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Defeat the Anti-Guy in Paper Mario

Updated on April 5, 2015

Engage the Anti Guy in Battle

How to Find the Anti-Guy and What You Need to Beat Him

Tired of having to wait until the end of the game, when your stronger to find out what's in the chest that the anti guy has? There is a very simple way to do this, I have figured out how to do this through multiple play throughs and in this article i'll share it with you. To do this you will need to visit the item shop in Toad Town located in the same area as the house that holds the Shy Guy Toy Box. It should be two houses to the left from there.Use your money to buy as many stone caps as you need, I would recommend about 7 stone caps, that should do the trick and you can store items with the store keeper to make extra room in the inventory. Then engage the shy guy in battle as usual. If you don't know where the anti guy is follow these directions, go to the Shy Guy Toy Box and when you drop in to the red station go to the next section at the bottom left of the map and in this section in the middle of the room the anti guy should be guarding a chest so you can't take it.

The Anti-Guy Preparing Himself for the Anti Performance Attack

The battle against anti guy

When you enter into battle make sure you have Goombario out with at least one power up from a power coin, but if you have upgraded him twice that's ideal. On your first turn use a stone cap then use Goombario's charge move. The anti-guy won't be able to damage you while you wear the stone cap, continue to charge Goombario every turn that you can, and when the stone cap wear's off use another one until you're out of the item. Next, use Goombario's multibonk, which is obtained from the second upgrade, if you don't have the move then simply use the original headbonk move. The anti guy has 50 HP if you don't use 7 stone caps like I recommended you won't be able to kill him from just Goombario's headbonk but, you should still be able to finish him. It is crucially important to make sure that you get the extra hit from the action command by hitting "A" right before you hit but, you should know how to do that by now. The multibonk requires less than seven stone caps depending how many action commands you land. The headbonk or multibonk should finish him off and you should have no problem with the fight what's so ever, if you can get three hits or more but, I've had success every time with two hits as well. You are then granted with an easy earned 30 to 40 star points and the power plus badge which adds one damage point to every attack you deal. ex: The hammer now gives 3 damage instead of 2; the only downside is that it requires 5 BP to wear it.

This method should work and you should now be able to beat the anti guy with no problem. The main reason I started publishing articles on Hubpages was to try to help people out with problems that I had during games that I have played. If this method doesn't work for you feel free to send me a message and i'll try my best to find the problem.

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Power Plus can Help You Get the Star Rod


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