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How to cure vampirism in Skyrim.

Updated on November 21, 2012

Rising at dawn.

You can contract the disease in the beginning from another vampire.

It just happens and you can't do much about It - vampires just bite.

You may cure it immediately with a Cure Disease potion. Either buy one or mix one. You need:

  1. Mudcrab Chitin
  2. Vampire dust

Mudcrabs are often found around swampy rivers and Vampires you have probably already found ;) or they found you.


Disease transforms you

And after one day, you become a vampire-fledgling.

The problem is - you are getting thirsty.

You see some good skills every new day as a the thirst goes on.

Each day you don't feed - your blood boils and you grow stronger.

After 4 days of thirst - you become fully blown feral vampire. This comes with some pros and cons:

Vampire spells

Embrace of shadows
You are invisible and have night vision for 3 minutes.
Vampire seduction
Creatures and people below level 10 will not engage you for 30 seconds.
Vampire servant
Reanimate dead body to fight for you for 60 seconds.
Vampire sight
Improved night vision for 60 seconds.
Vampiric drain
absorb 5 points of health per second from target.

Active effects

Champion of the night
Illusion spells are 25% more powerfull
Nightstalker's footsteps
25% harder to detect while sneaking.
Disease resistance
100% Disease resistance
Frost resistance
100% Frost resistance
Poison resistance
100% Poison resistance
Weakness to fire
-100% Weakness to fire
Weakness to sunlight
You don't regenerate and everything is reduced by 60 points

You can trade the pros for the cons.

But when you are strongest - when you are very thirsty vampire - ...

EVERYONE will attack you.

People are afraid of vampires.

That's why, I'll explain how to cure it, if you are tired of sucking blood and being aware how many days you were thirsty.

So ...

Step 1 - Grab the quest!

You speak with a bartender/innkeeper.

Any will do.

Just pick a village and go to the Inn.

Ask for the latest tips, and the bartender will give you the quest "Rising at dawn"

If you are already fully blown vampire, you can't just approach any village, because they will attack you. Just read below.

Step 2 - Clench the thirst

This is very important, because the quest for Falion may take 1 or 2 days.

And you may not have that much time.

If you transform into a vampire, Falion will also attack you on sight.

Go to any town and suck blood.

You need to press the "Ctrl" key, so you are hidden of sight (as if you are robbing someone) and then instead of robbing - choose to feed:

Sneak to feed.

Ivarstead is East of the game start.

There is however - another problem.

If you are very thirsty (stage 4) - you can't enter the village, because the guards will attack you, and you can't sneak in any house to feed on the inhabitants.

The best place I've found for blood sucking is Ivarstead.

It is a town, east, In the base of the big mountain where your "Voice" is trained.

There is one person named Narfi living poorly in the ourskirts of the village.

(Erm... sorry Narfi.)

He lays down to sleep after 4 AM, so don't go there too early.

Suck enough blood, so you get back to stage 1 vampire.

Sneak at night and beware the guards.

Step 3. On to Morthal to find Falion.

Falion will need from you a black soul gem, which you must fill with the spell "Soul trap".

The soul gem needs to be filled with human soul.

If you don't have black soul gem - Talion conveniently sells them.

Just find any random thug or bandit in the wilderness.

Hit him/her few times and when low on health, cast the spell "Soul trap".

When the bandit dies, the soul will be put in the stone.

Step 4. Rise at dawn.

Talion wants you to meet him outside the city in an old shrine.

At dawn.

It is not far.

You may look around the shrine for some useful ingredients while waiting.

He comes and both of you complete the ritual, which cures you from vampirism

Later in the game, you can accept the lycanthropy.

Being a werewolf will make you immune to Vampirism.

If you don't like being a vampire, carry few Cure Disease potions with you all the time.

They are easy to mix and will not burden you too much.

Who knows - maybe in some expansion, Bethesda will add a vendor which sells flasks with blood, so you are not dependant on the beggars to feed on.

And don't forget to buy Narfi a drink and finish the quest he gives ;)


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