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How To Hook A Bowling Ball?

Updated on February 21, 2014

I have been bowling for as long as I could remember. I remember a time when I used to have to bowl in my socks because my feet were way to small to wear bowling shoes.

I have been in the bowling leagues and have held a 120-130 average. It may not be the best, but on my own I learned how to throw hookballs.

Learning To Bowl

Normally when you are first learning to bowl, you learn by not thowing a hook ball, so not everyone knows how to throw until you decide you want to learn or experiment.  What you learn is how to throw a straight ball and you are told that turning your hand is bad.

Throwing A Hook Ball

Once you know how to throw a regular ball its time to learn how to throw a hook ball. What is usually involved is being on the opposite side of the lane as your throwing hand and set the angle. You want your ball to be thrown at. I cannot say the exact angle that you should have it at but if you are throwing right handed you were make sure you ball goes to an arrow on the right side of the lane but also have your ball turning to the left.  You would have to do the opposite for peple whom are left handed.  Angles do vary as lane conditions vary too due to the fact that the lanes may be very oily and others times it could be dry so the exact angle will be up to the bowler.


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  • profile image

    cullen 6 years ago

    Pmy school has won state 3 out of 4 years now and 1/3 of the team does bowl 2 fingered. I even do it with my 16 lb ball but I'm big so I'm built for it.

  • tom hellert profile image

    tom hellert 7 years ago from home

    2 finge hook- is tough unless tou have a 10 lber-\

    my pal who lost his thumb has a two hole ball since he has no thumb- but he added a thumb hole off center and plugged it heavy for more action.

  • Trekkiemelissa profile image

    Trekkiemelissa 7 years ago from Illinois

    I can't imagine throwing a ball with just two fingers.

  • profile image

    Bowling Games 7 years ago

    I love watching the guys at the alley throw the ol' palm ball hook with a house ball. If they only knew that it wasn't that difficult to throw a proper hook that would actually work. Comedy.

  • Trekkiemelissa profile image

    Trekkiemelissa 7 years ago from Illinois

    Actually there is a second way to throw a hook, but I will updating this hub soon with this information.

  • profile image

    Hook a Bowling Ball 7 years ago

    I learned how to throw a hook with just using my thumb. I was totally wrong, but I really mastered the technique. Eventually I learned how to throw it properly with 3 fingers, but I still think I threw better games with just a thumb ball. I see these idiots throwing palm ball hooks at the alley, and they have no control over it.