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How to earn Gold in Guild Wars 2

Updated on January 20, 2013

My Guild Wars 2 Gold making guide

Making gold in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) can be hard, especially for new players to the game, many feel that the process of making gold is extremely time consuming and sometimes even frustrating. In this guide I will try and help you guys to earn the gold you want and need to buy the upgrades or gear that you want, because goldin Guild Wars 2 is very fun! (when you have it)

There's several ways of obtaining gold in Guild Wars 2, which is great, so you if you get bored of getting gold one way you can allways move on to another method. The two main ways of getting gold in Guild Wars 2 is buying and selling on the Trading post and the other way is grinding, killing and doing events.

Of coures it's allways easier to get gold in the game if your max level but it's not a must, there's plenty of ways for the low leveled GW2 player.

Using the Trading post to get gold in Guild Wars 2

The best and easiest way of getting gold in GW2 is by using the trading post, buying and selling items. Anyone can do this but the more gold you got to invest the easier and faster you will earn more gold.
It's quite simple actually, it's all about buying low and selling high.

Keep in mind that the Trading Post have a high transaction fee, so it's important to have that in mind when using the Trading Post to earn gold.

You can find a easy to follow guide over here, it's great if you're interested in starting using the Trading Post in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide using the Trading Post

Mystic Forge and the Trading Post

Mystic Forge is another way of earning some gold, but keep in mind that mixing items in the Mystic Forge is sometimes a bit of a gamble, you might earn gold or you might lose gold. There's plenty of items to mix in the forge, for example can you mix 4 dyes of the same quality for the chance of it turning into a greater quality dye. Sometimes you're lucky and get a black or white dye that's worth a lot of gold, but for the most time you will only lose money doing it.

You can find a guide over here that talks about using the Trading Post and the Mystic Forge toghter in order to earn some gold. You can find it here. GW2 Mystic Forge Gold Guide

Grinding for Gold

One of the most common ways of getting gold in Guild Wars 2 is grinding, but it's also one of the most time consuming and hardest ways of getting the gold. And if you don't know what grinding is then let me explain it to you, grinding is killing monsters and creatures over and over again in order to get loot and gold.

There's a few things to consider when starting to grind. The first and the most important part is to get Magic Finding gear, this gear can easily be bought on the Trading Post for a rather small price. What magic find and magic find gear dose is that it boost your chances of getting rare and magic items when your out grinding for mobs. There's also consumables you can use in order to boost up your magic find, there's food but there's also a paid boost in the gem store (though I wouldn't recommend you to buy it because it's very expensive and just isn't worth it.)

Picking the right spot is also important when grinding. The amount of gold you will get from grinding at a specific area will depend on a lot of things. How fast you kill your mobs, how many other players there are in the area, what the mobs drop. There's plenty of guides on where to find good spots to grind, so I won't get into specific areas you should visit. What I will recommend you to do is try and find mobs that drop items that sell good on the Trading Post right now, if you can sell the items you find for a good price even the low leveled areas of the game can be worth it, so go out and explore the world of Tyria for that epic grinding spot.


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