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How to increase your damage and dps as a demon hunter in diablo 3 (as of Patch 1.0.3)

Updated on July 7, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new

Before patch 1.0.3, Demon Hunters in Diablo 3 were seeing unsurpassed dps numbers in the game. This is due to the sheer amounts of attack speed that could be stacked to achieve insane amounts of attacks per second.

Blizzard harshly put the brakes on that right away as they deemed it an unfair advantage in the game. Whether in reality it was or wasn't, that's not what I'm here writing to you about. I'm here to write to you about how you can now increase your dps now that patch 1.0.3 has curbstomped your DH.

Dex it up

First of all, Dexterity is your Demon Hunters best buddy when it comes to damage these days. Dexterity on all your gear is a must as it gives you damage and dodge chances. Dexterity is your Demon Hunters primary stat. Why shouldn't you stack it. That is what Actiblizz intended when they were developing the game. Use it.

In short, all of your gear should have the maximum amount of dexterity you can afford. Obviously, dex paired up with good resists and a healthy amount of Vitality is going to cost you some coin, but in the long run, it's worth it. Get the maximum that you can afford. And while we are on the subject of me mentioning resists, resist all is a prime stat now. What good is doing damage in you die instantly? With the new repair costs, you don't really want to be doing that, do you? You might, but that is beyond my concern. And chances are, those of you who were doing high dmg before because of all of your attack speed stacking aren't doing so much damage anymore. Stack resist all and dex. Get some vitality to while your at it.

+Crit Hit Dmg

You will want your gear to have +critical hit damage on it. This is important due to the fact that you are going to be using sharpshooter which raises your chance to crit. Add the increased percentage to crit with the increased damage and you have an explosive combo. Every hit will obviously not be a critical hit, but after you do crit, the chance starts over and you could very well get another crit very soon for massive damage. I find this stat to be almost mandatory on any piece of gear you can get it on.


This is a passive you will want to be using if you aren't already. Basically, it increased the amount of chance you have to critical hit by 3% every second. That paired with the archery passive with a crossbow will do stupid damage. Archery with a crossbow will do 50% more damage on every crit. Worth it? Oh yes, most definitely.

My build

If you want to know what I'm using, and by no means am I the "best" demon hunter nor do I claim to be, I will tell you what I'm using and I do about 60k damage at the moment.

Read below for my skills (keep in mind they might change depending on the situation):

  • Hungering Arrow - Devouring Arrow
  • Impale - Grievous Wounds
  • Caltrops - Jagged Spikes
  • Vault - Tumble
  • Cluster Arrow - Loaded for Bear
  • Spike Trap - Scatter


  • Archery
  • Sharpshooter
  • Numbing Traps

Like I said, I do around 60k damage unbuffed. I am not claiming to be the highest damage dealing DH out there. I know I'm not. But if you are unsure how to get higher DPS, I hope that I informed you a bit on a little bit of what you should be doing to get your damage up there.

Thanks for reading.


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