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How to Get More Time to Play Games

Updated on May 19, 2020
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I am a life long gamer, who enjoys video games, board games and even tabletop role playing games. Unfortunately I also have limited time.

How to get more time to play games.

Being adult is hard isn't it? If you are some teenager with a ton of free time reading this, get lost! You don't know how bad it can get! Trust me. But most of us have to deal with the normal things in life and most of those things taken up time. Time that we could spend playing games! Well don't worry, I have come up with several good ideas about how you can get more time to do what is really important. Gaming!

A day in the life of a gamer.
A day in the life of a gamer.

Figure out where your time is going.

Everyone's life is going to be different. But I would expect we do many of the normal things like everybody else. The first step to getting a bit more time to game is to decide where your time is going. I will suggest some of the suspected drains of your free time.

1. Your Job.

2. Your Significant other

3. Family & Friends

4. Exercise, and Life Balance.

5. Other things, such as favours, obligations, volunteering, unfocused time.

Are there other things we should add to this list? No doubt. But this should be a good basic start.

My first day of work
My first day of work

Your Job.

Boy jobs can be a pain can’t they? Believe it or not unlike some of my wife’s relatives. I have had a job most of my adult life. While providing money to pay my mortgage and take us on a few trips here and there. I must admit it was really cute during my gaming time.

Think about your job. What can you change about it to give yourself more free time for gaming?

Maybe switching to a different shift, or finding a way to “Work from home” a few days a week might free up some more time for gaming wink wink.

Is there another way you could generate money so you didn’t have to work so much?

Could you maybe go on sabbatical, but actually just play games for most of it?

Remember how when you were a kid, you had lots of time to play games. All those holidays, easy hours and summer vacations? Well there are still a few select jerks in the adult world to get this great time table. They are known as teachers, maybe they got something figured out that we don’t?

Im afraid to even caption this ill be hoenst
Im afraid to even caption this ill be hoenst

Your Significant Other.

This is a tough one, I should state I don’t know your situation or the volatile nature of your spouse so you should tread carefully.

Does your spouse often come up for things for you to do soon as you sit down to game? Maybe they want you to cook, or spend time with them, or do chores, fix the house, wash the car, write on hubpages to make some money. Anything and everything could be coming at you. Even the kitchen sink. Hey they might even want you to fix the kitchen sink.

What about a time table? For instance my wife and I each share cooking for half the week. (Sunday is a bit of a coin toss). That means while the other one is cooking, you can get in some game time.

You might be able to find your spouse a hobby. If they aren't into games, maybe there is something else they could do. What about gardening? That should get them out of the house, and out of your face and let you play more games.

What about limiting how much you do in a day? Admittedly this can be a hard sell. But if you only have one or two tasks a day, you might still be able to get some gaming in.

Alternatively, are there other people who could help you with the tasks? A cleaning lady (Or gentleman!) might free up time for both of you. That means everyone is better off and some can be quite reasonable.

My dad hired many cleaning ladies and I used to think he was an organized and clean professional man until he ran out of money. It really works quite well!

Would you jerks go away? I want to play some games
Would you jerks go away? I want to play some games

Family & Friends

Well I personally have done a pretty good job alienating my family and friends at this point, I am the expert after all. But I don’t expect you to start out with my level of success. The things about family and friends are important, money can’t buy happiness blah blah blah. But they can also be a big drain of time, and that could be valuable gaming time!

If you find your family and friends need a lot of attention due to you being an emotional support personal for them, try to be less helpful. If they are trying to get over a tough breakup, just tell them you agree with the other person. They will leave you alone.

But to be serious for a moment. Nomatter what your family and friends want you to do. It is your choice if you want to do it.

It is ok to say no. I highly recommend it in some situations. If its something you really don’t want to do then don’t do it. Start up the old playstation and get going instead!

One of the best ways to get gaming time is to play with your friends and family!

When your spouse asks why you aren't doing this or that you can just shrug and say “Sorry Bill wanted us to play halo tonight!”

Your spouse more often than not, grows to resent the game or your friends and not you! Plus you get to play with your friend it’s win win!

How to win at pokemon GO, That is still a thing right?
How to win at pokemon GO, That is still a thing right?

Exercise and Life Balance

You should do other stuff once and awhile. It’s good for you. There I said it although it pains me so. Sometimes you have to go camping, or go on a trip somewhere. (Thank goodness for portable gaming these days.) It builds character. Oftentimes you can sneak a bit of gaming into whatever you are forced to do.

Many triple A games are now available on cell phones, and could be secretly played in the car, or at family things.

When it comes to exercise. What a gold age we live in. With modern games taking more or more active roles in exercise you can kill two birds with one stone. Ring fit is very popular on the Nintendo Switch, and I've always had a secretly shameful appreciation of dance dance revolution over the years. Admitly you can look a little goofy. But at least you will be fit and playing a game at the same time.

“Sorry dear! I can’t drive your aunt right now, I have to exercise! (and play games!)


Are there other things that come up to interfere with games? Of course there are!

I could write a whole second article with it!

Maybe I will!

But as you can see there are solutions to the problem. You might not be able to do every one of these in your life. But you should be able to do some and you should be able to sneak a little bit more gaming in there.

Think of me when you beat your next time will you?

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Rich E Cunningham


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