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How to get aMAZed trophy in God of War 3?

Updated on January 17, 2013

When you play god of war 3 you'll solve puzzles, beat some monsters and boss battles and you'll try to get all the trophies in this game. I'm not going to give you all the details on how to get all the trophies instead I'll tell you how to get the most famous trophy in God of War 3 which is the aMAZEd trophy. Basically in order for you to get this one is you need to finish the Labyrinth level without dying. It seems easy but its really challenging. Before we start, you need to have a save file on Spartan (Easy mode) and it would be better if you have memorize each section of this level. If you don't have a save file on easy mode. You can play the game in your current difficulty then you need to kill kratos 4-5 times by jumping the cliff then select restart from last checkpoint by doing this you'll see an option saying that you can change it into easy mode. Change the difficulty in easy mode then proceed to the Labyrinth area. Once you're inside the Labyrinth area save it so you have an easy mode save file and this save point is the place where Labyrinth level starts and its best if you will equipped the Nemean Cestus for this stage. Now check the guide below on how to finish the hardest area in Labyrinth.

I'm going to include only on this guide which is the most difficult part in this area because all the puzzles and rooms is really easy.

There's 2 challenging rooms that you need to finish and I think these 2 rooms would be the hardest area on this game.

Spike Room

The Spike Room area, it is one of the difficult rooms in this area. Monsters are keep spawning in this area and there will be spikes on the floor. You need to see where the spike will come out, you will noticed that by seeing a small part of the spikes coming out on the floor. Once you seen it move away to that area by using the air glide or roll. Then hit your enemy to that place so they can receive the damage from the spikes. The spikes will come out in counterclockwise manner. After all of these the harpy will appear then all area in that room will be spiked so you need to grab the harpy, beat the remaining monsters then wait until the room rotates. On this part you need to use the same strategy like before avoid the spikes then beat all enemies. You will see again the harpy on this room once that happens grab it because the room will be full of spikes again. Then wait again until the room rotates and you'll noticed that right door opens. You just need to kill all remaining monsters then go out.

Daedalus Room

The last room or Daedalus Room would be the most difficult part because enemies keeps re-spawning probably it will take you 10 - 15 mins to clear this area. You just need to keep hammering all enemies and keep your health full as much as possible. You can easily finish this room if you know what is the weakness or how to beat a particular monster. For instance, the monsters with shield and spears, break their shields using Nemean Cestus. Its also useful against Minotaurs, the one with horns and tails. For the lady ghost it would be better to use just a normal Blades of Exile and do some nasty combos then grab them. If you have the opportunity to kill this one using the circle button, do it because after you killed it. This ghost will turn into mana. And the monsters with scythes, you can use Blades of Exile then do the regular combo with them, if they hide underground just pull them out then kill them.

Once you reached the top, wait for a couple of seconds and you'll see that the trophy will appear on the top of your screen.


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