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How to earn money woodcutting (Skyrim)

Updated on April 9, 2013
How to earn money woodcutting (Skyrim)
How to earn money woodcutting (Skyrim)

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How to earn money woodcutting (Skyrim)

Want to earn money woodcutting? This article is designed to help you with all your Skyrim woodcutting questions.

The first chance you have to earn money woodcutting will be in Riverwood town, where Gerdur and Hod runs a woodcutting operation, a lumbar mill in other words. There is a woodcutting axe lying on a nearby table next to the lumber mill, pick this up and start swinging at the woodchopping blocks. Do this for as long as you like and then bring the firewood to Hod which will reward you with money, equivalent of how much firewood you have cut. You will cut firewood equivalent of 30 gold for each time you press the woodcutting action. You will never become truly rich from this, but at least its an honest start to your way to riches.


Q - Who owns the lumbar mill in Riverwood town?

A - The lumbar mill in Riverwood town is owned by Gerdur and Hod.

Q - Can I marry Gerdur, and thus get some of the money she earns from running the lumbar mill?

A - No, unfortunately you can not.

Q - Is it possible to own a sawmill / lumbermill in Skyrim, and employ people to work there?

A - Good idea, but Elder Scrolls V Skyrim does not have the option of running your own store (but you never know for Elder Scrolls VI, the games just seem to get bigger and better all the time).

Q - Speaking of Elder Scrolls VI, will it have offline multiplayer coop for consoles, and LAN for the PC versions?

A - Nothing has been confirmed, but some key producers have hinted that offline multiplayer might be one of the new, big things in the next game in the series. Then we can speculate that it will most likely not be splitscreen, but rather system link for xbox 360 and PS3, as it would most likely require too much from just one console.

Q - How do I get money from the firewood I have cut?

A - You have to deliver it to Hod to exchange it for cash, he will normally be working on and off at the lumber mill from about 9am - 15pm.

Q - Where can I get a woodcutting axe?

A - Normally, a woodcutting axe is to be found lying around close to lumbar mills or nearby woodchopping blocks. You can also buy one from the local general store, i.e. in Riverwood or Whiterun.

Q - How much do I earn per firewood cut?

A - Each time you press the action key you cut wood worth approximately 30 gold.

Q - How much wood, would a woodchucker chuck if a woodchucker could chuck wood?

A - Yes... indeed, probably loads.

Q - Will I get better at chopping wood as I keep doing it? Will I level up in any of the skills? Is there a woodchopping skill I will level up in?

A - Unfortunately, you will not, it would have been great if this for example would have increased your stamina or your health points.

Q - Can I use the firewood I cut for anything? Can I build my own house in Skyrim with the wood I cut?

A - Besides earning 30 gold for each patch you deliver to Hod, you can not use the firewood to anything else. An option which would let you build your own house, wherever you want, would have been amazing, but would be probably be quite hard to put into the game.

Q - Is it possible to build a firecamp or fireplace in Skyrim?

A - No, unfortunately that is not possible.

References: Superstoked Magzine / Vondt


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    • profile image

      Anon 4 years ago

      It's 5gp each log go figure

    • profile image

      chris lawrence 5 years ago

      acually you can't get 1000 gold for cutting 120 pieces of wood but you get 5000 gold for every 1000 pieces of wood you give to hod or who ever you sell the firewood to.

    • profile image

      bob 5 years ago

      you spelled lumber wrong.

    • profile image

      88BiGGiN 5 years ago

      If you have Faendal as a follower, use your tactical command (used by holding {A} when targeting follower from range) to get him to cut the firewood for you... then you skip the "transition" and are unencumbered to defend yourself or deliver the wood.

      Also using above command actions for items on the ground gives your follower unlimited carry weight. However once over encumbered you can't give them an item from the menu and the "carry max" warning text displays.

    • profile image

      Charlie 5 years ago

      if you cut wood for about 8 hours you will get about 72000 gold

    • profile image

      dsdsww 5 years ago

      9-15pm "15pm". lol

    • profile image

      Natas tmc 5 years ago

      Not sure if this is a no brainer but ive found If you equip the woodcutters axe and push the a button to activate wood chopping, it will auto chop 3 times (6 pieces of wood) giving you more wood for less button pushes. If you have something use equipped it will only chop wood once for 2 pieces of wood.

    • profile image

      Matt 5 years ago

      Wood is a very vaulued resource im only 12 and bored so forgive my spelling but i don't understand why they didn't make more uses for wood. -_-

    • profile image

      Jordan 5 years ago

      I cut about 120 wood and got 1000 gold that is freakin awesome keep doing this and you'll be a millionare

    • profile image

      M'ookyul 5 years ago

      The firewood you cut is actually an upgrading material for the Long Bow (to Long Bow (Fine) ) that you would have looted from the caves before emerging Skyrim.

    • profile image

      Jame 5 years ago

      Can you get money for using the big saw in the lumbermill?

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      It's not the best money maker in the world, as questing can offer much more and so can simple adventuring. Plus, as you level up, you'll gain more chances for better loot (also helps when Lockpicking is around 50+). Unless you're one of those Fable 2 woodcutter types, this isn't entirely worth the cash.

      But I have to agree, it's one way to start. ^_^