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How to get Key Cards on Madden 13 ( Tips and Strategy for getting them )

Updated on September 9, 2012


In this hub I will talk about how you can get Key cards, and what they are used for. This is used in the game mode Ultimate team on Madden 13.

Also upon request I have created a Twitter account for Johnrr's Hubs which can be found here

Also, Please feel free to comment below to let me know if you have gotten any key cards, or what you think about them.

Key cards

Something that is brand new this year in Madden 13 is the introduction of Key cards. These cards are obtained by completing team collection, or other various collections on the Ultimate team menu. These cards are needed to obtain an Ultimate Legend. These are difficult to obtain, but can also be purchased on the Auction house as well.

So if you are trying to get a Key Card you have 1 of two options. 1 is that you can complete the collection pertaining to the card you need. This will give you that card along with a decent amount of coins. If you do not want to get all 35 players needed for that collection, then you also have another option. You can buy the player on the auction house. If you need coins to buy the player on the auction house you can refer to my guide that will teach you the secrets to making the most profits on the auction house, and making money.

The easiest method in my opinion is buying the player on the auction house. With that being said you will need a decent amount of money, because last time I checked the Steve Young that I needed, I paid 75,000 for, and I got a deal, because A LOT of key cards are going for above 100,000. So you will need coins. Once again for gaining coins please refer to my guide on how to make money, fast and easy on Madden 13.

Other benfits of KEY CARDS

So if you do manage to complete a collection, or are doing this for a Key card, then there is another benefit. The other main benefit that you will see is that you can sell these players for a LOT of money. These cards tend to go for a good amounts of money on the auction house, and you will make a pretty little fortune selling these players. Especially right now while few players have key cards, and there are a limited number of them on the market. None the less this is a great opportunity for you to make a great amount of money by selling these players.

This is also great if you do not have the necessary players to complete that Ultimate legend. For me the Steve Young Key card was the only 1 i needed to complete that ultimate legend so I was willing to pay a fortune for it, and I know others will be willing as well for the Ultimate Legends they need.


So with all that being said, there is a great opportunity with key cards. While Madden 13 has greatly cut down the amount of coins you get for completing some of the collections. The money you can make on a key card makes up for that.

If you have any questions, or comments please place them below and I will respond to them. Thanks for reading.


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    • profile image

      joe 5 years ago

      press l2 at the screen

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      I can't help you on that question... Umm anyone else out there?

    • profile image

      AricHennings 5 years ago

      Off topic but where is the Vernon Davis Trick card????

      I have the Treat card just no info on the Trick card..

    • profile image

      Evan 5 years ago

      The key cards really helped me. I got lucky. When i finished the cardinals solo challenge season the key card i got was a tom landry coach card. I sold it on the auction house for 150,000 coins!!!!!!

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      It is always random, and usually is just luck of the draw.

    • profile image

      Reshard 5 years ago

      Do you know exactly witch team do i have to collect to get the shannon sharpe key card?

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      No, once a player is added to a collection they are in fact stuck there. For future reference, I typically do not add a player to a collection until I am 100% ready to complete that collection for that reason.

    • profile image

      Danny 5 years ago

      can you uncollect cards after you collected them? I collected a key card but I wanted to play him in my lineup but now I cannot.