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How to get past Destiny Island in Kingdom Hearts final mix

Updated on June 17, 2017

Hi guys let’s get started on some walkthrough of Kingdom Hearts final mix. Again this is not a complete walkthrough. What I’m doing here is just some bulletin points to get pass what you need to do to get past each worlds story and some tips on the bosses. We will start out with the tutorial level and Destiny Island.

You start off picking your class
You start off picking your class

Picking your class

Starting the game you will get to choose between 3 classes. They are Warrior, Guardian, and mage. A lot of people like the mage because you get scan which comes in really late in the final mixes, Like FREAKING LEVEL 21 IF YOU CHOOSE THE GUARDIEAN. I prefer the guardian because it lets you unlock moves like 2nd chance and other defense moves early , but choose what you think matches your type of play. The personality test will determine how you level up. If it says you leave in the morning the early sections of the game will have you leveling up easily while later in the game you will have a harder time, while leaving later will have you struggling more towards the beginning and leveling up later. Leaving in midday keeps things balanced, I prefer leaving in the morning if you’re new, there’s always plenty of ways to level up later in the game.

First boss Darkseid

Yeah get use too this boss you will be fighting him quite a few times. But he’s not hard. When he pounds his fist into the ground to create heartless kill them for hp. Otherwise jump up and bash him you’re your weapon. Jump when you see him about to pound the ground with his fist. After a while he will give up the ghost and a cut scene will play.

1st day

Anyways on the first day the logs are right by where you first start off and then right by Riku on the island with the trees. The rope is found on the other side of the island by where Titus is playing and finally the cloth go down from where Tidus is and you will find a stair way follow it up to get the cloth. After this you can talk to Kairi if you want to end the day, if not talk to the Final Fantasy character’s to engage in play fights, you can also fight Riku if you want to get a butt whooping. It is possible to beat him but it’s not needed.

you can find this in the tree on top of the island.
you can find this in the tree on top of the island.

2nd day

On the 2nd day after the race which doesn’t matter if you win or not you need to get some food stuff. The mushrooms are found in this cave where you need to push the rock, by the latter up to rope way, and then finally back in the front of the island in that hidden area Wakka points out, you have to examine that door and watch a cut scene before it lets you pick it up. The water can be found in this little pound outside of the secret area. The fish just swim out in the sea and touch them to collect them. For the coconuts hit the trees and grab the yellow ones when they fall down. The egg can be found in a tree right outside the bridge to the island that Tidus is now playing on. Climb the skinnier tree to reach it. When your done talk to Kairi and watch some cut scenes.

finding the items on the 2nd day is a little harder

fish can be obtain out at sea, also make sure you find that hidden area too find the last mushroom.
fish can be obtain out at sea, also make sure you find that hidden area too find the last mushroom.

Stormy night

Back on the island at night ignore the monsters you can’t kill them yet. Talk to Riku and receive the keyblade now you can kill the monsters. Next go to the hidden area where you found that door and watch a cut scene its boss fight time and yeah it’s just Darkseid again use the same tactics has last time too defeat it. Now you have the keyblade but same strategies work. Well that it for finishing the first level of Kingdom Hearts the Destiny Isle


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