moving. This is helpful in both core and hardcore, and is very appreciated by teammates.

Remote turret ( after 12 kills) - The remote turret is like a machine gun turret on the assault package, but also better. This time you get to control it. You can place it on an objective, run away, hide, and control the turret and fire on any enemies. This also can easily be taken out with a knife.

Stealth bomber (after 14 kills ) - Some argue that this should not be on the Support class because of its strength, but either way this is very effective. This will bring in a series of bombings that will take out anything in its path, and you get to control exactly where and which direction it comes in at. Very effective in hardcore and core game modes.

EMP (after 18 kills ) - This is very effective if used right. The EMP will shut down all enemy electronics, right down to the sights on their guns. This will make it tough for the enemy to effectively do anything. Also worth noting that if you wait until the enemy calls in their kill streak, like a Pave Low, or a Escort airdrop, it will be taken out of the sky with the EMP being called in.

Juggernaut recon (after 18 kills) - The juggernaut recon will provide the juggernaut suit in which you will be equipped with a riot shield, and a pistol. here you will also be much more resistant to any damage. This is typically wasted, but someone knows how to use this can greatly help their team achieve victory.

Escort Airdrop ( after 18 kills ) - And lastly the escort airdrop. Here a chopper will come in, and will drop care packages, and will also kill enemies who try to take the care packages. All of the care packages will be from the support class, and will help your team. typically you can expect the lower Kill streaks to be abundant like UAV's Counter UAV's but you can get the juggernaut suit and more.

Below i will now list the best set up for you to use the support class effectively to help yourself and your team.

The Set up

Ok so, now that we know the support class kill streaks lets talk about which ones exactly will benefit you the most, and which methods are out there.

Method 1 - this method will allow you to get multiple sets of the killstreaks throughout the game. Keep in mind that when using the escort airdrop, getting more than 1 of those a game is tough, so you can't count on getting the lower kill streaks to help you more. So method 1 is using UAV, Ballistic Vests, and a Sam turret. This is known as 4-5-8, and will hopefully allow you to get multiple of each in a game. If you get 32 kills, then you will get 3 UAV's , 3 sets of Ballistic Vests, and 3 sam turrets.

Method 2 - The escort airdrop method. Here i will talk about the best way to get the escort airdrop. The first is doing 4-12-18, with UAV, Advanced UAV, and Escort airdrop. The UAV, and Advances UAV will greatly help your team and yourself to get more kills while striving for the escort airdrop which will drop multiple care packages for you to choose from. Also you can substitute the advanced UAV for a stealth bomber, but personally i like the advanced UAV more to help my team, as opposed to killing half my teammates, and the other team.

Method 3 - The abundant method. This method is meant to get you a lot of kill streaks in a game. The way this set up works is, you should use hardline. Then you should set up UAV at 4 kills (now 3), and Ballistic vests 5 kills (now 4), and leave the third spot blank. on this set up, if you got 30 kills in 1 game, then you would get 7 UAV's, and 7 sets of ballistic vests. These will both help your team, and they will greatly appreciate this set up.

Why not to use the juggernaut. The juggernaut, you can typically get in an escort airdrop which is the same amount of kills, and this is also not typically used right. If the person is using this to defend, or gain objectives great, but typically the person tries to run around with this and just dies. So i do not suggest this to people as it takes so many kills to receive it.

The EMP. This can be helpful to the team, but once again, you will typically get this when you call in an escort air drop. I will not say this is not useful because truly it is, and will help your team. But personally i find that using this is not very effective for me, because of how easy it is to get it in the escort airdrop which is the same amount of kills.

So there you have it, some basic set ups, and the detailed reporting of each of the kill streaks. Please feel free to comment or ask questions, and i will respond to help you out.


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    • profile image

      Wraith 5 years ago

      I think my favorite way to kill a support juggernaut who's using his shield is to pull out an XM25. Lots of boom, fast. (Who does NOT like lots of explosions anyway?)

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Sadly, I play hardcore, and to be honest the juggernaut can be taken out in 5 bullets... So it really is not that effective.

    • profile image

      Wraith 5 years ago

      I remember my younger brothers mentioning something they and a friend pulled off in team defender. They managed to get 2 recon juggernauts and an assault juggernaut. They promptly DESTROYED the other team. If I get a juggernaut, I usually prefer a recon since I'm not all that aggressive a player (I prefer hanging back and sniping to charging with a shotgun or SMG). But with a riot shield... oh I love the riot shield. XD

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Yes, i agree, but your key words were used correctly. And the biggest problem with support is most don't use it correctly. I think its perfect for new players, OR those looking to better a team. BUT you still need an even mix of support and assault to win games.

    • profile image

      Michael M 5 years ago

      Me and my buddy used to both use support juggernauts in tandem, and we obliterated the other team because we would advance on objectives (in domination) with shields up and no one could do anything about it.

      Or in kill confirmed and other game modes we were useful because we provided two portable radars for our team and protected them from enemy fire. So I think if used properly, the support juggernaut is better than an assault juggernaut.

      I found that with assault juggernauts I'd die real quick because every time I'd get hit by a bullet i'd flinch and lower the lmg so it really didn't help me at all. got like three kills before being ganged up on by the entire enemy and got loaded up with lead.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 6 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Personally if you came at me with the juggernaut on core ( i usually don't play core) i would use a striker, and just stay far enough back that you can't hit me and unload into you. I feel like the support juggernaut, is fairly useless, especially where you have to call ina care package, if i was playing free for all i would assume everyone would be rushing for that care package.

    • profile image

      Riddymon 6 years ago

      well if you primarily play free-for-all like juggernaut is the beast of all beasts. I can easily get 8-10 kills with this alone. As opponents don't team up on you.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 6 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Yes it is fun killing those who do not know how to use this kill streak.

    • John Kolka profile image

      John Kolka 6 years ago from Oregon.

      Also another great hub. And i completely agree with you about the Support juggy. People just don't know how to use the thing and run around like morons getting themselves killed in the process.