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How to get all Aeons in Final Fantasy X

Updated on June 19, 2013

Would like to beat your enemies easily in Final Fantasy 10? Why don't you try to use Aeons. Aeons or Summons is Yuna's powerful commands which allows her to call some help with these Monsters. Once she called Aeons you can command it to unleashed powerful special attacks to beat the enemy. It was like summons in previous Final Fantasy Series but the difference is once you called an Aeon all your party members will temporarily unusable and it will fight on their behalf. Let us start checking their capabilities and how can you get all of them.


This is the first Yuna's Aeon. You are able to get it in Besaid Temple. Just finish the first fayth trial to get this one. Valefor uses a special Non-elemental attack which is Sonic wings and it has 2 types of Overdrives. The Energy Ray and Energy Blast. Energy Ray is the default overdrive. You can get the Energy Blast overdrive in Besaid village, just talk to the dog to get this one. These 2 are almost the same except the Energy Blast is more powerful than Energy Ray.


This Aeon uses fire Element. Ifrit element is fire and he's well known for this element. Ifrit appears in most Final Fantasy series. So most of Final Fantasy gamer knew this guy. you are able to get him at Kilika Temple and he is one of the Aeons once you progress the story in this game. this aeon can use a special attack called Meteor Strike which is a non-elemental type of attack. He can use a powerful Hellfire attack as his Overdrive.. Hellfire is very useful because it can deal big damage to an enemy. Another good thing about ifrit is his ability to absorb fire element attack from your enemy. Instead he receives a damage it will restore his HP.


This one looks like a unicorn and it has lighting elemental attributes. You are able to get this at the Djose temple.

Ixion has a high magic and magic defense. And able to use Aerospark as a special attack which deals damage to a target and sometimes it deals dispel magic at the same time. for its overdrive, Ixion use thor's Hammer, a powerful lightning based overdrive attack. If you have low HP with this aeon is not a problem because you just need to cast lightning to yourself to heal its HP.


One of the known summon in final fantasy series. Shiva is using Ice elemental based attack. And she is very useful if your target is vulnerable against physical attack. You are able to get her in Macalania Temple and part of storyline aeons. She has a decent speed and high evasion rate stats. Shiva has a special attack which is heavenly strike and Diamond dust for her overdrive. This aeon has the same ability with Ifrit and Ixion which allows you to heal shiva's HP once she received an Ice magic attack.


Bahamut is the strongest story line summon. You are able to get him in the Palace of St. Bevelle. He can use Impulse attack for his special attack and Mega Flare for his overdrive. For tough enemies in this game I usually prefer Mega Flare because it can deal massive non-elemental damage to its target. Overall, bahamut is very useful summon for some stronger fiend.


Very cool aeon in final fantasy 10. It was like Gilgamesh or Odin in Final Fantasy 8. You are able to get Yojimbo in Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Before you get it, defeat first Lady Ginnem's Yojimbo. Then, proceed in the northern part of the cave to bid for the service of Yojimbo. You won't get him if you will offer below 200,000 gil. So it would be better to offer above that amount.

This aeon will attack based on the aount of gil you'll pay before he attack the target. There are 4 types of attacks for this one. Daigoro which usually comes up if you pay very little amount of gil. Kozuka and Wakizashi, its like normal attack from him and Zanmato. Zanmato is the overdrive attack for Yojimbo and its really powerful. It can kill an enemy with one blow. Sometimes I used it to kill the most powerful enemy in the game Nemesis. Based on my experienced playing this game. Zanmato will comes out if you have a high percentage of luck stats. And Its really rare for you to see this overdrive so I would sugggest to increase your luck stats to increase the chance of using Zanmato to your enemy.


After you got the airship, you can go back to Baaj temple. But before you do this you need to get all the destruction treasures in all six cloisters of trials.

You can get Anima inside Baaj temple's chamber of fayth. Anima has a special attack which is Pain and for the Overdrive its called Oblivion. These 2 attacks are deadly it can compared to Bahamut's Megaflare because it can deal massive damage to its target.

The Magus Sisters

This is the last aeon that you can get from Final fantasy X. You are able to get it from Remiem Temple. You need to have the blossom Crown and the Flower scepter before you are able to open the sealed chamber of fayth's door at Remiem Temple. Magus sisters are composed of 3 members, Cindy the ladybug, Sandy the praying mantis and Mindy the bee. Cindy are capable of using healing ability or white magic, Mindy can use black magic and defense support magic while Sandy are able to damage enemies using physical attacks and she can also cast support white magic. There are four commands you need to use to control Magus Sisters. "Fight!", "Help each other!", "Go, Go, Go" or "Do as you will". Cindy's special attack is called Camisade, for Sandy its called Razzia and Passado for Mindy'd special attack. And Once they have full overdrive gauge they can execute Delta attack which can break damage limit. You just need to select the new command which is "Combine Powers" to use this one.

Who is your favorite Aeon in Final Fantasy X?

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