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How to get a Diablo 3 beta key from Blizzard

Updated on November 23, 2011

The long waiting Action-RPG game Diablo 3 finally is going to be released next spring. But before we can play the whole game, we can now try with the beta game to use all the characters fighting with the skeleton King.

And the only obstacle between us and the Game is the beta key. So how can we win the chance to get the beta key from Blizzard. Here is the method.

1. go the Home Page of the Diable 3

2. We can find a facebook Beta Keys down the page, click inside

3. Then we click the link towards the Facebook Page of the Diable 3 Beta Sweepstakes.

4. Follow the option to go on the Sweepstakes. Enter the Sweepstakes, Invite Friends and Publish on your Wall of Facebook.

5. Wait for the good luck to get a Beta key to enter the world of diablo.

I have just got my beta key from the last round of the random picking. And now I am waiting to download the Diablo 3 Beta Version to my computer with exiting. Hope you all can have the same luck with me.

We can always be the early birds to prebuy the Diablo 3. I have already ordered 3 packages for my friend, my wife and I. Two of them are regular Diablo 3, One is the limited edition for my wife since she always wants to be the pretty one and the limited edition will give her a wing inside the game.


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