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How to look after a round trampoline all year round

Updated on February 20, 2012

How to look after your trampoline.


So you have just gone out and bought a new trampoline, but you now want to know what you can do to help prolong its life in the outdoors.

Well there are several things you can do, start off by purchasing a trampoline cover this will help protect the main parts of the trampoline and will also keep the trampoline clean for when someone wants to use it. There are two different types of covers to go for, the first one being a tie on cover which is designed to be used for trampolines with a safety enclosure attached. The second one being an elasticated cover which will not work on a trampoline with a safety enclosure but are a lot easier to take off and put on there are usually more heavy duty then the tie on covers.

Most trampolines are warranted to be out all year round but it will help prolong the life of the trampoline if you were to take it down and store it somewhere dry throughout the winter months when the trampoline is not in use.

Spraying a water repellent on the metal workings for example the springs will help stop these from rusting in time, although these will most likely be galvanised they will still rust in time.

Never exceed the maximum weight limit on the unit as this can damage the working pats and also void the warranty.

Thomas Staton - An expert of Trampolines and Outdoor games.


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