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Escape the routine - how to find an Airsoft Scenario Game

Updated on June 17, 2010

Airsoft Scenario

This team has 24 players for a total of 48 player game
This team has 24 players for a total of 48 player game

What is an airsoft scenario game?

 In this context, I use an airsoft scenario game to refer to a large game where airsofters from a whole state and surrounding states come to play. Such events are great, because they feature tactics usually unseen at either backyard or skirmish games.

A typical scenario game would host 60-100 people, with games as large as 200 people being hosted at some places.

Scenario games are usually called "Operation..." and are cross posted on airsoft forums months in advances. Just to give you an example of how awesome these games can be, check out operation pine plains and operation Irene videos.

A small scenario game
A small scenario game

Examples of action

Scenario games are often hosted on very large fields. This is because of a simple truth - airsoft guns can shoot at up to 200 feet. If you put 60 people in a small space, they will deadlock and pin everyone down, being unable to move. Because airsoft guns can shoot very fast(10-15 rounds per second) and have huge magazine capacity (600 rounds), it is practically impossible to advance.

This is why airsoft scenario games are hosted on large fields, where flanking maneuvers, surprise attacks and truly Russian style "for the motherland" human wave assaults occur.

Because of the sheer size of the game and the more tactical nature of engagement (except for as outlined above :) ), it is possible to get stuck on a guard duty, holding some bunker for an hour or 2. Think of this as a real security duty, and a lot of people find this fun, because the danger can be lurking anywhere. It is quite common to think that everything is clear, while an enemy squad is actually sneaking up on your position. Oh, the fun times!

Large games sometimes allow smoke, which is kinda fun.

Another defining feature of a scenario game is the existence of a pre-planned teams. Sometimes there are as many as 4 teams on a field, each having a specific uniform requirement and/or weapon requirement. Most commonly used uniform patterns are : green vs tan vs black vs whatever.

Operation Pine Plains - Airsoft Scenario

Operation Pine Plains is held in the North East US and involves intense CQB action. Check out the number of houses in this CQB Facility!
Operation Pine Plains is held in the North East US and involves intense CQB action. Check out the number of houses in this CQB Facility!

What to bring to a scenario game?

Playing in a scenario game is for real airsofters, who have the necessary gear. While it will still be possible to borrow a gun, most people would expect you to have your own gun and gear.

On top of that, you would have to know how to play, aim, shoot, hide, run and maneuver on the field. This is the most fun part, as more people = more fun.

  • Your airsoft equipment
  • Registration information
  • Hydration
  • Radio

It is also very important to become familiar with the rules of the game. Many scenario games do not allow high capacity magazines, so you may have to do some shopping.

How to find a scenario game

Scenario games are organized by dedicated airsofters and involve a lot of planning. This is why such games are announced months in advance to get enough publicity and get enough sign ups. The best way to look for a scenario game is to check you regional (ex: North East US) airsoft forum, even if you don't usually post there. Games would be announced months ahead and driving up to 200 miles for a large game is not uncommon. Driving back from a scenario game is a completely different story :)

Airsoft organizers often have their own websites or forums, that are usually small and are used for planning purposes only. Once you find out what these are, you can check periodically to find big games.

Another great way to find airsoft games is to ask your fellow players. Airsoft community will  know of the cool upcoming events and can at least give you the name of the even. This is how I found out about Operation Pine Plains!


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