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How to farm gold in Diablo 3

Updated on July 7, 2012
Gold drops from Dank Cellar in Act 1 Inferno
Gold drops from Dank Cellar in Act 1 Inferno

Gold Farming in Diablo 3

If you are here, you are looking for a way to farm gold quickly and easily in Diablo 3. That's understandable considering the insanity going on in the gold auction house with items being priced in the millions, and even sometimes billions (yes, I've seen it). You are probably wanting to purchase items with gold because the insanity has also carried over into the RMAH also with prices for items commonly reaching the $250 mark.

Luckily, I have been farming gold for a bit now and I know a few ways that you can make some pretty good gold and it doesn't take "too" long.

As most of you probably know, as of the latest patch and hotfixes lately, vase farming no longer works. So for those of you who have been farming vases and getting big gold quickly, that's all over now. Sorry...

But for your benefit, there are still ways to make large amounts of gold easily and kinda quickly.

Image of my gold farming endeavor in the Dank Cellar- approx 5 hours of this....
Image of my gold farming endeavor in the Dank Cellar- approx 5 hours of this....

Farming the Dank Cellar

OK. This is one extremely easy way to farm gold in Diablo 3... Is it fun? Hell no. Does it work? Eventually....

Here is how it works:

  1. Create an Inferno game in Act 1 in the 2. The Legacy of Cain chapter.
  2. Walk directly to the waypoint and go to "The Old Ruins"
  3. Once in the old ruins, walk directly north to the old tristram road and down past a couple zombies
  4. There will be a shack with a cellar. If the cellar door is open, it will be the Dank Cellar.
  5. When inside, there will be a couple quill rat things and a yellow quill rat thing. Kill them
  6. Pick up the blues, maybe yellow item, and all the gold they drop.
  7. Port to town and immediately leave the game.
  8. Once out of the game, resume game and you should be right by the old tristram road again.
  9. Go to the cellar and see if it is open or not. If it is, repeat steps 5-9. If it isn't open, leave game and resume and see if it is open. Keep doing this.

You can make up to 5,000 gold per run depending on your gold find gear. I highly recommend you get as much gold find gear on yourself and your mercenary. You don't need high damage output as the quill rats die really easy and they don't really hit you. After many hours of doing this over and over, you can make some great gold, and even find a legendary or some decent yellows along the way. Make sure you sell the blues too because in Inferno, they are sometimes worth 1k gold a piece. The picture above will show you my gold I've accumulated from this method after about 5 hours of running. My gold find is by no means the greatest. It actually sucks. If you want the best return on investment of time, I personally recommend the method below.

Complete Act 1 Hell to farm gold

OK. So I have found that I can solo this very fast on my Demon Hunter. I can clear all of act 1 in Hell in about an hour. I can get some major gold because as I kill elite packs, I stack Neph Valor which increases my gold drops dramatically on top of my gold find gear.

You can also clear Act 1 Inferno, however, I find it much easier with a group after the increased repair bills. You can easily get a couple hundred thousand gold in an hour or less on Inferno. You do this a couple times and you are sitting at just about 1 million gold. You spend a couple days doing this, you can afford some nice gear from the gold AH.

I don't play religiously anymore due to other commitments outside of video games. But when i was doing this, I was able to buy some excellent gear for my DH including items like 1.1k+ dmg bows and all kinds of stuff with huge amounts of dex, res, and vit.

If you don't want to clear all of act 1 on inferno, just do Butcher runs. You can still get a nice return on time invested in gold, not to mention you now have a better chance to find better gear.

All in all, keep on running and keep on getting gold. Most of the exploits are gone now for farming gold in Diablo 3. Those days of vase farming are long gone. I find that these two ways alone are the best ways, for me at least, to make some decent gold in a relatively short amount of time.

Hope I helped you out and told you some information you didn't already know. If you already knew this info, thanks for reading anyways.


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